#MomBizMondays: Tax Saving Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

Hallelujah, it’s Spring!

That means it’s time for sunny skies, warmer weather, longer days and . . . taxes. While it’s understandable that doing your taxes might not be on your list of reasons why you love Spring, the need to get them done occurs every year about this time. So let’s put on our big girl britches, buckle down, and learn how we can save time and money when it comes to filing our taxes. Even better? Let’s learn all we can about tax filings for mom entrepreneurs so we can keep more money in our pockets next year and take a vacation next March, ‘k?

Tax Saving Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs #mombizmondays twitter partySponsored by UFile

This week’s #MomBizMondays Twitter Party is sponsored by UFile, maker of tax prep software that helps Canadian small business owners file their taxes themselves–with ease! Canadian and American mompreneurs will benefit from this chat in which we’ll discuss what mom biz owners need to know about filing their taxes, what they need to do to save more of their hard-earned income, and how to be in control of their money. Got questions? Our sponsor has answers. They’ve been in the tax  business for over 25 years and totally get mompreneurs.

Let’s see if we can make talking taxes even more compelling for you…Just by participating in the party and answering some of the questions we’ll be asking, you’ll have a chance to win some prizes! Our gracious sponsor will be handing out tax advice AND free tax filing software to help you get things done!

Below are a few helpful resources for you. Many thanks to UFile for providing these great tax tips for us!

Top 10 ways to reduce your tax bill

UFile TaxTips for Bloggers

10 reasons why UFile is right for you

Back in the States, here are a few more links to help you file your taxes pain-free:

Last Minute Ways to Save on Your Taxes – Entrepreneur.com

7 Tax-Saving Tips for Home-Based Businesses – Inc.com

If you’re running a family, running a business, and also the person in charge of filing your taxes (or even want to be sure your accountant is getting you the best tax refund you can get), make sure you grab a girlfriend and join us for #MomBizMondays Monday night at 10 pm ET!


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