#ChevyBliss Excursion at BlissDom Canada Summary

#ChevyBliss Excursion at BlissDomCanada

Want an example of experiential marketing done right? GMCanada, Chevrolet Canada and BlissDom Canada made raving fans out of a group of about 50 women bloggers yesterday during the #ChevyBliss excursion.

Storified by Lara Galloway · Mon, Oct 22 2012 13:49:32

As part of the registration for BlissDom Canada, attendees were allowed to choose one excursion that took place on Sunday. This was a chance to break into small groups and get to experience some of the best the brands that sponsored the conference had to offer. I was lucky enough to participate in the GM/Chevy Test Drives.

I will admit: I’m not a car fanatic. I rock a 2005 mom van that fits my family of five in it nicely. I like taking long road trips and want to be comfy and safe while doing so. Also, I’m 41 and have three little kids and a husband who rely on me to be sensible. Smart. Safe.

I didn’t have very high expectations about doing a “test drive excursion.” After all, whenever I’ve test-driven a car that I was considering purchasing, it was about as exciting as watching synchronized swimming… But this excursion was amazing! We screamed, laughed, smiled so hard our faces hurt.  In fact, I think we all had the time of our lives!

Here’s a recap of the amazing experience we had yesterday, captured in tweets, pictures and videos.

We loved the warm welcome we received when we arrived.
Awesome welcome @chevroletcanada as we start our day with some #chevybliss! http://pic.twitter.com/DHQhlX8QJennifer Black
Looks great! RT @jackiyo: @RobbFarago @ChevroletCanada #chevybliss http://lockerz.com/s/254964511Robb Farago
#ChevyBliss Parking spots for expectant moms and these too! @GMCanada #BlissDom http://lockerz.com/s/255009573Lisa Calvi
We loved the kind folks at GM Canada who spent their Sunday with us, and especially those who put their lives in their hands when they let us hop in the driver’s seat :).
Our slalom course instructors #chevybliss http://pic.twitter.com/ibsZLOmgSherrie Mae Guthrie
RT @Sherriemae23: @gmcanada #chevybliss Fred who has worked at GM for the 18 years..he develops technology planning & helps the path http://pic.twitter.com/bfRnABabSKS Media Jersey CI
Donald is so very cool 🙂 #chevybliss @gmcanada http://pic.twitter.com/tlrnTzKcSherrie Mae Guthrie
Getting started with a quick briefing! #ChevyBliss #BlissDomCA http://lockerz.com/s/254969625Adria MacKenzie
We loved learning about all the cool stuff that makes these cars cutting-edge: Traction control, driver assist, stability control, ergonomic design, crazy horse-power and smart ABS systems were all part of the day. And we got to experience first-hand how they worked by driving the Volt, the Cruze, the Cadillac, the Camaro, and a few others…
Learning about drag and airflow around a vehicle at #chevybliss. Best Sunday ever. http://pic.twitter.com/zsnad1VKSarah Baker
Our @cheverlotcanada presentation is in 3D!!! #chevybliss #blissdomca w/ @yourroutehome @ GM http://instagr.am/p/RDWkCctLYo/Katherine McIntosh
RT @inkscrblr: @TeacherMomOfTwo @gmcanada I love that #chevybliss is talking about smartphone app allowing parents to unlock car if u lock keys in.LinkedMoms
Very cool 3D experience #chevybliss @gmcanada http://pic.twitter.com/OKt7Wf0YSherrie Mae Guthrie
@iammrsjanuary I know, right? I am so impressed with the infotainment and app possibilities with the @gmcanada cars- #chevybliss #blissdomCAShelagh Cummins
Now testing ABS with @mombizcoach. This woman is crazy!!!! I love her! 😉 #chevyblissDiana M.
Testing out the great traction control in the #buick #Chevybliss http://pic.twitter.com/BTMkzqxSChevrolet Canada
