5 Ways Twitter Changed My Business

twitter businessLittle did I know, back in October of 2008, my first 140-character tweet would be the catalyst that would one day transform Twitter into my “office” and eventually generate 95% of my qualified leads. As passionate, spirited, proactive entrepreneurs, perhaps you’re like me and will give anything a try once. And with Twitter’s low barrier to entry, once you hear how it’s changed my business, if you haven’t taken the plunge, maybe you’ll do just that.

1. It’s fast! Twitter has given me immediate access to people and information unlike anything else. It used to be I would go directly to Google with my problems and questions. Now I just pop on Twitter and tweet about it and within moments I get really personalized responses with exactly what I was looking for.

2. It’s convenient! I really have neither the desire, much less the time to arrange for childcare, get all gussied up, and then commute to a networking event that really doesn’t fit my schedule. With Twitter, I am marketing myself ALL THE TIME. Thanks to automation, I’m live, even when I’m busy with the kids and away from my computer.

3. It’s relational! Twitter has facilitated relationships that have really helped build my business. Mentors, colleagues, friends, teachers, joint venture partners, not to mention clients—all on Twitter!

4. It’s comfortable! One of my favorite things about Twitter is that it provides a really comfortable, low-pressure environment for my future clients and me to get to know each other. We can chat back and forth for days or weeks or months without feeling pressed to push a sale, which is not my bag of tricks anyway. In this way, they begin to trust me and I get a lot more insight into what they’re up to before we ever get down to business.

5. It’s efficient! When I think back on my pre-Twitter days, I am truly amazed that I ever completed a sales cycle. The effort and time it took to establish the seven to ten touches or points of contact recommended by the marketing gurus before the average person is ready to buy was insurmountable. With Twitter, I can accomplish those touches in an hour if I want to and more often than not, prospective clients come to me.

So you wondered why I’m such a Twitter evangelist? There you have it! And these are only five of the ways I love Twitter. Stay tuned for a future post on “5 MORE Ways Twitter Changed My Business.”

Until next time, you know I love to hear from you, so shoot me a line!

How has Twitter changed YOUR business?
If you’re NOT yet sold on the wonders of Twitter, what’s holding you back?

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#MomBizMondays: Social Media Power Tools for Busy Mompreneurs


TOPIC: Social Media Power Tools for Busy Mompreneurs

Welcome back, Mom Biz Owners! Hope you took some time off to enjoy your friends and family over the holidays. Here at Mom Biz Coach, we “go dark” during the holidays and are just now re-surfacing and re-connecting with our online friends. It’s time to kickstart the #MomBizMondays Twitter party tonight to talk about how to use some of our favorite power tools to make the time we spend on Social Media more productive.

Are you frustrated trying to “keep up” on Social Media? Feel like all your tweeting, posting, tagging and friending isn’t giving you the results you want? Maybe you created some new goals or revised your business plan to work on building your visibility and credibility to your target market this year, but you’re not sure how to do that? (What’s that? You haven’t updated your business plan lately/ever? Then you better get your ticket PRONTO for the MomBizRetreat Chicago so you can get it done!)

Tonight’s #MomBizMondays twitter party is all about great tools to make the time you spend on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks as powerful as possible. Learn how to curate and serve great content to your target audience that keeps them coming back to you for more! We’ll be talking tools and strategies tonight, including:

and many more!

Come prepared to learn some tricks and tips from seasoned Social Media pros who can share ways to help you grow your business in 2012 by leveraging Social Media to attract your ideal clients! And of course, be prepared to share your wisdom with all your friends.

The MomBizRetreat is a proud sponsor of January 2nd’s #MomBizMondays Live Twitter Chat

Monday, January 2, 2012

EST 10:00pm to 11:00pm
CST 09:00pm to 10:00pm
MST 08:00pm to 09:00pm
PST 07:00pm to 08:00pm

Mom Biz Retreat Weekend Getaways for Mompreneurs
This party is sponsored by Lara Galloway, @MomBizCoach and Shelagh Cummins @BizTrainHer, co-hosts of the Mom Biz Retreat. The Mom Biz Retreats are mompreneur getaways that offer women the chance to unplug from their daily routines and responsibilities. They get business coaching and expert consulting to plan, develop, market and grow their business during 2.5 days of intensive workshops. And as a reward for all their hard work, the mom entrepreneur participants treat themselves to private Wake Up Yoga Classes, spa treatments, exquisite meals, delicious wines, and the chance to connect with other women who think talking business and family makes a really good time.

Lara @MomBizCoach Website: Mom Biz Coach FaceBook: Mom Biz Coach
Shelagh @BizTrainHer Website: Practical Mum FaceBook: BizTrainHer
Melissa @TimeOutMom Website: TimeOutMom FaceBook: TimeOutMom


Mariah Humphries – @MariahHumphrieshttp://about.me/MariahHumphries
Manon Leroux – @sociallysavvy4u

We look forward to you joining us Monday night. We would love your help in promoting this chat your communities. Feel free to copy and paste the following tweets to help promote the Twitter Party.

RT @MomBizRetreat – We’re talking Social Media Power Tools tonight! Join #MomBizMondays tonight 10pm ET ow.ly/8gb7B

RT @MomBizRetreat – #mompreneurs: Be a power user of Social Media. Learn tips tonight! Join #MomBizMondays 1/2 10pm ET ow.ly/8gb7B

RT @MomBizRetreat – @MomBizCoach @BizTrainHer @TimeOutMom will be sharing their fave Social Media secrets Mon 1/2 10pm ET #mombizmondays ow.ly/8gb7B

[to be provided shortly before the start of the party]


MomBizRetreat – http://bit.ly/uzBN17


RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #1: What is your biggest frustration with social media?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #2: What do you need social media tools to help you with?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #3: What is your favorite social media manager?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #4: How much time do you spend a day on social media?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #5: What tips can you share about the best way to find more clients on social media?

Please be sure to you Twitter Party hashtag #MomBizMondays at the end of every tweet so everyone may follow along in the conversation even if you are not following that person specifically. Please retweet all questions. It would be great if you were able to share your answers to each question. Connect with others at the party and say hello, chat with others, & remember to HAVE FUN! Also be sure to share links to your websites, blogs, and FaceBook pages too! We love sharing! *If you meet some great like-minded people at tonight’s twitter party, be sure to follow them so you can connect afterwards!

MomBizRetreat Tweets

No laundry? No kids? No cooking? No cleaning? Weekend away with like-minded women? #MomBizMondays #MomBizRetreat http://bit.ly/uzBN17

Kids driving you crazy? Family not understanding you? Struggling in Business? We help. #MomBizRetreat #MomBizMondays http://bit.ly/uzBN17

The best gift this holiday season? A weekend away to work on and build your business. #MomBizMondays #MomBizRetreat http://bit.ly/uzBN17

#Mompreneurs – don’t hide behind your computer feeling lost and lonely. We can help. #MomBizMondays #MomBizRetreat http://bit.ly/uzBN17

I bet your moneymaker doesn’t involve carpooling and dusting. Come and learn how to manage it all. #MomBizMondays #MomBizRetreat http://bit.ly/uzBN17

Stop struggling with your business. We help you create a clear and definitive path for your business. #MomBizMondays #MomBizRetreat http://bit.ly/uzBN17



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5 Ways to Improve Your Business on a Micro-budget

Guest post by Mike McClure, Partner, Executive Creative Director & Social Media Director for The Yaffe Group

LinkedIn photoIf you’re an entrepreneur or smaller business looking to get more business on a small to miniscule budget, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that with all the free and low cost tools available in the digital and social media world, you can be quite effective without spending a lot of money. The bad news? To make it work, you do need to invest a lot of time sprinkled with inspiration and innovation. Having a personality helps, too.

More good news: many individuals and companies are finding a lot of productive leads and connections through these channels. More bad news: it’s not a quick fix. It’s something you need to commit to and keep at. That doesn’t mean it will take you a year or two to see any results. But, it does mean you can’t just post a brilliant blog or open a Twitter account and expect the new business to start flooding through your doors.

Here’s 5 ways you can start improving your business without seriously hurting your bottom line:

1. Connect, connect, connect.

Use all the social networking tools available to you. Social networking is a great way to connect with people who may need your product or services. Just make sure you don’t start by broadcasting how great you are or trying to sell something. It’s like a cocktail party. Start with small talk; find out where you have common interests and where you can help them with their needs. It’s a good way to get to know someone you’ve never met before. Once they like and know you, they’ll be much more likely to want to do business with you.

