Lara is not only mom of the day, but a mom of the year. I am also in her Mom Biz Mastery Mastermind and it is one of my favorite hours of the week! Lara has not only become a wonderful friend, but she is an inspiration to me in how she models having a business she loves and is amazing at, while at the same time being an involved, dedicated and loving mother.”

– Nicola Ries Taggart,

Ever have that feeling that you just don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? That was me, struggling to figure out what my career path really was meant to be. I knew I had something great inside of me, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was or how to get it out.

It wasn’t until a friend said: “Isn’t there someone who can tell you what you should be doing?” That’s when the light bulb moment struck! I knew of Lara from the Mom Entrepreneur Support Group I was in, and I had listened to her Blog Talk Radio Shows. I knew her style and liked what she had to offer so I reached out and asked her for help. We scheduled a 30 minute free consultation and in that short phone call I had my answer, she listened to what I had to say, asked me the right questions and it was right then and there I knew without a doubt what I had to be, now that I’m a grownup – A Virtual Assistant! One 30 minute phone call changed the trajectory of my life for the better! Lara shared her different coaching programs with me, and I knew I had to work with her to help me create the business that I now knew I was meant to build. I joined the Mom Biz Makeover Group and got to work creating my Virtual Assistant business. I not only got the guidance and support of Lara, but from an entire group of Mom Entrepreneurs in all different types of businesses and at different levels of creating, but with one unifying element, we were all Moms trying to create balance for our families and businesses, a very powerful dynamic! In the short 3 months since this journey has begun I have accomplished more than ever believe I could have on my own! My business has a name, a voice, a mission and purpose and I also have clients and am well on my way to making all my business dreams come true! There is no doubt in my mind that I never would have been able to create this without Lara. Each step along the way she has offered her honest, sincere and expert advice. Lara helped me not only create a fantastic business that I can be proud of, but keep the necessary balance for my family as well, never letting me forget I’m a Mom first, and how to carve out the boundaries so both can co-exist. My husband is so proud of what I’m creating and happy to see me so excited and about what I’m doing. My children are learning that with hard work and determination you can create success while still putting family first. I’m so proud and excited for what the future holds as Lara and I work together to continue to great balance, structure and success around my dream entrepreneur business!”

– Melissa Dery,

I decided to sign up for a Business Strategy Session with Lara because I felt stuck and directionless in terms of where and how I wanted to take my business. I know I’m doing what I love but I needed a new business model. I’d spent months scheming up different components and things I’d like to do but had no clarity around the “bigger picture” and how everything fit in. I knew that I needed to take some big steps in 2010 and I didn’t want to start the new year without a clear vision, plan and concrete to-do steps, I was ready for action. What I really wanted to get from my conversation with Lara was validation that I was in fact on the right track and based on her experience could/will have a profitable business while still being a hands on mom to my 2.5 yr old and 6 mo old.

I walked away from my call with Lara feeling inspired, empowered and confident. She did not let me play small or sell out on my self, in fact she called me out of my safe little “do nothing” space and encouraged me to go for the big thing and to trust that I had what it takes to achieve it. In fact it was during this call that I outlined my signature program which will be launched in Sept 2010. This is something I thought would be years down the road and now I’m taking the steps to make it a reality for this year.

If you are confused about what you’re doing, where your business is going, or feel like you need a better business model to help you achieve more financial prosperity then you need to call Lara. She’s a mom and a very successful business woman and she gets it. She truly has a gift at being able to see the bigger picture for yourself and your business and will help you define the steps you need to take to get you there. She has many tools in her tool kit and I can guarantee you’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next.”

-Jennifer Powter,

Lara is a true supporter of mom entrepreneurs. She shows this through her website, blog, coaching services and her popular Blog Talk Radio show. I recently started listening to Lara’s show: The Mom Biz Coach and her WoMEN Teleseminar Series and was very impressed with her hosting style. She is well prepared, makes the guests feel at ease and conducts her show as though it is a friendly conversation– yet it is jam-packed full of information. The Mom Biz Coach helps working moms get all the information, advice, and support they need to go from start-up to success. Thanks Lara – I was honored to be a guest on your show today. You are truly inspiring!”

