Is Being Powerful a Faux Pas for Women?

Throughout the month of January, I’ve been discussing the concept of power across all my social media platforms. Why? I chose power as the theme of the month for January because I want the mompreneurs in my community to stop giving their power away, to know what real power is, and to learn how to be more powerful in their lives.

Believing in one’s own power determines things like happiness and success–two things I’m committed to in my own life. I know I’m powerful enough to achieve both. And I’m committed to helping the mom entrepreneurs I coach do the same.

But there are some hurdles in the way. We have all sorts of mindsets and beliefs that limit our power. There are positive and negative connotations of power, and the negative ones can sometimes cause us to give away our power. This quote from Margaret Thatcher on leadership is one of my favorites, but it can be co-opted by a woman who is fearful of being a leader or being powerful:

“Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have to go around telling people you are one, you aren’t.”

Is it impolite to declare you’re powerful? Does believing you are powerful make you arrogant, and then less powerful? Are you only powerful if someone else tells you that you are? How does power look on a woman? Do women wield power differently than men? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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