I would suggest starting with LinkedIn if you haven’t gotten into any network. It’s the most business oriented site. Here’s a good post on how one business owner used LinkedIn to get a board of directors seat (http://bit.ly/21gfNB). From there, it’s a matter of preference and what type of business you’re in. You may want to start a Facebook fan page or personal page next. Or you may find the immediacy of Twitter is more to your liking. Here’s a good post by Lara Galloway on how she uses Twitter as one of her main new business tools (http://bit.ly/1wTAFo).

2. Answer Questions on LinkedIn

One the best features on LinkedIn is the Q&A section. Why? It gives you a chance to meet people out of your network, help them with a problem they have and display your expertise. Just go to the sections where questions are being asked on subjects that fit your business offerings and your area of expertise.

Here’s just one example of how that’s worked for me. I saw a question from a guy writing a book on social media. He was looking for examples of social media success stories. I told him about a campaign we’d done for one of our clients that had worked well. He liked it, we linked together and over the next 6 months had several conversations through LinkedIn messaging. This fall he was looking for judges for a big Blog Off competition his company was having. I volunteered and became part of an international “Dream Team” panel (http://bit.ly/6xs3XH) Besides the publicity of the contest itself, I will be listed in an upcoming book as one of the world’s top social media people, will be talked about on a Blog Talk Radio show that reaches millions and in video shows by one of Europe’s top providers of online content.  Not bad for a small business owner in Detroit.

3. Use Blog Talk Radio

This is a free, easy way to create podcasts for your own enterprise. There are two ways you can use Blog Talk Radio to help your business. One is to sign up at blogtalkradio.com and host your own show. This way you can have your own radio talk show.  You can invite guests who will speak on subject matters relevant to your audience or you can invite guests who represent companies you want to do business with. Or you can sometimes just speak on subjects you’re knowledgeable about and make those podcasts available to your potential clients. For an example of doing your own show, you can look at the Mom Biz Coach show. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mombizcoach)

The second, and easier, way to use Blog Talk Radio is to volunteer your expertise to someone who has a show. Our head of Yaffe Direct, Michael Morin, went on the Chuck Talks Business show and had an hour long interview. It went well and, with Chuck’s permission, we downloaded the podcast and posted it on our Yaffe Tidbits site (http://www.yaffetidbits.com/podcasts/radio/morin_marketing.html). We then edited a 2-minute teaser of some of the best parts of the interview. We emailed the two minute version to a list of prospects along with a link to the full podcast. Within a few weeks we got several inquiries from potential clients who we never would have gotten to talk to otherwise.

4. Buy a Flip Camcorder

You can get a really nice Flip Camcorder for around $125; I’d also pop for the small tripod that’s about $20-25. The Flip is an extremely easy way to shoot, edit and post videos to your site, blog, Facebook fan page, YouTube channel or wherever you can add video to your online presence. Video is a way to really put a face on your business. You can simply set it up on the tripod, point it at yourself and record a video blog. You can also record and post client testimonials. (http://bit.ly/8UXVZ8)  It’s also small and portable that you can carry it with you when you go to a conference, meeting, seminar, tweetup or wherever. At these events you can ask people’s opinions on whatever issues you’d like to cover for your clients/potential clients. It takes nothing to plug the Flip into your computer and use the included edit system to string together the comments you like and post that video to one of your sites. All this adds to both your content and your credibility.

5. Blog about potential clients

If you have a blog for your business (if you don’t, start one now), you can meet potential clients simply by asking them if you can interview them for an upcoming blog post. It’s a great way to meet and get to know someone in a non-sales environment (important note: don’t try and sell yourself or company during the interview). Who doesn’t like the idea of someone wanting to interview them for their expert opinion? More often than not, you’ll be able to find someone willing to talk about their business for the free publicity for both their company and themselves.

Even if you don’t get an interview, do research on the company and write a blog post about what they’re doing right as a company. Here’s an example of a post I wrote about Biggby Coffee. (http://bit.ly/6Hferc) After creating it, send the post to them. Even if it doesn’t peak their interest in you, they may link the post to their own site or blog. We still get traffic to our blog from companies that have linked to a post about them from many months ago.

There you have it. Five ideas that should get your business some attention without spending an arm and a leg. I’d say good luck, but it really is just a matter of good hard work.

To learn more about Mike McClure, The Yaffe Group and the great marketing work he does for his clients, visit his site and be sure to follow him on Twitter!

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Forbes Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Guest post by Natalie MacNeil of Forbes.com

ForbesWoman Views

Thirty Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter

Natalie MacNeil, 11.24.09, 01:50 PM EST

These business-savvy tweeters are all excited about helping you grow your company, create buzz for your brand and stay inspired.




Twitter has been an incredible tool for connecting with like-minded people from around the world. I am always on the lookout for women entrepreneurs and women in business to follow, connect with and learn from. The following 30 women entrepreneurs have excellent Twitter feeds to follow:

@alevit: Alexandra Levit is a best-selling business author and WSJ columnist who tweets valuable articles and advice. 4,346 followers. @Bernadeen: Bernadeen McLeod is a business coach who tweets small business tips, articles and resources. 3,116 followers.
: Cindy Ratzlaff is a marketing strategist who tweets about how to create buzz for your brand. 9,419 followers.
: Clare is an Internet marketer who shares online strategies and resources for women in business. 2,127 followers. @Entreprediva: Mirie Fraser is a life design coach who tweets inspirational quotes and insights for entrepreneurs. 11,910 followers. @JackieBiz: Jackie Burgoa is a business owner and blogger who tweets about business resources, inspiration and opinions. 7,336 followers.
: Jill tweets about the power of communities, social media and other business resources. 3,382 followers.
: Kaira is an award winning author who tweets about how to build a unique and genuine brand. 4,510 followers.
: Lea runs her business from places around the world and tweets about how you can make your business location independent too. 5,560 followers.
: Leila is an accountant who will help you better understand the financial side of your business. 9,416 followers.
: Lena is a social media strategist and writer who tweets about the impact of social media and other business tips. 761 followers.
: Linda has an excellent feed for entrepreneurs because she constantly tweets quality resources, tutorials, tips and articles. 1,424 followers.
: Manisha is a personal finance expert and author on women and money. Her tweets are geared toward helping you meet financial goals. 755 followers.
: Coree Silvera is a marketer who shares tips and resources in social media, branding and positive marketing mindset. 21,434 followers.
: Lara Galloway helps mom entrepreneurs grow their businesses and tweets about small business tips and resources. 9,167 followers.
: Nancy is an advocate for women in business who tweets business and career resources as well as facts about women in the workplace. 2,584 followers.
: Nicole is a sought after social media consultant in Europe who tweets about the latest social media happenings. 10,827 followers.
: Nikki owns an Internet marketing company and tweets about search engine optimization. 8,884 followers.
: Nina is an award-winning business lawyer who tweets legal tips and other resources for entrepreneurs. 219 followers.
: Stephanie Holland tweets about advertising, social media, branding and marketing to women. 5.988 followers.
: Shelly owns a marketing agency and shares branding and marketing strategies that work as well as those that don’t work. 22,466 followers.
: Jessica Swanson is a marketer who tweets about promoting your business on a shoestring budget. 18,446 followers.
: A. Michelle Blakeley helps solo entrepreneurs develop micro business plans and tweets useful business advice. 2,082 followers.
: Anita Campbell is an expert on small business trends and her tweets will help you be more successful as a business owner. 30,869 followers.
: Vicki Flaugher is an entrepreneur who tweets about women, business and events for women entrepreneurs. 11,084 followers.
: Kelly King Anderson’s goal is to empower women entrepreneurs and she tweets about various small business topics. 14,825 followers.
: Tami is CEO of TMG Brand Communications and tweets interesting articles and comments on advertising and branding. 665 followers.
: Patricia Sutton is a U.K. entrepreneur and writer who tweets tips and tidbits for women business owners. 4,953 followers.
: Tiffanie is an entrepreneur who helps small-business owners outsource work to have more time to grow their businesses. 5,426 followers.
: Allyson Kapin champions women in the tech industry and tweets her opinions and helpful business resources. 8,137 followers.