RT @inkscrblr: #chevybliss listening to Regan Dixon @gmcanada talking about computer aided engineering #BlissDomCA on how they virtually crash & build carsJennifer Black
@ispeakcanadian those features were amazing!!!!! I’m sold on @GMCanada #chevybliss !CynGagen
I hope this baby has ABS! #chevybliss http://pic.twitter.com/18Z0cwgsSarah Baker
.@DriveWise Go test drive the Volt. Powerful. Green. Huge gov’t rebate. No gas. Steering wheel still required. 🙂 #ChevyBliss #BlissdomCASamiJoe
I just drove a Cadillac ATS!! It is just coming on the market!! I love it!!! #chevybliss #BlissDomCA Camaro next…Ruth Patton
We loved learning about all the features in GM cars that keep our families safe.
These safety features are amazing! Lane departure warning? Blind spot warning? Fantastic! #chevybliss @ChevroletCanadaCynGagen
Park assist stops the car FOR YOU when a stationary object is in the way! #ChevyBliss #BlissdomCA http://pic.twitter.com/8w5uGMjBSamiJoe
Massage! RT @JackiYo: Visual rear warning tells you there’s a car coming across. Seat vibrates butt cheek. #chevybliss http://lockerz.com/s/255006016Lisa Calvi
Holy ABS… I love the stopping capability on @chrevroletCAnada #buick #Regal #ChevyBliss Gun it @inkscrblr !!!Margarita Ibbott
You can’t run the picture show or movie unless #chevybliss is parked.paula schuck
So incredibly impressed by @GMCanada & in particular all the safety features we tested out today. I felt so safe in those cars!! #chevyblissCynGagen
RT @TeacherMomOfTwo: Locked your keys in the car? With @GMCanada RemoteConnect, you can unlock your vehicle. Saweet! #chevyblissDHARMIK
RT @DownshiftingPRO: Holy ABS… I love the stopping capability on @chrevroletCAnada #buick #Regal #ChevyBliss Gun it @inkscrblr !!!LinkedMoms
It’s an awesome app! RT @jackiyo: See how much gas your vehicle has in it from your phone. Cool. #chevybliss http://lockerz.com/s/254992108Robb Farago
We loved the cars! The Camaro test drive changed a few lives yesterday. But there were so many great features in each of the cars we tried.
Tell me now, how do you "really" feel about it? “@JenniLeeBlack: OMG!!!! That was fricken AWESOME!!! #slalom @chevroletcanada #chevybliss”Wayne Black
@ChevyCustCare I loved the Cadillac ATS. The Camaro was a fun drive, too. #chevybliss was a great day!Jacki
Dear @ChevroletCanada riding in the new Camaro with the top down today was fun but my next car is going to be a #Volt! #chevyblissCynGagen
Dang this is my favourite car so far is the brand new Trax… & its not even released yet #ChevyBliss #GMCanada http://pic.twitter.com/rRMF16MKMargarita Ibbott
She purrrrrs. Want. The 2013 Camaro Z01. May have burnt some rubber. Shhh. #chevybliss http://lockerz.com/s/254979645 http://lockerz.com/s/254979668Jacki
Vicki is the poster child for the Camero @vickilaszlo she rocks ..just missing her spiked arm bands 🙂 #chevybliss #BlissdomCASherrie Mae Guthrie
@ChevroletCanada have you seen @mombizcoach put the pedal to the medal @GMCanada ? http://youtu.be/G06vUj0SKB0 #chevyblissDiana M.
@mombizcoach @TeacherMomOfTwo looking hot #Chevybliss http://pic.twitter.com/JnPUg4ZkSherrie Mae Guthrie
Me too! RT @Sherriemae23: I might have broken a law #chevybliss @gmcanada http://pic.twitter.com/mQjHOYhB #blissdomca”Jennifer Black
Drove a #camero today at #chevybliss Sweet!! #blissdomca http://instagr.am/p/RDjxSro3A4/Alisha Brignall
A bucket list moment for this middle aged broad. #chevybliss #blissdomca http://instagr.am/p/RDV8mMoL8D/Shelagh Cummins
I have several videos of certain people screaming while driving a Camero posting soon ! @MyChaos @listen2lena @TeacherMomOfTwo #chevyblissSherrie Mae Guthrie
We loved being told to “Gun it!” Told my kids that driving the Slalom course and the Camaro were much better than any video game they’ll ever play. #momwins
