Twitter Chat Monday Nov 7th: Surviving Holiday Stress as a Mompreneur

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Here they come! The holidays are just around the corner. It’s November 1st and there are just 55 days until Christmas Day. How did that happen?

What is on your holiday to do list still? Did you even make a holiday to-do list yet?

As a moms in business, we have our family, our kids, and our businesses to take care of during the holiday season. There is so much to do and not time to spare!

A few of the things on my list are photo holiday cards for the family and different holiday cards for my clients, client gift baskets, buying and wrapping the gifts for the kids and relatives, mailing out holiday gifts in time for relatives we will not be able to see in person, holiday parties, my annual neighborhood cookie exchange, finding time to shop and cook and bake, how to make healthy meals for my family in November and December with everything going on, my 40th birthday in November, and two of my kids’ birthdays in December, and so much more! Oh my!

As a mom biz owner, our most precious asset is TIME, and it always feels like there’s not enough of it to go around during the holidays. So let’s find ways to make the time we have more productive, get more done, and be less stressed. We have some solutions for you and all that you have to do! Join us Monday November 7th at 10pm (est) for an action-packed hour of solutions, tips, and ideas to get organized and calm the holiday chaos!


#MomBizMondays Twitter Party
Monday November 7th 2011


Surviving and Managing Holiday Stress as a Mompreneur
Hold onto your hats as we discuss The Top 10 Solutions for Holiday Stress as a mompreneur. We will discuss how to do it easier, faster, and beautifully! Let’s start getting ready for the holidays right now and stop the last-minute madness.

Moms, Mothers, Mompreneurs, Women in Business, whatever you call yourself – you don’t have to do it all yourself! There are so many great and valuable tools and resources to the make the 2011 holiday manageable for you, your life, and your business.

[Hey! Did you miss the party and wish you had a chance to read all the tips we shared? No worries. Click here to read the summary 🙂]

Monday, November 7th

EST 10:00pm to 11:00pm
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Finding Great Local Holiday Deals [with @PlumDistrict]
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Finding Sitters for Holiday Parties, Shopping, and Me-Time [with @SitterCity]
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Tech to Save Mompreneurs Time

The top challenge for a mompreneur is always time. How can we find more of it, how can we spend less of it, how can we save it up for something else we want or choose to spend it on?

Here at Mom Biz Coach, I’m always looking for time-saving strategies to help the mom entrepreneurs I coach find ways to be more effective so they can work less and make more. And I have to say, Ladies, that we are so lucky to be entrepreneurs in this techno-happy age.

I’m pleased to announce I’ve partnered with Carley Knobloch of to bring us tech-savvy tips that help mom entrepreneurs save time. Each Friday, Carley will provide us a short video teaching us moms who to use the tech we love to make our lives easier.

Read (and watch!) below to learn all about an online grocery service called I just placed my first order with this week! Thrilled to save the time it takes to buy all the household essentials at the regular store.

Guest post by Carley Knobloch,

Bring the Grocery Store to Your Door

Tired of running out of toilet paper and finding your pantry a little paltry? ( is the grocery delivery service that offers the perfect solution. With Alice you’ll never face another empty roll again. Alice buys straight from the manufacturer and automatically applies any discount coupons to your order, then delivers everything from shampoo to cereal right to your door for free! Oh, and Alice is like a personal shopper that will even send you a reminder when it’s time to re-order your groceries. How great is that? What’s better than a service that delivers to your door and saves you time and money? Watch the video to see exactly why is going to rock your world!

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