I realize there are many more amazing women entrepreneurs on Twitter who are missing from this list, and I invite you to share some of your favorites. For more women entrepreneurs on Twitter, visit my list of women entrepreneurs. And don’t forget to follow me, @nataliemacneil, for insights on women in business, resources for entrepreneurs, and interviews with successful women.

ForbesWoman Views is a series of reader-created conversations.


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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-.. http://bit.ly/4aKSIM #
  • Well, today is a day of re-prioritizing. Sick kids need mamatime, so mama must ditch worktime 🙂 #
  • Just booked 4 moreTwitter Profile Reviews this morning. It's fun to help entrepreneurs figure out their personal twitter strategy! #
  • Listening to @helencoronato 's Build a Brand Telesummit right now…I'm speaking re: twitter tomorrow! #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • I am going to win an unlocked iPhone 3GS just by following and retweeting http://bit.ly/Xj6Vd #
  • OK, so everytime I check DMs I have msgs saying "I made $XX with google. Click for link." Is this the latest scam? Grrrr… Never open! #
  • Want to join a community of like-minded mompreneurs who want to leverage all the web 2.0 tools? Follow @momgyb! #momgyb #
  • I'm wondering if I should ask Santa for an iPhone this year. Do I really need it tp be organized? #indiebizchat #
  • RT @indiebizchicks: when it comes to getting organized, baby steps count! ~ so true! #indiebizchat #
  • RT @indiebizchicks: Having time to focus on your biz is a BIG part of being organized! #indiebizchat #
  • I have office hours Tue & Thu 10-3, when all my babes are in school/daycare. That's my client-facing time. #indiebizchat #
  • Blog Post = Do you have a product you would like to test-market to 2000-5000 Moms .. http://bit.ly/2HNFod
    = Mom Entrepreneu #
  • Hey mompreneurs: I need to come up with a topic for my Audio Blog today. What would you like to hear? #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: thanks for the pics in our Mom3 rhinestone shirt – http://bit.ly/L8Mkt My kids love it when I wear my Mom3 shirt! #
  • Good routines create sanity for mompreneurs. Sick babies create opportunities to be flexible for mompreneurs. #
  • Worth repeating a fave quote by Mike Dooley: "Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones." (My kids are angels. They'll sleep all day…) #
  • Just completed another personalized Twitter Profile Review. Love helping mompreneurs bump up their twitter for biz strategy! #
  • RT @mainelementlove: There's nothing better than a coach who's sole focus is to help u maintain your mompreneur status…thx @mombizcoach! #
  • RT @SqueezeItIn: Our latest online exercise video -Stair Care- a great way to take care of yourself and your stairs… http://bit.ly/xKrT7 #
  • Just back from a physical therapy session for my back. Wow. Had no idea I could feel so much better. Met some cool entrepreneurs, too 🙂 #
  • Good morning, Tweeple! Just want to say how grateful I am for the sun being up by 6:45, my kids getting up at 6:30, and a good night's rest. #
  • RT @nicolabird: anyone out there joining my free JigsawBox Q&A webinar on Tues? http://tinyurl.com/ygv4qpt #
  • Woo hoo! Two Twitter Profile Reviews down, two to go. I love teaching entrepreneurs the cool stuff this tool can do! #
  • RT @rhondahess: Join @shawnmdriscoll to Create Your Signature Program – She knocks my socks off! http://bit.ly/8N73h #
  • Part of the power of twitter is having a strategy to use it. #
  • RT @MyScottArt: Why do we see solutions to other peoples issues easier than our own? A good coach could be your guide to success. #
  • RT @nicolabird: RT @duncanbrodie: The consequences of not delegating http://short.to/vxpk #
  • RT @momspark: New post by @superjennblogs on Mom Spark – Adjust your Frugal Mindset http://bit.ly/1VquAK #
  • RT @RhondaHess: Part of the power of twitter is having a strategy to use it. U R teaching me that now in your Twitter profile review! Thx! #
  • Hey mompreneurs: Would you be interested in a home study course I'm creating on how I use twitter to build my brand? Step-by-step stuff? #
  • RT @RhondaHess: Part of the power of twitter is having a strategy to use it. U R teaching me that now in your Twitter profile review! Thx! #
  • Hey mom entrepreneurs: Would U be interested in a home study course I'm creating on how I use twitter to build my brand? Step-by-step stuff? #

Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-.. http://bit.ly/39hF51 #
  • Playing around with some new widgets on my website. Just set up my livestream.com account. Will broadcast soon! #
  • Blog Post = Meet Mother+Entrepreneur Mary Beth and her Beautiful Adoption Dolls: P.. http://bit.ly/qB40A
    = Mom Entrepreneu #
  • Updates to my website are almost done. Adding some new graphics, livestream video, some audio files, fun stuff. #
  • Good morning, tweeple! I'm grateful for the cool free tools & tech that make being a mompreneur fun & easy. What are you grateful for today? #
  • Hey mom entrepreneurs! We're on w/ @feliciaslattery tonight 9p ET to learn how to communicate authentically for biz… http://bit.ly/CiCPj #
  • Do you understand what the buzz is about "authentic communication?" Or are you still trying to be someone you think is better than you? #
  • My latest BubbleTweet: free teleseminar tonight w/ @feliciaslattery on authentic communication! http://bbltwt.com/x2fky #
  • Learn all about "Creating a Success Marketing Strategy" with my next guest @MHKMarketing Mary Hickman tomorrow http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: Being a happy parent takes LOTS of practice. Go ahead and start practicing right now! #
  • RT @MomGYB: How to create a custom twitter background = http://bit.ly/29WlZE #momgyb #
  • Uploading my next two podcasts to the Mom Biz Makeover Show on http://www.theWINonine.com. Check it out! #
  • Congrats to @maryfreeland: Your new site looks gorgeous! http://bit.ly/vhwpH #
  • hmmm…not loving the ads that #BTR is putting in front of my on demand episodes! Grrrrr…But I do love #BTR in general. #
  • A niche is an area of specialty–a WHAT. A target market is a WHO (via @rhondahess in our When a Niche Is Not Enough teleseminar). #
  • Do you know what the purpose is of a marketing strategy? Find out tomorrow on the WoMEN Teleseminar Series: http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • Had a wonderful call w/my coach, @rhondahess, today about manifesting. I have a lot of fun manifesting to do in the next 45 days! #
  • Love the new graphics @paintermommy is creating for me! Check out her work (my new banner): http://www.mombizcoach.com. Thanks so much, Dawn! #
  • RT @daniellemmiller: success tip: in order 2 make progress on ur goals, they must b clearly defined–foggy goals=foggy results #
  • Join us for the free WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need telesem tonight at 9p ET! Re: Authentic communication: http://bit.ly/CiCPj #
  • Entrepreneurs: Wondering how to make your voice & message stand out from your competitors? Free call tonight at 9p ET! http://bit.ly/CiCPj #
  • Please join us on my BTR show w/ @FeliciaSlattery starting in a few minutes: 347-838-9199 #
  • Come listen to How to Communicate Authentically w/Felicia Slattery-… on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/750443 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Want to have more fun in your job and life? You need to learn persuasive speaking. (via @feliciaslattery on now! http://bit.ly/CiCPj) #
  • Be real when you communicate rather than too "polished"–want to be approachable (via @feliciaslattery on http://bit.ly/CiCPj NOW!) #
  • One of the biggest obstacles to excellent communication for mompreneurs: CONFIDENCE! (via @feliciaslattery http://bit.ly/CiCPj) LIVE NOW #
  • Many women tend to use "power-less" language…it diminishes your power & confidence via @feliciaslattery on LIVE NOW http://bit.ly/CiCPj #
  • Effective communication strategy: listen, listen, listen, to the verbal & the non-verbal (via @feliciaslattery on http://bit.ly/CiCPj) #
  • Listen to How to Communicate Authentically w/Felicia … on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/750443 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/27. http://tobtr.com/s/755971 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 11/10. http://tobtr.com/s/755973 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 11/03. http://tobtr.com/s/755972 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 11/24. http://tobtr.com/s/755975 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 11/17. http://tobtr.com/s/755974 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Don't miss my next guest on the WoMEN Teleseminar series: @MHKMarketing today at 12 pm http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • having so much fun connecting with a dear friend who moved to germany via skype! yay technology! video calls rock! #
  • Come listen to A Simple Marketing Plan for Mompreneurs with Mary Hi… on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/750454 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • I'm LIVE now talking abt Marketing: Don't miss my next guest on the WoMEN Teleseminar series: @MHKMarketing http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • One of the biggest things that separates successful entrepreneurs from those who give up is MARKETING!via @mhkmarketing http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • Do you understand how your cust svc strategy impacts your marketing strategy? Important! (via @mhkmarketing http://bit.ly/47AFzO) LIVE NOW! #
  • Entrepreneurs: a website is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Not optional to not have one – via @mhkmarketing http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • Mompreneurs: do you have a referral/reward program in place as part of your mktg strategy? (via @mhkmarketing http://bit.ly/47AFzO) #
  • I just voted for http://pic.gd/8e8d17 Check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • Listen to A Simple Marketing Plan for Mompreneurs wit… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/750454 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • RT @PainterMommy Just finished a 125×125 button ad design for @mombizcoach. What do you think? http://pic.gd/8e8d17 ~ I love it! #
  • Learn how these 5 powerhouse experts built a money making brand on-line, in person and w/ media #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • Hey, entrepreneurs–I'm wondering: as we approach the year-end & holidays, are you going to slow down or speed up your business & marketing? #
  • Whew! Got two more podcasts uploaded to http://www.theWINonline.com. There are so many great people on there sharing great info for women! #
  • I'm teaching you all I know about building a money making brand on-line, in person and w/ media on 11/3 #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • RT @timeoutmom I'll be hosting a radio show tonite "Twitter 4 Business" by @TimeOutMom on #BlogTalkRadiohttp://tobtr.com/s/756561 #momgyb #
  • Hey entrepreneurs! Check out @timeoutmom 's #BTR show tonight on "Twitter for Business." Learn from her! http://bit.ly/2tz2v5 #
  • Blog Post = Twitter for Business – What is a Twitter Profile Review ?: Are you tir.. http://bit.ly/cQ5yw
    = Mom Entrepreneu #
  • Pls join me & @helencoronato for free call: building your brand on-line, in person and w/ media on 11/3 #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • Whoa…just had my 1st phys therapy session for my back. It was helpful & painful at the same time. Best was that they also babysat my kids! #
  • RT @bizziemommy: So you want to start a biz but don't know where to start – check out our startercards giveaway – http://tinyurl.com/yhdhpwr #
  • RT @TheYaffeGroup: Facebook has tripled its share of social network visits year over year, while MySpace lags. http://bit.ly/2pFBE4 #
  • RT @beckinoles: RT @UnMarketing Don’t Stick It In Their Mouth – How to ReTweet http://bit.ly/jqMpX #
  • RT @daniellemmiller: Happy Wed. twitterville! Here's to a productive & fulfilling day! Remember the 3D's: DO it, DELEGATE it or DUMP it! #
  • The great @helencoronato interviews me re: building your brand on-line, in person and w/ media on 11/3 #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: How do children spell ♥♥♥LOVE ♥♥♥?? T-I-M-E http://ow.ly/xjHD #
  • Interesting: Just realized I've been checking my email repeatedly, looking for an answer…But I haven't asked the question yet. 🙂 #
  • Want some help building your brand on-line, in person and w/ media? @helencoronato & I'll explain on 11/3 #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • Keep in mind that your target audience should know what to expect from you. Brand = consistent offerings = credibility. #
  • Hey Coaches & Consultants: If you're not following @nicolabird, DO IT NOW! She's warm, witty, smart and one very savvy coach! #
  • RT @beckinoles: If you're marketing to everyone you're marketing to no one. #
  • I'm reading The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. He tells how the environment/culture that surrounds a person contributes to their success. #
  • So if environment/background/culture/circumstances do contribute to success, makes sense to choose carefully how you surround yourself, eh? #
  • Mompreneurs: We're talking about building lists & keeping your customers happy w/e-newsletters. Webinar: http://www.momgyb.com #
  • Got an ezine or enewsletter? You NEED one! Join us for Using E-Newsletters to Grow Your Business = http://bit.ly/3em8rN #momgyb #
  • RT @inspiredwriters: Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it. ~ Yeah, Baby! #
  • Low cost proven secrets these 5 powerhouse marketers use to grow their businesses – free Telesummit #MMB2009 http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM #
  • 5 superstar marketers (incl. yours truly!) reveal low cost action plans to business growth! #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM Pls RT #
  • Need some great, low cost action plans to business growth? Free telesummit begins 11/2 #MMB2009http://bit.ly/3ZiOwM Pls RT #
  • Starting tomorrow, Five Branding EXPERTS Share Budget Friendly Expertise http://aweber.com/b/10H7o #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-1.. http://bit.ly/9Jki #
  • OK, just set up a Skype account. Considering trying this for video calls w/my coaching clients. Could be fun . . . #
  • DH out of town this weekend, so I took 3 kids on spontaneous overnight trip to Toronto to see in-laws who were visiting there. Awesome! #
