Declutter Your Digital Biz

Email Waste

Spring is coming! And with the freshness and newness of spring comes that age-old desire to freshen up our homes, our businesses, our lives. So today we’re going to examine some ways we can apply that itch for cleaning up, simplifying, and even starting over, in some cases, to an area of our work that has the power to clutter up everything from our computer to our minds—it’s our digital business.

Here are some ways you can get a handle on it:

Declutter your email. Okay, girls, let’s be real. My email inbox has a tendency to become a crazy, hairy beast with lots of arms and legs that frequently gets out of control. Honestly, I just have way too many emails in my inbox, and chances are, you do too.

  • One of the most effective ways to manage the mess is to start with today, working your way backwards in time, deleting anything and everything that doesn’t hold your interest. Seriously. Make quick work of it. You probably won’t even have to open many of the emails to know if it’s something you want to keep.
  • Since you’re already giving attention to each email to determine whether or not it’s worth keeping in your inbox, when you see an email from a sender you’re no longer interested in receiving communications from, go ahead and take a few extra seconds to open that email and unsubscribe. I know this feels tedious and time consuming, but trust me—it will pay off in time and energy saved later!

Declutter your lists. While we’re on the topic of email, let’s talk just a moment about your email database. We talk a lot about email list building, but not all contacts are worth keeping. Find out who is or is not opening your emails. If it’s been six months, nine months, or a year since someone has read what you send them, it’s time for some decluttering!

Declutter your social media. Unfollow dead leads. Unlike pages you are no longer interested in or that are no longer serving you. Get rid of that stuff—it’s nothing but excess weight. Clean up your accounts, get a really clear newsfeed or Twitter feed, and the experience will be much easier and more navigable for you.

Declutter your digital systems. Take a look at your daily processes and determine what’s not a fit. Take note of things such as invoicing, bookkeeping, email templates, letterhead or other forms of digital branding. Where can you simplify or streamline to make your systems more efficient?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed—and even stuck—with the clutter of trying every new thing, or the clutter of hanging onto what used to work, or the clutter of using multiple platforms to accomplish a single task. Ease up on yourself and be smart about decluttering your digital biz. You’ll be glad you did.

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