How to Monetize Your Passion

I just love talking to mom entrepreneurs about passion, work and money all in the same sentence :).

So tomorrow, I’ll be doing just that. As part of the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series, I’m going to interview Rich German, author of “Monetize Your Passion: Follow Your Heart and Create Life’s Ultimate Win-Win-Win.” And Rich knows how to do just that.

We want to share with you how to do the same. Join us for the call tomorrow to learn:

  • Rich’s own story about how he turned his passion into a lucrative business
  • The top three hurdles that stop most people
  • The #1 key to turning your passion into a successful business
  • One baby step you can take to get started turning your own passion into a business

Make sure you hurry and click here to register for the call so I can get you the details before the teleseminar starts tomorrow at 12p ET. (Can’t make it live? Still register and I’ll email you the replay.)

Wondering if it’s really possible to make money with YOUR passion? Leave a question or comment below, and Rich and I will do our best to address it during tomorrow’s call.

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How to Work With Passion

I spent a fantastic hour today interviewing Nancy Anderson, a wife, mother, counselor and author of Work With Passion in Midlife and Beyond: Reach Your Full Potential and Make the Money You Need. What a breath of fresh air!

There were so many nuggets of wisdom that Nancy shared with me and my audience on the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series. I thought I’d share some of them here with you. In no particular order, here they are:

The difference between hobby and passion: a hobby is you doing for yourself. Passion converts you to an evangelist of something you love for others.

In this economy, following your passion IS practical! How logical is it to suffer thru doing work you hate?

Discovering your passion can unleash your fears–What if you’re not good enough? What if you fail? This happens because your passion is so important to you.

We often get in touch with our passions when we’re young, but then they get covered up by so many things as we get older: fear, inhibitions, others telling us we don’t deserve what we want, etc.

For most of us, it’s actually difficult to articulate what we most want to do. Nancy recommends writing an autobiography so you can learn for yourself where your motivations and interests came from, as well as how you learned to cover them up or let them go.

It was a fantastic hour. I am grateful to have had the chance to talk to a woman who really has her head on straight and is willing to help all of us love what we’re doing with our lives. Mompreneurs especially need to make sure they spend their time doing purposeful work if it’s going to take them away from their families. I spend the first month of the Mom Biz Makeover Program helping my mompreneurs figure out their strengths, skills, their style and what motivates them to do the work they do.

By the way, if you haven’t already registered for my f*ree teleseminar series, the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need calls can all be heard via phone or webcast every Tuesday at Noon ET. Just click here to see the list of upcoming topics and speakers and fill in your name and email address. You get access to all the upcoming live calls and a replay of the last week’s call!

We’ll continue our discussion of working with your passion and making money at it when I interview Rich German as my special guest on the series next week. Don’t miss it!

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My favorite marketing tools for mompreneurs

In one of my mom entrepreneur coaching groups, I was recently asked the following question:

Of the various marketing tools and methods you use, which has yielded the best financial return?

Can you guess my answer? I bet you can.

My favorite marketing tool is TWITTER. I get several leads a day directly from twitter. That’s why I’m so passionate about it. Let me expand a little on that, though. Twitter_Button_8

I just hosted a teleseminar yesterday with my coach, Rhonda Hess, about automating your sales process to attract thousands of ideal clients. (You can click here if you’d like to listen to the podcast on-demand.)

In that teleseminar, Rhonda explained how we should all focus on a BLOG as our centerpiece. Write in your authentic voice, share your thoughts, wisdom, opinions, photographs of your work or products, lessons learned from a situation or experience that is relevant to your target market, etc. and you’ll start attracting readers who want to spend more time with you and ultimately purchase what you sell. Then everytime you post to your blog, you share it on twitter (and facebook and LinkedIn, etc.) with a link back to your blog. By doing this, along with asking for and responding to comments to your blogposts, you are building relationships and increasing the “stickiness” of your blog. Internet marketers use the term “stickiness” to refer to how compelling your website or blog is and how long your prospects “stick around” to read more on it. I use twitter as a vehicle to connect with people, to build relationships, and to deliver prospects back to my website and blog so they can learn more about what I do. Upon checking my blog statistics, the top referrer to my blog and website is almost always twitter.

Twitter is, of course, a free tool, but it does cost me my time. As a mompreneur, time happens to be my most expensive and valuable asset.  That said, I spend very little time on twitter most days. I usually pop on and off for 1-5 minutes at a time several times a day. There are days I never logon to twitter, and then there are times when the kids are in bed that I’ll spend two hours on twitter chatting with friends and potential clients. I also use several twitter integration tools so that lots of what I tweet can occur automatically, saving me a lot of time.

As a return on my investment, I am currently getting a couple of warm leads each day from twitter. Given my very limited work schedule of only 10 hours a week (client-facing time), this is more than enough to fill my pipeline.

My second favorite marketing tool is my BlogTalkRadio Show. I’m finding that people all over the world are hearing me on the internet and already feel related to me because of this. As a result, my prospects are ready to hire me before we ever speak in person.

People like to consume their information in different formats, so if you’re not currently using audio or video as part of your marketing strategy, it would be worthwhile to consider adding these options. If you have no clue how you could integrate audio and video into an effective marketing strategy for your business, let’s set up a free 20-minute brainstorming session and get you started.

So what are your favorite marketing tools? Do you enjoy marketing or prefer to delegate it to someone else? Do you spend most of your marketing budget on traditional (print, radio, tv) methods or on Social Media Marketing?  Please join the discussion and leave a comment below.

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