What Mom Biz Retreat is REALLY All About

I just returned from hosting Mom Biz Retreat in Denver last weekend, and as usual when I experience something wonderful, I always want to share it with everyone I know.

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But I’ve been stuck for days trying to figure out how to summarize all that happened in that powerful weekend. I initially thought I’d write a sort of journal entry that touched on everything we did over the three nights and three days together. But telling you all about the amazing food we ate, the fantastic spa treatments we received, the powerful work sessions we had and the deep conversations that kept us up too late each night won’t capture the essence of the Retreat experience.

So let me pull back the curtain and tell you what really happens at the Mom Biz Retreat.

We are small.

There are so many live events out there that aim to be the most popular. They need 300, 500, or 1,000 attendees to consider themselves successful. Our mission is to provide an intimate, close-knit group of women who really get to know each other and reach out to support each other. We listen to each woman share her goals, her plans, her fears. We ask probing questions. We offer honest feedback. With a tiny group of women, no one can get lost or left out. We are able to hold each and every participant in the Retreats responsible for the goals she sets for herself for the weekend. We get things done.

We make a few confessions.

When girls gather, work together all day, then play together all evening, we tend to open up and share more than we would in a big group. Trusting bonds are formed. We see ourselves in each other. We understand how each other feels. We realize how some of our limiting beliefs are keeping us from being successful, from playing a bigger game, or from getting what we really want.

It’s amazing how freeing it can be to admit the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, beliefs like:

  • “I really should just be happy with my corporate job since I make plenty of money.”
  • “I’m embarrassed about how much money I make because it means I’m working too much and neglecting my kids.”
  • “In my heart I want to help everybody, not just rich people, so I have to keep my fees low.”
  • “How can I call myself an expert when I don’t have a fraction of the clients, followers, or fans that x——— does?”
  • “Money is tight, so I have to keep doing work I hate in order to make ends meet.”
  • “I’m drowning in work right now, but I can’t outsource anything because it’s too hard to explain what I do.”

We make big plans.

Once we admit those scary beliefs that are keeping us down, we have the golden opportunity to let go of them and replace them with awesome, huge, inspiring beliefs. We encourage each other to try something we didn’t think we could. We ask each other to ask for more. We practice declaring who we are, what we do, who we serve and why it matters. We raise our rates and charge what we’re really worth. We ask for help in creating the support structures and systems that allow us to accomplish our dreams.

We leave empowered and confident.

We girls like to lift each other up. We like to help each other. How can you not feel more confident when you’ve shared your big, hairy, scary fears with a group of women business owners who have also shared theirs, and who still think you’re amazing anyway?

Shelagh and I have created the kind of event we want to attend ourselves. It’s an honor to get to spend a weekend amidst women committed to running a business and a family according to their own definition of success.

Is it time for you to let go of those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your goals? What could you do with a strong, honest, powerful network of women entrepreneurs who you know have your back? Grab your seat now before they’re all gone: www.mombizretreat.com and click on Ontario for the next Retreat coming up in September.


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Highlights From the MomBizRetreat

Last week, Shelagh Cummins and I hosted the first-ever MomBizRetreat. The purpose of the Retreat was to give mom entrepreneurs a space and dedicated time to work on themselves and on their businesses, without all the distractions we usually have at home. It was amazing on so many levels.

Mompreneur Getaway Mom Entrepreneurs RetreatI went there as a teacher/trainer/coach, but I came away having learned so much. When you put 18 powerful, smart, and ambitious women in a room, big things happen. (One of the MomBizRetreat participants shared her story here.) I have so much to share with you about this amazing experience.

It’s been six days since I drove to the Village of Alton, outside of Toronto, and spent nearly every waking minute for an entire weekend with other mompreneurs who are just as passionate about their families and businesses as I am.MomBizRetreat Mompreneur Getaway Mom Entrepreneur Retreat Millcroft Inn Canada

The thing is, writing it down in an organized blog post really stifles me. I’m really not a blogger. I’m a micro-blogger. I speak and think in tweets. I can readily share my ideas in conversation, pictures, podcasts, and all over social media. But it’s been six days since the Retreat, and I’m still struggling to tell you about it on my blog.

So instead of continuing to struggle with organized thoughts that flow logically from one to the next, I’m going to share snippets of what I’m taking away from the MomBizRetreat.

  • Set your intentions, share them with others who understand your motivation and passion, and you’re gonna get them done!
  • Mompreneurs support each other. The women in the room worked together and found ways to help each other. Collaborate rather than compete.
  • Getting away from it all allows us the freedom to think, create and do at a lightning-fast pace.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out as a mom entrepreneur or whether you’ve run your company for 10 years already. Everyone has valuable knowledge, wisdom and expertise to share.
  • You have to love your work. If you don’t anymore, then it’s time to reflect, refine and re-invent.
  • If everyone else thinks you’re successful, but you don’t feel happy about what you’ve accomplished, it’s definitely time to rethink how you define success for yourself.
  • Every mompreneur needs a Time Map. Period.
  • Getting out of the “should” business is thoroughly liberating. The mom business owners at the Retreat had a ton of skills and strengths. Their businesses are going to thrive now that they are giving their strengths their focus!
  • Having a buddy you can share your thoughts, fears, wins, doubts, plans, challenges and successes with is critical. I’m so grateful for my partner!
  • When you have an “a-ha moment,” you have to do something about it. Updating your website or profile to reflect something you believe in, making a huge business decision when you realize something, asking for help when you see that you need it must all be done the minute you realize you need to do them!
  • Sometimes random strangers can tell us things about our businesses that we can’t see for ourselves.
  • Sometimes random strangers can see straight into our hearts, even when we’re trying hard to hide something.
  • A women’s retreat is a great, safe space to practice being open to change.

I would love to say more here, but it’s easier for me to share it on Twitter (check out the #MomBizRetreat hashtag to follow the conversation there), on our MomBizRetreat Facebook Page, and of course, on my BlogTalkRadio Show.

Lara Galloway mombizcoach.com Shelagh Cummins biztrainher.com leaders of the mombizretreat.comIf you attended the MomBizRetreat and have created a video, blogpost or podcast about your experience there, please share a link here in the comments section.

What would you be looking for in a women’s business retreat or mompreneur getaway? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

*photos courtesy Jennifer Gilbert, Naturally Beautiful Photography


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