  • oh man…house smells amazing since i'm making mulligatawny soup for tired, chilled dh who is arriving soon from motorcycle track all day. #
  • hey coaches: are you using skype for videocalls w/your clients? or what is your fave technology for coaching? #
  • Hubby got home safely from motorcycle riding on the racetrack this weekend. I had a need to feed/nurture him w/hot soup…the mom in me… #
  • Have you ever noticed how sometimes the people who are most willing to forgive are the ones who have been the most persecuted? #fb #
  • Thx to @tracibisson for pointing this out. Have U heard about @twitter banning recurring tweets? http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/132665 #
  • Mompreneurs: Have you figured out how to create at least one passive revenue stream for your services biz? If not, what's stopping U? Pls RT #
  • OMG…These homemade pita fresh out of the oven w/a little butter & parmesan for after-school snack are DELICIOUS! http://ow.ly/vj6g #
  • Twitter + Awesome = HootSuite. http://hootsuite.com #
  • RT @momcoach: New post: Mompreneurs And Pink Elephants: Telling The Truth About Our Struggles… http://bit.ly/4jfs0A #
  • RT @steveweber: RT @JPolish I've always liked this quote: "Never mistake motion for action." – Ernest Hemingway #
  • RT @HandmadeBaggage: new gray/yellow fabric listed this afternoon http://bit.ly/gipEP — that's pretty stuff! love it! #
  • RT @themamacoach: RT @wisdomforkids The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen ~ LOVE THIS! #
  • RT @SqueezeItIn: Our latest fall clean-up exercise – freshly posted and ready for review: http://bit.ly/2oHrjr ~ Love it! Exercise is easy! #
  • RT @juliecole: Mabel's Labels team has been named finalists for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards: http://tinyurl.com/yhv3a6k #
  • My to-do list grew longer rather than shorter today due to sick babes at home. Gonna get some rest to tackle it tomorrow! 'Night! #
  • Just wrote a monster guest blog post. Wow! Sometimes I start writing and I can't stop. Esp. when it's about how much I love twitter… #
  • This month marks my one year anniversary on Twitter! Woo hoo! It has totally changed the way I do business. #
  • Come listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/704299 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/704299 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • BlogPost = "Mother Love is the fuel that…": "Mother Love is the fuel that enables a .. http://bit.ly/3Bnyi RT @TimeOutMom #
  • A friend applied for the Nature Made SAM-e Complete Good Mood Gig! Vote for her so she can land a great job – http://bit.ly/2Nh3lc #
  • RT @TheYaffeGroup: 10 Ways Twitter Changed My Life – guest blog by @mombizcoach http://bit.ly/1wTAFo #
  • RT @TheFamilyCoach: #mompreneurs @mombizcoach Great blog on how Twitter grew her business http://bit.ly/3gxwjZ #
  • Take Charge of Mobile Commerce: When you can connect with customers wherever they are, you'r.. http://bit.ly/1dtyvo = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • Have you ever considered that being "lazy" could be a key success factor in your business? Think about it… #
  • Come listen to Why Being Lazy Is Critical to Being a Successful Mom… on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/707263 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • So the idea behind "being lazy to be successful" is this: play to your strengths! What's easy for you to do in your business? #
  • RT @themamacoach: Pregnant mamas need 80-100 grams of protein every day. #
  • RT @DRSAXEROUX: 5 Ways to enjoy homework time: light candles, have a snack, relearn what your kid is learning, congratulate them, blog! #
  • RT @maryfreeland: New article on updating your kitchen all by yourself: http://bit.ly/2vKrhv #
  • rt @cknobloch:Common cold, H1N1… nothing's a match for the strength of a mom. What's your story? http://ow.ly/vQGf #
  • Listen to Why Being Lazy Is Critical to Being a Succe… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/707263 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Weeding the Employee Garden: 4 tips to help you get rid of people who don’t jive with the co.. http://bit.ly/lF1Tg = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • Pretty jazzed about trying out skype w/my friend @blue_collar_u. This should be fun! #
  • Is anyone else having trouble w/hootsuite not updating groups today? I'm getting updates on mentions and DMs, but nothing else… #
  • Here's what I mean about being lazy to be successful: http://bbltwt.com/vu0pw #
  • Do you know the 2 most important things to consider when building your marketing strategy? Find out on 10/27 12 pm EST http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • 10 Ways Twitter Changed My Business-Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog 10/20/2009 – Lara Galloway on Blog Talk Radio http://bit.ly/3z2fmS #
  • 10 Ways Twitter Changed My Business: In celebration of my one year anniversary of using Twitter this month, I t.. http://bit.ly/g1b5M #
  • Got a LOT of sleep last night, so I'm capitalizing on this quiet time to crank out sales pages to prep for the launch of my info products! #
  • What should be the purpose of your marketing strategy? Find out with me and @mhkmarketing on 10/27 http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • Look Before You Leap at Change: Ask these 8 crucial questions to make sure everyone's on boa.. http://bit.ly/KyzBY
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • How to Communicate Authentically w/Felicia Slattery-WoMEN Tel… on Lara Galloway will air 10/26. http://tobtr.com/s/750443 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • On Mon 10/26: How to Communicate Authentically w/Felicia Slattery-WoMEN Teleseminar Series http://bit.ly/CiCPj #
  • Coming up Tues 10/27: A Simple Marketing Plan for Mompreneurs with Mary Hickman-Part XV of the WoMEN Teleseminar Series http://bit.ly/3N1m8c #
  • A Simple Marketing Plan for Mompreneurs with Mary Hickman-Par… on Lara Galloway will air 10/27. http://tobtr.com/s/750454 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • #FF Great women in biz: @FeliciaSlattery @rbuscemi @parentontrack @TimeOutMom @DRSAXEROUX @SqueezeItIn @jylMomIF @mhkmarketing #
  • #FF Fab biz women: @confidentmom @momcoach @SoulfulParent @cknobloch @NicolaRTaggart @origcouponcoach @staceykann @paintermommy @va4hire #
  • I am honored to know: #FF @aldridgeduff @yvonnebynoe @coachforadhd @nicolabird @breakthruguy @vibabyfair @vanEMN @alisabow @blue_collar_u #
  • #FF: More local MI biz people: @leeperphoto @girliedolls @debbiesaro @OakCityGrille @NthDegreFitness @editing4u @DIADetroit @MichMoms #
  • tucking the kids in and getting ready to watch "fear and loathing in las vegas." hubby thinks we've seen it before, but i can't remember. #
  • Are you implementing some of the most important tactics of your marketing plan? Find out with @mhkmarketing http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • Do you know the 2 most important things to consider when building your marketing strategy? Find out on 10/27 12 pm EST http://bit.ly/47AFzO #
  • What should be the purpose of your marketing strategy? Find out with me and @mhkmarketing on 10/27 http://bit.ly/47AFzO #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-.. http://bit.ly/BycTl #
  • Join me for "Relationship Building That Gets Results," http://bit..ly/9Lfym next installment in the WoMEN Teleseminar series w/ @smoothsale #
  • Selling doesn't need to be scary or unethical. In fact, your best results come by just being yourself. Find out how http://bit.ly/9Lfym #
  • Join me for "Relationship Building That Gets Results," http://bit.ly/9Lfym next installment in the WoMEN Teleseminar series w/ @smoothsale #
  • Strategies for Raising Capital: Love-hate relationships can tear you apart. If you're a business owner, one of .. http://bit.ly/knhlQ #
  • You don't want to miss my interview with @smoothsale today at 12 pm! http://bit.ly/9Lfym Why don't you join us! #
  • Well good morning, tweeple! Celebrated Canadian T'giving yesterday w/a long hike w/hubby & kids in Michigan. Feelin' the burn today. #
  • Today's BubbleTweet giving you the scoop on my free WoMEN Teleseminar today at 12p ET: http://bit.ly/XDCyt #
  • Don't miss my interview w/ @smoothsale today @ Noon in the WoMEN Teleseminar! http://bit.ly/XDCyt #
  • Learning some great tips from mompreneur Elinor Stutz on how to make "selling less scary" http://ow.ly/uaLt LIVE right now! #
  • Do you know the difference between "relationship selling" and the traditional sales model of "telling/selling"? http://ow.ly/uaMo #
  • People want to buy you first, your product second (via @smoothsale)– http://ow.ly/uaQI #
  • Biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in selling: being focused on selling, not on getting to know a client. http://ow.ly/ub6h via @smoothsale #
  • Thanks to @smoothsale for all the great tips you shared for relationship selling on my #BTR show today! We appreciate you, Elinor! #
  • Gonna grab my homemade potato leek soup before I host my Mom Coaches Mastermind call in a few minutes. It's a good day! #
  • BlogPost = "… before you were born I loved you..": "Before you were conceived I want.. http://bit.ly/3R89XV
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • Great post by @smoothsale following up on our teleseminar today: http://ow.ly/ueCn She's one smart lady! #
  • RT @smoothsale: @mombizcoach Your advice: "Trust Yourself" is vital for all entrepreneurs- TY for sharing & hosting #BTR – highly enjoyable! #
  • LOVE: @InspiredCoach @NicolaRTaggart @themamacoach @magnoliawkshop @jenniferpowter @guiltfreemom @soulfulparent @cknobloch @suzannahscully #
  • RT @SqueezeItIn: Don't miss tonight's #gno (Girls' Night Out) – http://bit.ly/cvM8S – 9-11pm EST. RSVP and come join the fun! #
  • RT @themamacoach: So excited…I Just secured an office away from home. Now I can really get some biz done! ~ Congrats to you! That's great! #
  • Blog Post = A Brisk Walk in the Cool Crisp Fall Air before Dinner: Just went for a 20.. http://bit.ly/OkfyN