Prepping the slalom course for us. Water, water everywhere. #chevybliss http://lockerz.com/s/254998336Jacki
Watching videos of our convertible Camaro test drive. Crying I’m laughing so hard. 🙂 @Sherriemae23 @mombizcoach #ChevyBliss #BlissDomCADiana M.
Just put the traction control to the test with my inner Mario Andretti at the wheel- the epitome of cool. #chevybliss http://ow.ly/i/12P2IShelagh and Lara
Beware of @mombizcoach on the road.This public service announcement is brought to you by OMG. Video: http://youtu.be/G06vUj0SKB0 #chevyblissDiana M.
@gmcanada I apologize, I left some serious rubber on the road- the Camaro ZL1 has a ***wee*** bit more pick up than my minivan. #chevyblissShelagh Cummins
We loved the cool tech of the infotainment centers in the new GM cars. It’s unreal how smart these cars are becoming!
That @gmcanada infotainment system looks SWEET!!!! #chevybliss @ChevroletCanadaCynGagen
Learning more about Chevy App, from Fred … #chevybliss @gmcanada http://pic.twitter.com/LDy0732hSherrie Mae Guthrie
RT @ChevroletCanada: Checking out all the new technology in the 2013 #ChevyTrax #Chevybliss http://pic.twitter.com/MLKVN69MSKS Media Hong Kong
We loved the gourmet lunch, courtesy of Gourmet B1tches. I swear, their Tamarind Beef Tacos are to die for!
RT @eastonj: Tamarind beef taco with kale salad from @gourmetb1tches. #blissdom #Chevybliss http://instagr.am/p/RDUQ2LHFp9/gourmetb1tches
@TeacherMomOfTwo @gourmetb1tches their grilled cheese, beef tamarind tacos and fries with banana somethin’ were amazing! #chevyblissLara Galloway
Lunch is served at #Chevybliss courtesy of @gourmetb1thches. What are you having? http://pic.twitter.com/KZIfGCpmChevrolet Canada
Fast cars and good food. #spoiled #chevybliss #blissdomca @ GM http://instagr.am/p/RDVeN9tLXR/Katherine McIntosh
RT @LittleMsSave: Lunch with the @gourmetb1tches #chevybliss @ GM http://instagr.am/p/RDRh6ztLST/gourmetb1tches
it was a great lunch! "@darleenw: They were yummy 🙂 Thanks so much @ChevroletCanada #chevybliss #BlissDomCA http://pic.twitter.com/zGIuuMEu"Ruth Patton
We loved the chance to let our hair down and release our inner-Mario Andretti.
@Sherriemae23 this woman looks sane enough, doesn’t she? but NOT in a Camaro! http://ow.ly/i/12XRO #chevybliss #blissdomcaLara Galloway
@mombizcoach @vickilaszlo @Sherriemae23 @TeacherMomOfTwo I had a blast at #chevybliss, the highlight of #blissdomcaSOS sitter
Still on an #AdrenalineRush from my #BlissDomCA excursion to @chevroletcanada yesterday! "Thank You" just doesn’t seem enough! #chevyblissJennifer Black
@karensnider It was a blast! I wish the Cadillac fit in my gift bag. 🙂 #chevyblissVicki Laszlo
Tell me I am not the only mom who is driving the minivan today like she’s still at #ChevyBliss #BlissDomCA.paula schuck
We loved the extreme care GM and Chevrolet Canada took to provide us a VIP experience. It’s hard to put into words how much fun it is to drive a 600-hp convertible Camaro down the street, fishtailing, screeching tires, and leaving rubber on the road behind us. That’s a sentence I never imagined I’d write! But I’m so glad I had this opportunity. These folks have given me an experience, some memories, and some new friends I’ll never forget.
Tremendous fun at #chevybliss #BlissdomCA #GMCanada had put all the stops for us. A real VIP tour.SOS sitter
Thanks to the entire @BlissDomCanada, @GMCanada, and @ChevroletCanada teams! Great memories were made.
@AdriaMacKenzie Adria, it was great to meet you and your sweet kids. Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. #thismomhadfun #chevyblissLara Galloway
Thanks @ChevroletCanada & @BlissDomCanada for an awesome excursion and parting gifts cc @StarbucksCanada http://ow.ly/i/12Pqs #chevyblissDiana M.

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