– Traci Bisson, The Mom Entrepreneur

The decision to hire a life coach was a tough one for me. It meant admitting that my ways of problem solving were yielding the same, unproductive results. Who wants to admit that, or scarier yet, actually change it? Lara makes it comfortable. She asked me questions, listened, and together, we set the course that helped me get “unstuck.” Lara couldn’t be more of a joy to work with – as is the case with any great coach, she is part taskmaster, part cheerleader, but always, always, truly on your side. She is open, accessible and ready when you are to help make that mental shift happen.”

Mary Ellen Rowe, Rowe Creative

Coaching seemed a bit “new-age” and too much within the “emotional, touchy-feely” realm to really take seriously. But after a disastrous year in which my energy, motivation, and will were nearly tapped out, Lara’s coaching helped me recognize that I was not taking *myself* seriously and it was critically impacting my personal life, my business, and my family. Just watching this woman in action over four years has been awe-inspiring: her transformation from a stay-at-home mom with a passion and a coaching certificate into a model of empowered mom entrepreneurship. She walks the walk and she talks the talk of owning a business and raising a family. Now, with the support of coaching, I’ve created a powerful vision for my business, a deep confidence in my self as a mom entrepreneur, and a dedication to the success of both.”

Elisa Hopper, Sparkplug for Michigan’s GTM Educational Programs

Lara clearly has the understanding and insightfulness to target (with great humor) the exact issues troubling mom entrepreneurs who are trying to survive and thrive in today’s market. It’s a relief to connect with someone who “gets it” and is ready to share her hard earned wisdom and strategies with fellow mom entrepreneurs.”

Jo, Let’s Go Strolling

The ‘Making Your Business Work With Your Life’ teleseminar was exactly what I needed to identify and work to remove some obstacles that were holding me back in my business. First and foremost, it reiterated that I need to hire someone to help me with admin work right away! And I need to work more on delegating and planning the future of my business. It’s so easy to get involved in the day-to-day of a business and forget about planning. I know how to run my business, but I need help in driving the bus! Ultimately, for me it comes down to how seriously you take your business, as well as the growth of your business. You have to put in the time to sharpen your sales/business building skills just as you would other technical skills. For an investment of only an hour, I believe that the payoff from participating in the call will be far greater, for my business and my sanity! Thanks Lara!”

Joy Narang, Babylove

I loved the discussion around getting away from the “time for money” cycle. As I prepare to take on the role of mom in a few months, this is invaluable for me to start incorporating into my business! Unlike many of the other women on the call, I don’t currently have kids and thus those demands for my time. Right now, my time is my own to make really sound decisions that will set me up for success! I really think that women who are expecting and wanting to establish or grow a business to create a stay-at-home/work-from-home lifestyle would find this call so helpful in order to plan ahead.”

– Rachel Williams, Accomplishment Coaching

Hi Lara!!! I just wanted to thank you so much for your expert advice on time management! I have a new perspective on how to manage my time, but most importantly on how to manage and create “Me Time”!! Your advice was priceless, and I am grateful!!!”

– Eva Thomas, ONI-BODY Skin Care

I found Lara through another network I am part of. I have been struggling to “get out of my own way” and develop a plan that would get me where I wanted to be as far as building my business goes. I took advantage of Lara’s introductory session and by the time we ended the call, I was so energized I thought I could conquer anything. She makes you feel like you are on fire and it is amazing. I believe her expert knowledge and passion for what she does makes her a great coach. She knows how to help you step outside your comfort zone and take an action that will loosen the “glue” that keeps you stuck where you are. I come up with some great (and not so great) ideas. Lara helps me figure out how to “get there from here” without a lot of wasted side trips. I look forward to our sessions because I know it will give me a new energy every time I talk to her. Lara, you rock!!”