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • Join me for "Relationship Building That Gets Results," http://bit.ly/9Lfym next installment in the WoMEN Teleseminar series w/ @smoothsale #
  • Getting settled in to do some website work and play around with friends at #gno tonight! #
  • I'm a little late to the parter, girls. Howdy! #GNO #
  • What are best Scholastic book recommendations for boys age 5 & 7? Need to put in an order. #GNO #
  • RT @cheeriosbrand: @jylMomIF same here! great convo on fav books #gno #cheerios #GNO #
  • I think comics are a great way to get boys interested in reading. #GNO #
  • As far as art goes, just love Eric Carle. Everything is so beautiful. Have hung copies of his drawings in kids' rooms. #GNO #
  • A7: Yes, getting caught by my mom in the middle of the night sitting on bathroom floor reading a book I loved. #GNO #
  • The Mom Biz Makeover Show on the Women's Information Network: http://bit.ly/1MPCmC via @AddToAny #
  • Sustainability Increases Stockholder Value: New research indicates that sustainability can a.. http://bit.ly/iHPCy
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • Come listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/697662 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Reading Mothercraft's – Love Muffin http://5e2ht.th8.us — Oh, sounds awesome, Carley. Yum! #
  • Listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/697662 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • RT @mikemcclure: Five reasons corporations are failing at social media http://bit.ly/4mEEW9 #
  • Mompreneurs: Do you do market research for your business ideas? If so, how? If not, why not? #
  • Need valuable content to tweet to your target audience? tired of creating it yourself? @timeoutmom can show you how to automate! #
  • RT @parentontrack: Worked on my blog today. Always love a little feedback. Hard to write in a vacuum. http://ow.ly/tRRr #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: so if U were to participate in a 1hr mom focus group call, how would U like to be compensated? product, gift cards, cash ?? #
  • RT @InspiredCoach: R U a chronic Mommy-Tasker? Find out WHY it isn't a solution to getting things done THIS Thu. Free call http://ow.ly/uzdh #
  • Entrepreneurs Unsure About Health Care Reform: Survey: Many small-biz owners think the reform.. http://bit.ly/msD0j
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • Protect Yourself From Overtime Violations: 8 tips to ward off wage and hour claims with a cul.. http://bit.ly/3rh2DB
    = Entrepreneur Mag #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27:
    Don't forget! The Powerhouse.. http://bit.ly/isbO7 #
  • My coach knows how to teach you to be a top coach. It worked for me!
    Raving Fans rocks! http://bit.ly/3vzm9t #
  • Making Room for the Future: I took a mental health day recently. It was unplanned, but the early morning's even.. http://bit.ly/9eivA #
  • Thought for the day: If you want to be successful, surround yourself w/ppl who are successful so that this becomes normal for you. #
  • Wow–this is weird…Today I'm losing followers. Was it something I said? Is there a hole in twitter? #
  • Create Measurable Impact: Web metrics numbers are only as good as what you do with them. http://bit.ly/4mVU7
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • OK–time for the first cup of coffee to start my day. Today's mantra:"Complete one very important task. Just one. GO!" #
  • Have you completed your ONE most important task today? I'm working on mine right now! Will tweet when I'm done. Who's with me? #
  • Whew! DONE w/my top priority for the day!!! Thanks to all who tweeted support. Let me know when you complete yours! #
  • Yikes! 10 min to get to Priority #2 today: My #BTR show is live @ 11:30a ET. Gonna talk about Baby Steps to Build Your Brand! #
  • Come listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/685513 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • BTR Audio Blog: Done! Now let's see if I can write an article for my ezine subscribers…before my coaching group in 15 min! #
  • Listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/685513 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • I'm looking forward to my glass of wine and #GNO tonight…I'll be one of the hosts talking mom-owned small businesses. Join us 9-11p ET! #
  • So are we all feeling the "twitter day of mourning"? The loss of followers (tho supposedly they're spammers) is tough psychology, no? #
  • BlogPost = " A Good Mother gives her children a feeling of trust and…": "Everyone kn.. http://bit.ly/EllcX
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • RT @Ecademyva Tasks your virtual assistant can start with: http://short.to/rl1g. #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U: Murphy's Internet Law- The person you most did not want to see what you wrote, will. #
  • RT @goodlifediva: My wkshps challenge/equip/power moms in your small group to rediscover what makes them come alive http://bit.ly/kb1d8 #
  • RT @jylMomIF: #GNO w/ @mombizcoach @momspark @news_source @startupprincess @thesmartmama @tipjunkie @juliecole & @officemax 2nite! 9pm #omx #
  • RT @MuralByMassucci: See my new artwork @ Bra Show/Towards the Threadbare. Opening Reception 10/17. 7pm W Bloomfield, MI http://bit.ly/KRgTn #
  • Join #gno for tonight’s party on its custom tweetgrid: http://bit.ly/11bY4r PLS RT #
  • Getting set for the #GNO party. Will be great to connect w/cool women in business tonight. #
  • Hey there, WAHMs & mompreneurs: Join #gno tonight for tips on starting/running successful sm biz: http://bit.ly/11bY4r Pls RT #
  • I'm beginning to wonder if SLC Utah is the hub of all great culture. Seriously! Are all the cool people there? #GNO #
  • RT @jylMomIF: We're talking tips for starting and running a successful small biz with our sponsor— @OfficeMax! 🙂 #gno #omx #GNO #
  • RT @momspark: RT @startupprincess: Are you a woman biz owner ready to start or GROW your biz? Join us now on http://bit.ly/11bY4r #gno #GNO #
  • Ah yes, and the tweets do fly by quickly. Don't forget you can press "stop" (next to search) & then restart by pressing "search"! #GNO #
  • I am approaching my 1yr twitter anniversary & twitter has completely changed how I do biz. #GNO #
  • 95% of my business comes from twitter. Warm, qualified leads (and awesome friendships, too!) #GNO #
  • RT @jylMomIF: @mombizcoach You can slow down the tweets too by clicking on the blue "settings" bar and entering a higher number of seco … #
  • Funny, now part of my biz is teaching mompreneurs how to use twitter to attract their ideal clients. So SM changed my biz in a big way! #GNO #
  • RT @momspark: Social media is such a HUGE part of my business, making new contacts every day on Twitter, FB, etc. #gno #omx #GNO #
  • RT @momspark: Best advice for starting up your own business: WORK FOR FREE. Plain and simple. #gno #omx #GNO #
  • Welcome, @HeatherMAllard! So glad to see you here! #GNO #
  • Tip: use SM to meet people, build relationships so interested in learning more, convert to buyers, keep happy, eventually referrals. #GNO #
  • But don't think that you can "buy" your followers/friends/connections. Be willing to grow slowly & intentionally! #GNO #
  • Of course, I find so much inspiration from my connections on twitter. I read blogs, browse websites, watch videos of my tweeps! #GNO #
  • I honestly don't know that my biz would exist w/o the inspiration & motivation I get from my clients & colleagues. Collaboration is key #GNO #
  • RT @EverythingMom: Taking time for STILLNESS daily is important to keeping the creative flow, nature walks, meditation, journaling #gno#
  • RT @momspark: LOL! RT @juliecole: inspiration also comes from seth godin. seriously. #gno #gno #omx #GNO #
  • Trying to run your small biz w/o a biz plan is going to waste a lot of your time, energy & money. #GNO #
  • I use a template from 1 page biz plan company…so simple. you can't not do it. #GNO #
  • from the time i created my biz plan, my goals started happening. it felt a little magical. (but it wasn't.) #GNO #
  • RT @TroyPattee: My most creative ideas come while I'm in the shower…unfortunately, I don't shower that often 🙁 #gno #omx #GNO #
  • RT @juliecole: Q5 – i gave up the notion of balance. if that's what I really wanted i'd have a 9-5 job fewer kids. Gave up notion of sle … #
  • A5: create boundaries & stick to them so everyone knows when they get a piece of you (kids, spouse, clients, alone time). #GNO #
  • So often entrepreneurs think "freedom & flexibility" = no set office hours. Big mistake. Creates stress, overwhelm, burnout, resentment #GNO #
  • RT @todaysmama: rt @tipjunkie TipJunkie: Q5: It's tough at times to juggle everything so I have themed days, house day, errand day, play … #
  • Yes, rather than balance, I like the idea of seasons, rhythms and such. Sometimes I'm productive, sometimes creative, sometimes tired. #GNO #
  • My absolute fave mom business is http://www.timeoutmom.com run by @timeoutmom! For moms, by moms! #GNO #
  • RT @MaruxaMurphy: @mombizcoach It sounds like what ur saying is to be OK w/where UR. Give self permission to just B where U R #GNO #
  • I also love The Mogul Mom (Heather Allard) and The Mom Entrepreneur (Traci Bisson). Great biz, great ladies. #GNO #
  • RT @startupprincess: The #1 thing that's hard for our spouses is when our biz becomes an obsession/addiction, be wise friends! #GNO #
  • Of course, a biz you create yourself can bring so much satisfaction, acknowledgement, validation, money. Hard not to obsess. 🙂 #GNO #
  • A7: I concentrate my marketing efforts on twitter, blogtalkradio and my website/blog. #GNO #
  • SM also made my approach to marketing change from a "one to one" strategy to a "one to many" strategy. VIRAL! #GNO #
  • RT @startupprincess: My mantra is "be ready for media at any moment" & it will flow to U, http://www.startupprincess.com/imagemedia #GNO #
  • A8: Of course! We mompreneurs are social creatures. I love collaborating w/others. Benefits us both. Builds bigger lists than alone. #GNO #
