Why Blogging Is Critical for Small Businesses

Are you a blogger?

Well, I have been a little slow to realize it, but I am.

I resisted this term to describe myself for a long time. I mean, I have a blog, and I do write the posts that show up on it, and I have repeatedly heard others refer to me as a blogger … But I’m not one of those people who blogs because they love to write (I don’t). Or because I have an incredible circumstance or experience that I’m dealing with that is valuable for others to learn from. So I just didn’t feel like the term fit. I’m a business owner.

And you may be sitting there, thinking that you run a business, not a blog, just like I did. Or perhaps you have clients you work with, and you’re trying to get them to blog, but they keep telling you they’re busy running a business, too.

Here’s the deal: I blog because I run a business. I blog to build my business. No matter what your business is, blogging is something all small business owners must do to build their businesses. It’s the secret weapon to shutting out your competition. And it’s not hard to be effective if you follow some blogging for business best practices.

I had the pleasure of sharing these ideas in a talk I gave this past weekend at WordCamp Detroit. WordCamp is a conference that brings together WordPress designers, developers and users (bloggers) to share all there is to share about this powerful platform. Many thanks to Deborah Edwards-Onoro and Anthony Montalbano for organizing such an amazing event!

Deborah even put together a Storify post of my talk. Many thanks to her for being such an awesome note-taker.


story “WordCamp Detroit 2012: Use Your Blog to Build Your Business” on Storify] 

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I’m speaking at Blissdom Canada!

The first ever conference focusing on women and Social Media in Canada is happening in Toronto next month, and I’m delighted to be a part of it!

If you haven’t registered yet, run grab your seat now at BlissdomCanada.com.

I’m going to be in my element speaking as part of the panel on Work/Life Balance: Peaceful Coexistence Between Life and Laptop. As a mompreneur committed to making her family priority #1 while running a successful business, I have spent many hours of my life coaching women who are trying hard to have the best of both worlds. It’s tricky, but it CAN be done!

Are you planning on going? Please drop me a comment below so I can be sure to connect with you when we’re there! And if you have some particular challenges you’d like to hear the panel address, share them and I’ll bring them up.

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