Twitter Therapy: Tapping Into the ‘Me, Too’ Community

I had the pleasure of joining 30 diverse, inspiring and talented “characters” who spoke at the Canadian debut of the #140 Characters Conference in Kitchener, Ontario on September 15th. What an amazing experience.

This conference, unlike most others, invites the speakers to share their stories–something honest and significant that helps everyone who hears the story to relate and connect. In doing so, the conference (which has certainly also become an entire movement, started by Jeff Pulver, its founder) makes possible in real life some of the magic that happens via Social Media.

If you’re looking for inspiration, information, and connection, you can watch all of the videos from the conference (each is about 10 minutes long) on the #140ConfOnt’s YouTube Channel. It will certainly beat out anything else you could find to watch on TV tonight.

My talk was all about how Twitter would have been a better alternative therapy to the anti-depressants I was prescribed during my bout with Post Partum Depression. I explain how surprised I was to find such a helpful, caring community on Twitter when I shared some of the tough stuff I was going through. I call it the “Me, too” community because I found that every time I tweeted something honest, whether it was good or bad, there were others out there who could relate and were happy to tell me they understood and supported me.

Are you participating in the “Me, too” community? Do you share your challenges, triumphs and mistakes on Social Media? Do you connect and relate with others who do? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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