  • I like looking for ways to collaborate rather than compete with other women-owned businesses. We all do better. #GNO #
  • A10: Get some help! A VA, mentor, coach, biz strategist…these folks teach you what you need to know. You can't know everything! #GNO #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: @SqueezeItIn – ha! @mombizcoach keeps telling me I need to sleep more ! #gno #GNO #
  • Advice for entrepreneurs: Get it done rather than get it right. Tweak later. #GNO #
  • Borrowing from @barefoot_exec: Fail fast. Just go for your goal, fail if you have to, get up & keep going. #GNO #
  • RT @juliecole: Q10 – having a biz gives you flexibility, but flexibility doesn't get the work done. Hope you like late nights. #gno #GNO #
  • Cutting-Edge Cost Cutters: Save money with these online business shortcuts. http://bit.ly/gZVW0
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • Take some baby steps to build your brand http://aweber.com/b/Owek #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: Great article from Parenting magazine about 100+ halloween costumes for this season = http://bit.ly/sNwD7 #
  • RT @kidlutions: WOW! I am learning TONS on the #momgyb by the @momgyb Twitter 4 biz Webinar! Thanks, gals! #
  • RT @CoachForADHD: Thanks for the Twitter training! I'll definitely be attending more of your classes! #momgyb #
  • RT @mhkmarketing: Looking for genuine local peeps to find & follow? Use the Search function in TweetDeck. Enter your city name &leave open. #
  • RT @mkbytracey: great webinar from #momgyb! the hands on info was great! Very helpful! ~ Thx, Tracey! Tweet us w/questions, ok? #
  • RT @themetromom: My Post: Mom Entrepreneurs: Between Business and the Kids – How Do You Find Time for Your Marriage? http://twurl.nl/76tpk3 #
  • Whew! I'm turing into a pumpkin. Need my sleep after a rockin' twitter webinar tonight w/the #momgyb gals & great participants. 'Night y'all #
  • 5 Tips to Keep You Sharp: Constant learning is the foundation of a successful business owner. http://bit.ly/EmDS1
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • Be Your Brand: When people think of branding, they usually think "logo." But branding extends far beyond a tag .. http://bit.ly/phyqb #
  • Getting ready to jump into office hours. Full day of client appointments today + need to do some work ON my business. Doing priorities 1st! #
  • Mom Coaches: Membership to the Mom Coaches Mastermind Group I facilitate closes in 5 days. If you'd like to join, pls DM me! #
  • RT @nicolabird: Tip 4 Coaches: create one set of content then create different formats http://bit.ly/URC5l #
  • Come listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/688164 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/688164 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • RT @parentontrack: New Science Supports Adler and Parenting On Track™ @http://zz.gd/70c070 #
  • RT @debbiesaro: RT @LeeperPhoto: New blog post = http://bit.ly/dTyJ7 = an impression so deep <<so touching>> #
  • Relationship Building That Gets Results-WoMEN Teleseminar Ser… on Lara Galloway will air 10/13. http://tobtr.com/s/730551 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Relationship Building That Gets Results-WoMEN Teleseminar Series Part XIII 10/13/2009 – Lara Galloway on Blog Talk Radio http://bit.ly/9Lfym #
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Business Resources to Survive the Economic Storm: As someone who has bootstrapped her firm f.. http://bit.ly/bmH7N #
  • Mompreneurs: Are You Tired of Waiting for Success? 5 Minute Coaching MOMents. http://bit.ly/3HT3HO #
  • #FF Cool women I enjoyed this week: @jylmomif @momspark @SqueezeItIn @TimeOutMom @juliecole @startupprincess #
  • #FF Committed to paying it forward on twitter: @CoachForADHD @MuralByMassucci @Kidlutions @MaruxaMurphy @tipjunkie @BreakThruGuy #
  • Rain, rain, go away…guess the kids and I will bake some more banana bread to warm us up today! #
  • I've spent way too much time today trying to make the sale of my digital products available…Time to call my trusty VA (@VA4Hire)… #
  • RT @themamacoach Fab mom coaches @magnoliawkshop @jenniferpowter @guiltfreemom @nicolartaggart @soulfulparent @cknobloch @inspiredcoaching #
  • Here's the banana bread recipe we made: http://ow.ly/tBhj. It's our fave. I double the recipe (one loaf w/walnuts, one w/o for school). #
  • Relationship Building That Gets Results-WoMEN Teleseminar Series Part XIII 10/13/2009 Lara Galloway on Blog Talk Radio http://bit..ly/9Lfym #
  • For memorable tweets, follow our next WoMEN Series guest http://bit..ly/9Lfym Elinor Stutz on Twitter: http://twitter.com/smoothsale #
  • Be ready w/ pen & paper for our interview with Elinor Stutz http://bit..ly/9Lfym For a great recap read: http://bit.ly/NiceGirlsDOGettheSale #
  • Reading: 7 Simple Income Streams That You Can Actually Create (w/workbook) http://bit.ly/1dO4bG #mbm09 #
  • RT @RhondaHess: RT@MichelePW Cinnamon Rolls, Breast Cancer and Your Business — How Doing Good Can Grow Your B.. http://bit.ly/NTHZU #
  • RT @nicolabird: UK Coaches if you need work now, here is a contract that needs filling http://bit.ly/4piWU #
  • OK–getting more than a little excited about my new membership site to help mompreneurs create passive revenue streams….oh, fun! #
  • And more fun stuff: @paintermommy just helped create the graphics for my first info products! She rocks! Now to get it on my site… #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: Along w/reading, playing & time w/you, RIGHT mix of kids' tv can spur curiosity, discovery &lots of fun! ~ Amen, sistah! #
  • Selling doesn't need to be scary or unethical. In fact, your best results come by just being yourself. Find out how http://bit..ly/9Lfym #
  • Sigh…wish I still lived in Oregon: http://bit.ly/3doMvP #
  • I'm planning my daughter's 3yo b'day party. We're hosting at our house tomorrow pm. Decorate ur own cupcakes, paint a tshirt, run & laugh… #
  • RT @rbuscemi: Join http://www.MomsLikeMe.com for the LA "Internet Mommy"Book Launch event on Oct 22nd! http://www.TheInternetMommy.com RT #
  • Just gotta say how much I love my girl Mary @mhkmarketing. If you're not already following and learning from her, you should! #
  • Reading: 7 Steps For Networking With A-Listers Fast (with free workbook) http://bit.ly/dOJKB #mbm09 #
  • Selling doesn't need to be scary or unethical. In fact, your best results come by just being yourself. Find out how http://bit.ly/9Lfym #
  • My guest @smoothsale will share her tips and strategies for not only getting the sale but building a lifetime clientele http://bit..ly/9Lfym #
  • My guest @smoothsale will share her tips and strategies for not only getting the sale but building a lifetime clientele http://bit.ly/9Lfym #
  • Reading: 7 Ways To Play A Much Bigger Game (with free workbook) http://bit.ly/Q1A0e #mbm09 #
  • Selling doesn't need to be scary or unethical. In fact, your best results come by just being yourself. Find out how http://bit..ly/9Lfym #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27:
    Don't forget! The Powerhouse Marketers Telesummit Starts Tomorrow! .. http://bit.ly/dgwik #
  • RT @petsittingology: @mombizcoach I attended both your and Helen's teleseminars. Extraordinarily powerful. Thanks for the info. #
  • Social responsibility of entrepreneurship: As Fall approaches, many of us think of the wonderful gifts that the.. http://bit.ly/F7QMQ #
  • RT @mhkmarketing: I am officially a MichMoms Blogger! http://bit.ly/1LZBn6 #momgyb ~ Congrats, Mary! Nice post! #
  • Woo hoo! Tomorrow is the "Using Twitter to Build Your Business" workshop in Royal Oak, MI. Can't wait to teach w/my #momgyb girls! #
  • ok–i've answered emails & tweets, served breakfast, made lunches, prepped dinner, done the laundry…all before 8:30am! #
  • now on the agenda: a post for my neglected blog. just wish i could type as fast as i think and talk! #
  • RT @Mommyto4@mombizcoach It's time that moms were recognized for the things we do everyday! Please share what #Mommyloveis in your home. #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: Three Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (and Win Raving Fans for Life!) http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • Gonna go enjoy the fresh, crisp air at the park now with the kids…Poor blog, you'll have to wait a bit longer. 🙂 #
  • Mompreneurs: Have you done everything you're supposed to do but still aren't getting enough clients? http://bit.ly/3AGLJz Pls RT #
  • RT @RhondaHess: @mombizcoach & I show you 3 Steps to Become Essential to Your Market on 10/1. To register: http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • "Finding Your Niche" is the big marketing buzz-phrase right now. But just picking a niche isn't enough. @rhondahess & I explain on 10/1. #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/29. http://tobtr.com/s/716928 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Give Your Website a Personal Touch: Use these 3 tips to connect with your online customers. http://bit.ly/2xBaC
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • WAHMs: Still struggling trying to "pick a niche"? Join @RhondaHess & me on 10/1 to figure out what your clients need. http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: Three Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (and Win Raving Fans for Life!) http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • Had such a fun time in the Twitter Workshop w/the #momgyb gals! Met so many cool Michigan entrepreneurs. Thx for a great morning! #
  • BlogPost = "The most beautiful things in the world…": "The most beautiful things in .. http://bit.ly/2ZumPe
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Act Like A Kid When Running Your Business http://bit.ly/E3clu via @SavorTheSuccess @CasseraComm #
  • Work-Life Balance 101: Work-life balance is elusive. We all want it, but find it difficult to achieve. Think it.. http://bit.ly/1sqmtl #
  • If you're an entrepreneur in a services business, this teleseminar tomorrow night is for you: http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • How to Reach Your Target Market:

