Take Back Your Time Program

The #MomBiz Salon was fun-filled last night. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, our topic was Time Management, and I shared tips and strategies to help mompreneurs take control of how they spend their time.

One of the biggest challenges the mompreneurs on last night’s #MomBiz Salon said they faced was establishing boundaries around their time and sticking to them. Several moms even admitted they had no idea how to do this. Other moms said they were struggling to grow their businesses since there weren’t enough hours in the day to do even the existing workload, much less adding more to it! We talked about the possibility of hiring a virtual assistant (or VA) to help with this, and discussed the ins and outs of delegating your work so you can run a successful business.

I know that the number one challenge for mompreneurs is always TIME and never having enough of it. Nearly every mom entrepreneur I coach struggles with this issue!

That’s why I have created an online coaching program for mom entrepreneurs who need help with time management, but don’t have time to commit to live coaching programs to make the healthy changes they need to make. The program, called Take Back Your Time,” is a four-week program that delivers two e-course modules to you each week for four weeks. Each of the modules offers a lesson and some questions for you to answer so you can immediately apply the lesson to your life. You can simply do the work yourself, or you have the option of submitting your responses/questions to me for feedback. It’s a great way to get real coaching support on your personal time management challenges, and you can do it on your own schedule (like when the baby wakes you up in the middle of the night and you can’t fall back asleep :).

Details of the Take Back Your Time online coaching program:

Week 1: Learning to Let Your Values & Priorities Drive Your Choices
Week 2: Creating the Right Boundaries & Routines to Give You Enough Time
Week 3: Finding More Time by Automating
Week 4: How to (and What to) Delegate

When: Start anytime, and you’ll be enrolled for four weeks

Where: Wherever you can login on a computer

How: Register here for the Take Back Your Time Program.

You will be taken to a login page at www.jigsawbox.com/signup/mombizmakeover to create your account. That will allow you to make your payment arrangements and give you immediate access to your private online coaching program, which is delivered via a platform called JigsawBox.com. You’ll receive two modules each week, and can submit your questions to your coach (me!) for feedback during your 30 day program access.

Why: Because the sooner you acknowledge how you’re making choices about spending your time and the sooner you decide to OWN your choices, the happier you’ll feel with what you get done in a day!

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Fee: $79 for all eight lessons (two per week) and personal email coaching with Lara during your program term
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Wanna hear some great tips on time management and how you can control your time better? Click on the link below to listen to an hour-long Group Coaching Call I do with some mompreneurs who want to learn to take back their time!

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Take Back Your Time Intro Call

Please note: This is a full-length coaching call so it may take a minute to load in your browser.
Go check the kids, grab a glass of water and it should be ready to go!

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