Is Coaching Worth Paying For?

I coach a lot of mompreneur coaches–women who have experienced the value of coaching in their own lives firsthand and who are now committed to helping others. Those who are most successful follow the same path my own coach, Rhonda Hess, taught me: Carefully choose the right niche and a narrow target market to find all the clients you want.

Today I share a guest post by Rhonda that I think beautifully explains the power of these choices and how they help attract clients who will pay you what you’re worth. Whether or not your are a coach, you can certainly benefit from the lesson Rhonda teaches about finding the people who are most likely willing to highly value what you offer.

Guest post by Rhonda Hess

There are still people out there who don’t understand the value of coaching. Some define coaching the way Ambrose Bierce defined consulting: “To seek another’s approval of a course already decided on.” And some people think hiring a coach is like hiring a friend to listen to you.

But then there are people like Google CEO Eric Schmidt – the lead architect of the most successful business growth story in recent history. When asked to share the best business advice he ever received, he said “Everyone needs a coach.

So, is coaching worth paying for? The answer seems to be: It depends on WHO you ask.

I think I know where you come out on this question, or you wouldn’t be staking your career on the power of coaching. But here’s my point:  Draw your clients from groups of people that believe coaching is worth the investment.

So how do you find and connect with those people? The answer may not be obvious, but it is straightforward.

Choose a Niche Market Full of Seekers

Certain groups of people, because of who they are, will readily invest in their own personal and professional development. Here are three examples of niche markets that are full of seekers:

  • Mompreneurs know that adding a business to their list of responsibilities is a stretch, and they want help rising to the challenge.
  • C-suite executives know they need allies to help them grow into the leader they want to be.
  • Coaches too, are hungry to learn, grow and develop themselves in multiple ways.

The best way to find people who truly “get” the value of coaching is to focus on attracting a specific group of people that you know will invest in their own development.

Meet Them Where They Live

I know that you didn’t launch a coaching business so you could market. You got into coaching to make a difference. But if you want to do that and financially prosper at it, then connect with people who will invest in your services, and keep connecting with them.

That’s what smart marketing does — it helps you build relationships and trust with those people. Smart marketing starts with listening, just like good coaching does.

When you’re coaching a client you are primarily listening and asking questions, right? You draw out their insights about where they want to go and what’s getting in their way. You listen into what they say. You tune into where they are coming from, so that your questions and responses will land with them.

It’s time for coaches to stop trying to convince people that coaching will help them. Instead, meet your prospects where they live. This approach to marketing plays to your strengths as a coach, because it centers around what the client is seeking, rather than what you do.

Simple Marketing for Coaches

  1. Choose a specific, easy-to-find, group of seekers to serve. You don’t need to limit your client base to these people. But do focus your marketing efforts on them and use their language.
  2. Find out what they most want and what is stopping them from getting it. What will motivate them to invest in their personal or professional development? What are they seeking as a return on that investment?
  3. Then use your powerful coaching skills to help them get what they want.

With this approach, you will never again have to sell anyone on the idea of coaching, or on your particular flavor of coaching. But you do need to believe in the value of your services. This is your chance to show that coaching is worth paying for.

I teach this approach in my workshop, Champion Your Ideal Coaching Market. Enroll now and learn how to connect reliably with prospects who want and will value what you offer.

Rhonda Hess is an internationally recognized business mentor and the Founder of Prosperous Coach®. Rhonda has a gift for helping coaches choose and champion a highly profitable niche so they can coach more, market less and blow the lid off their income. Grab Rhonda’s free ecourse now: 5 Secrets No One Ever Told You About Your Coaching Niche and join the conversations on her award winning blog.


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Work Less, Make More–Part VII of the WoMEN Teleseminar Series

If you’re looking for a silver bullet, you won’t find that sorta thing on my blog. Ever.

That said, I do believe it’s both possible and necessary for mompreneurs to find ways to make more money while working less.

I’ve been answering a lot of questions in my coaching groups lately about the idea of creating a sustainable business model for mom entrepreneurs and work at home moms. The bottom line is this: if you’re running a business that is running you ragged, stressing you out, taking up all of your time and leaving very little of you for your family to enjoy, then you (and your business) won’t last for long.

robot mom biz coachOne of the best ways to make your business sustainable is to learn how to automate some of the actions and processes you do over and over. We all have to develop strategies to find new clients and keep our sales pipelines full. This takes a lot of time, effort and energy for all of us mom entrepreneurs. Think about it–if you could get these tasks that you have to do repeatedly off your to-do list, you could spend your time doing something else, like go on a bike ride with the kids, or read a magazine while the kids run through the sprinkler, or you could spend some time creating a vision for the future of your business rather than just scrambling through all the work that has to get done.

Wanna learn some tricks that will help you get your business working while you’re working on your tan this summer?

Join me on Tuesday, June 23rd, at 12 pm ET when my special guest, Rhonda Hess, teaches us “How to Automate Your Business to Attract Thousands of Ideal Clients.” Rhonda is a Coaching Business Success Strategist and founder of Prosperous Coach. Best of all, she’s MY business coach! I’m delighted to share my fabulous coach and mentor with all of my listeners.

This free teleseminar is part of my WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Series. You can register to receive the freebies, Special Reports and other offers my guests make available to our listeners by going to and filling in the email form at the top of the page. You’ll also be notified when I add more speakers and more topics (which I occasionally do).

I know that I’m looking for ways to get out of the office and spend the lazy, unstructured time with my family that summer always brings. Having some systems that allow me to attract exactly the clients I want will give me the freedom to do just that!

You can listen live (or on demand once the call is over) via phone or over the internet. Just go to BlogTalkRadio to get details.

Do you have questions for me or Rhonda? Leave them here and we’ll do our best to address them on the call, or you can call in live to the show (go to BlogTalkRadio to get the dial-in instructions).

Look forward to “seeing” you on the call!

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