    If you’re like many of the work-at-home-moms and mompreneurs I know and coa.. http://bit.ly/4CwaA2 #

  • How to Reach Your Target Market | mombizcoach.com Blog http://bit.ly/nWrwV #
  • RT @BizMomMentor: is excited for the on line launch of Women's Information Network tomorrow! http://TheWINonline.com ~ Me too! It's awesome! #
  • Just posted my first ticket with my new Web Support Team. Nice to have some techie geeks to help w/my website and blog! http://bit.ly/aWn2l #
  • Lovely gift from the Universe today: After finally finding the time to blog today, found draft of a fab post that needed little tweaking! #
  • RT @nicolabird: @mombizcoach did you listen to our original intervew – how to sell more than your time? http://www.morethanyourtime.com #
  • Want to reach your target market? http://aweber.com/b/271PA #
  • RT @themetromom: Want to get more done, in less time and have way more fun? Join me & @carlayoung on a free call tmw – http://bit.ly/xAqxg #
  • RT @mikekmcclure: 12 ways businesses can use social media http://bit.ly/1T5LKr #
  • RT @dlachusa: A chance to support breast cancer programs & save $ http://aweber.com/b/1M8MA #
  • RT @ChristineG: Watching @chrisbrogan vid–What I Told Them At New Media Atlanta http://ow.ly/s1BT I'm watching too! He makes great points! #
  • I would love to attend a fab workshop/conference in the South sometime this Fall/Winter. Anybody got a reco for me? Coaching/mktg/SocMedia #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: Blog Post = "The most beautiful things in the world…": "The most beautiful things in the world can.. http://bit.ly/2ZumPe #
  • RT @PainterMommy: Go comment on my Giveaway Post! Come check it out guys! You can win $60 to PaperSpring.com http://bit.ly/Zu8Xi RT #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: Check out more FREE tips for parenting at http://bit.ly/3oNbB7 #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: 3 Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (&Win Raving Fans for Life!) w/ @rhondahess: http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • notice we introduce "a best-selling author" not "a best-writing author"…via @adamurbanski. you have to realize ur 1st job is mktg/selling. #
  • You are in the business to solve other people's problems profitably (via @adamurbanski). Simple mindset shift that really pays off! #
  • Remember you are in two businesses: 1st is marketing your business. 2nd is delivering your product/service. (via @adamurbanski). #
  • You're welcome, @adamurbanski! #
  • If you're a service entrepreneur, figure out how to turn what you offer into a product. Make what you do tangible (via @adamurbanski). #
  • Service entrepreneurs: focus on what the OUTCOME will be when ppl take you up on your offer. This is HUGE! (via @adamurbanski) #
  • Marketing Locally? Think Globally: Thinking outside the borders can expand your customer base. http://bit.ly/12aIQx
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • I'll be discussing How to Surround Yourself With Success on today's Audio Blog on #BlogTalkRadiohttp://tobtr.com/s/679240 Join me? #
  • RT @Ecademyva “I’ve been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.” Russell Simmons #
  • So I've got the theme of "Surround Yourself With Success" on the brain today. I'll be sharing some reco's of ppl smarter than me to follow! #
  • People I'm following because I perceive them to be successful: @adamurbanski @donnakozik @barefoot_exec @unmarketing @rhondahess #
  • I definitely have a lot to learn from: @steveweber @feliciaslattery @dlachusa @sethgodin @chrisbrogan #surroundsuccess #
  • Yeah, so I just created another hashtag to talk about "Surrounding Yourself With Success" = #surroundsuccess #
  • If you're following certain people SPECIFICALLY because U know they've got something to teach you about success, pls share #surroundsuccess #
  • If you're an entrepreneur in a services business, this teleseminar w/me & @rhondahess tonight is for you! http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • So happy to finally get this blog post about finding your target market up! bit.ly/nWrwV Would love your comments! #
  • How to Reach Your Target Market | mombizcoach.com Blog http://bit.ly/nWrwV #
  • Come listen to Surround Yourself With Success–Mom Biz Coach Audio … on Lara Galloway on air now! http://tobtr.com/s/679240 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: 3 Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (&Win Raving Fans for Life!) w/ @rhondahess: http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: @mombizcoach Thanks Lara… just got done signing up for your fab class today!!! Register: http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • can't wait for my call w/ @alisabow to start–she's helping a few of us aspiring authors get our books out of us! #
  • RT @NicolaRTaggart: Today I decided to let go of "should" re:exercising. Goals R great, but trying to do too much at once caused overwhelm. #
  • Surround Yourself With Success on Blog Talk Radio http://bit.ly/P5Xp0 #
  • Listen to Surround Yourself With Success–Mom Biz Coa… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. http://tobtr.com/s/679240 #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Are u a business coach or life coach who is struggling even AFTER you have found your niche? Help is here! http://bit.ly/2IRxVf Tonite 8 pm #
  • Want to reach your target market? http://aweber.com/b/271PA Register for teleseminar by me & @rhondahess tonight 8pm ET. Pls RT #
  • Want to reach your target market? http://aweber.com/b/271PA @rhondahess & I give 3 simple tips in our teleseminar tonight. #
  • Please join @rhondahess & me for "When a Niche is Not Enough" @ 8p ET! 3 steps can help you attract qualified clients: http://bit.ly/3AGLJz #
  • RT @CoachForADHD: @mombizcoach Best advice u gave me individually & at #momgyb is to build relationships on Twitter. I have met great ppl! #
  • BlogPost = Olive Juice: After a classmate's Chuck E. Cheese birthday party today, Ame.. http://bit.ly/12n2I
    = To Live Right #
  • RT @themetromom: My Post: Women In Business – Do You Underestimate Your Value? http://twurl.nl/s78a5i #
  • The Right Way to Respond to Media Queries: Today I’m sharing with you a guest post from a fellow member o.. http://bit.ly/uUILB #
  • Sending some loving karma to @timeoutmom today as she heads into her biggest sales event of the year today!!! Go Go Go, Mama! #
  • I'm spending some time this morning creating a PowerPoint presentation to describe my entire business to myself. What a helpful exercise! #
  • I had to create a visual snapshot of my biz so I can see all the pieces & how they fit together. Helpful when your biz is growing. #
  • Wow! It's #FF and I forgot! OK, many thanks for the shout-outs…Now let me get to work! #
  • #FF Full of heart: @cknobloch @energizedwoman @breakthruguy @rebeccatervocpa @mommagrocks @bizmommentor @daisydenims @TheChattyMomma #
  • Pls send some #FF love to newbie entrepreneurs: @MuralByMassucci @handmadebaggage @parentontrack @familiespurpose @coachforadhd @mkbytracey #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: No matter how old ur child you can take back ur parenting power 4 good.Free e-book http://www.thesoulfulparent.com/ #
  • OK, time to clean out the list…unfollowing those who aren't following me. No offense taken, just know they don't need what I offer. #
  • RT @RhondaHess: Coaches: Do you know how to identify promising markets you'll truly enjoy coaching? http://bit.ly/1dEoav #
  • RT @MaryFreeland: Blog Post = Why Go Tuscan? Tuscan Home Design for Cozy, Comfortable Living and Great Style: There ar.. http://bit.ly/5IZ45 #
  • Another rainy day here in Canada. Will be making lots of H'ween decorations w/kiddos to keep them occupied. #
  • Tips for those who are tired of waiting for success (4 min. video): http://bit.ly/3HT3HO #

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