– Mary Freeland,

Funny thing about us humans. You would think we should know ourselves and businesses better than anyone else, and we should! However, there are times when we get stuck in our own routines. We get used to these routines to the point that the pain we are in from not accomplishing anything towards our goals becomes the norm for our lives. Without realizing it we abandon hope and trying. Then when we look up and realize where we are it is usually in ‘overwhelm’ mode. Trying to get back on track feels like chewing on aluminum foil. Lara Galloway softened and flavored the aluminum foil for me. Lara helped by helping me understand who I am and where I wanted to go, then helped me set up patterns to get there. I realize she calls herself the “mombizcoach” but d00ds, you gotta know there are some brilliant women out there that can help you, too. Lara tops them.”

– Bart Gragg, Blue Collar University

You were exactly the coach I feel that I needed. You really are great at helping people see what’s already inside them. I’m hoping my coaching sessions, workshops, seminars, etc will mean as much to my clients as yours have meant to me. I have learned soooo much from you in the last 4 months. I am expecting that as I move forward you have helped me build a great foundation that will see this business prosper in every way. This won’t be the last you will hear from me. Thanks Lara!”

– Kendra Tillman

Working with Lara was a wonderful experience. I started out quite skeptical of the entire process and almost bailed our first meeting! After all, I am a successful professional, wife, and mother, so what was I really going to gain from coaching? Little did I know that I would find myself in a much better place after we worked together. I love that fact that she doesn’t dwell on why you do what you do– she just shows you the patterns you have created and how to change those patterns. She provided me with tools that were specific to my needs to improve my level of satisfaction in balancing both my business life and my family life. Thank you Lara for challenging me to do what needed to be done to grow personally and professionally! If you are reading this, you probably know it’s time for a change for yourself. Coaching from Lara is probably one of the best investments you can make!”

– Mary Hickman, Owner, MHK Marketing Group

Hi Lara, I just HAD to write back to you after watch your videos on YouTube. You are so full of wonderful information, delivered in an easy to follow and sensible format. I applaud you for your tips and helpfulness. Many coaches charge thousands for the tips you’ve delivered in just a few minutes. I just love how the videos give us a chance to see how warm and helpful you are. I am inspired by you and just had to share. Thank you!”

– Lori Bergvall

Just wanted to say thanks for the words of wisdom you shared with us at the Piggies & Paws, Inc. Re-tweet this past weekend in SATX! I loved your vulnerability and honesty and how you spoke the plain truth in love. Learned so much- I am being conscious of NOT giving away my power! When I receive a compliment I plan to take it like a woman!”

– Robin Sane Craig

Fantastic speech this weekend Lara! It was great meeting you! ”

– Krystal Ann Tarca

It was such a joy to meet you at our Piggies & Paws, Inc. retreat in San Antonio. I can’t wait to start using the tools you taught us. Thank You!!”

– Kerri Wheeler-Williams

Thank you for speaking at our Piggies and Paws Retreat! There’s no one better to help us learn to say “no” than someone who also walks in our shoes. I’m looking forward to using your suggestions and advice to improve my life as a mom and a business woman. Thank you!”

– Susan Parker Lasley

Such a inspiration you were to me this weekend…so enjoyed you sharing your gifts with us and supporting us…teaching us to begin to understand and “direct” our abilities and talents into a positive force that will impact our lives for the better and will also affect others around us!! Thank you for sharing your time, encouragement, experiences and knowledge…what a blessing you are!!! We love ya!!!!”

– Shannon Buchanan

Thank you, Lara, for sharing your heart with us. It’s truly an inspiration to see people operating in their gifts and using them to bless others. I appreciate you SO much!” Mary Klein Pool

– Mary Klein Pool

I thank you, too Lara for sharing all your amazing knowledge with our Piggies and Paws group. I learned so much and am ready to put my knowledge to work. Thank you, again. p.s. – I am from Michigan and my sister lives in Bloomfield Hills! )”

– Monica Silva Delacruz

You shared so much great information this weekend – I feel so blessed I was there & able to be part of it & get to hear you speak!! You are truly inspiring! Thank you for teaching us how to stop giving our power away!!”

– Nicole Woodall Gray

You were a blessing and an inspiration to all of us! I feel so empowered after listening to your stories! I’m ready to stand proud and take back all the power I’ve been giving away! Huge hugs to you!!”

– Melanie McFarlane Stofka

Thank you for sharing your heart with us Saturday. You were amazing!!! We were so blessed to have you. I am going to work hard to not let others take my Power! I am going to stand up and take the power back. Thanks again for inspiring us all!”

– Rene Owens

@NicolaRTaggart:@mombizcoach gave an inspiring talk this weekend about women and power. Changing the way we see that word & how it applies to women.

@PPartistMStofka:@mombizcoach Wow! Doing the happy dance that you learned from ME! Your presentation blew my mind! U are amazing! #pnpcomm

@PnPartistNicole: @Mombizcoach TY so much for sharing ur enthusiasm & passion @Piggiesandpaws “re-tweet”! unforgettable! #Pnpcommjk

@PPArtistMonicaD: Thank you @mombizcoach for your amazing words at the #pnpcomm retreat. Putting my power to work!

@PPartistAileen: @mombizcoach I loved what you shared with us at the @piggiesandpaws retreat. So much good information to reflect on. Thank you!!!

@PPartistMStofka: @mombizcoach TY! You taught me so much! I’m ready to take back my power!! #pnpcomm

@DigitalKadi: @mombizcoach thanks so much! You have empowered me and I will be forever grateful!

@ClubNewMom: One really authentic and awesome person on Twitter? @mombizcoach She is a giver and really knows her stuff.

@MaryFreeland: #followfriday @mombizcoach a terrific person that inspires and encourages me during the tough times and cheers for me during the good times!

@squeezeitin: Wow! @mombizcoach of @momgyb just evaluated our twitter site and usage. Unbelievable! So smart! So funny! So valuable! Contact them people!

@AldridgeDuff: Lara @mombizcoach is generous with her time and knowledgeable about business – good #ff choice for mompreneurs!/She rocks!

@victoriakamm: Great conversation @mombizcoach! She really helped put a couple issues into perspective. Strongly recommend her for your own insight. (Victoria Kamm)

@circus_clown: Just had a wonderful call with @mombizcoach – she gave great advice! I’m much more confident about my ideas and how to put into action! (Amy Metherell)

@michelejewett: @mombizcoach I will be there- love your wisdom in building my Gluten Free Life Coaching Bus! You rock. (Michele Jewett)

@CourageCoach: For any moms in business, #FF @mombizcoach offers incredible information and is engaging, genuine and really “gets it”.

@goodlifedivaa: great coach, mentor or teacher is worth his/her weight in gold… @mombizcoach is definitely worth her weight #followfriday #ff

@BizMomMentor: Recommended @mombizcoach to @MrTweet ‘she is great at coaching BizMoms in creating stronger business/marketing/life…

@victoriakamm: RT @UnderTheBar: A clear vision is usually assumed and rarely communicated. This was brought to my attention yesterday. Thx @mombizcoach!

@circus_clown: Just had a wonderful call with @mombizcoach – she gave great advice! I’m much more confident about my ideas and how to put into action! @victoriakamm: Great conversation @mombizcoach! She really helped put a couple issues into perspective. Strongly recommend her for your own insight.

@circus_clown: @mombizcoach I’m also listening to some older audio blogs and calls while at work…excellent!

@michelejewett: @mombizcoach I will be there- love your wisdom in building my Gluten Free Life Coaching Bus! You rock.

@CourageCoach: For any moms in business, #FF @mombizcoach offers incredible information and is engaging, genuine and really “gets it”

@goodlifediva: a great coach, mentor or teacher is worth his/her weight in gold… @mombizcoach is definitely worth her weight #followfriday #ff

@mainelementlove: Love you all, but ya’ll are a distraction LOL ….oh yeah is #followfriday already! @mombizcoach guides women thru the darkness of WAHMness