Podcasting is H.O.T.

Do you listen to podcasts? Or are you scratching your head and wondering what that word actually means?

podcastPut simply, podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files (such as audio programs or music videos) over the Internet. With the rise of DVRs, Netflix, Apple TV and such, we have the power to choose which TV shows we want to watch and when we want to watch them. (Been on a MadMen or Breaking Bad binge lately? Who can stop after watching just one episode when all of them are right there???) Podcasting works the same way, but doesn’t need you to be sitting in front of a TV. In fact, one of the reasons I love podcasts so much is that I can watch or listen to them whenever I want and wherever I happen to be: walking around the neighborhood, running on the treadmill, listening while I drive that long road trip home to Georgia, etc.)

I’ve been hosting The Mom Biz Solutions Show for over five years. Five years! Holy cow, that makes me a grandma in podcasting years! While podcasting has been around for about 10 years, it has only recently started to get a lot of attention. If you browse the iTunes store, you’ll find hundreds of podcasts on any topic you can name. A subscription to a podcast in iTunes is usually free and allows you to have new episodes of podcasts you love ready on demand in your smartphone whenever you feel like listening. (Subscribe to my show here.)

I recently listened to a webinar by John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire (another great podcaster), and he shared some interesting stats.

  • There are 575 Million active iTunes subscribers
  • There are 315 Million mobile device users listening to podcasts
  • But only 4 out of 10 people know what a podcast is in the United States
  • Podcasting is the #1 lead generator in iTunes

While I absolutely suggest you consider subscribing to some great podcasts as a way to continue your learning as a mom entrepreneur (or to take a self-care break and listen to a podcast that entertains you when you need a lift), I also encourage you to consider starting your own podcast. After all, about 90 % of my private coaching clients first find and connect with me through my podcast. And after they’ve had my voice inside their head for a while, they call me when they’re ready to hire a business coach and get the success they want.

This inquiry came from the Contact Us form on my website today:

Hi Lara,
I discovered you through B-School a while back and have started listening to your podcasts.
You had one encouraging us to do podcasting.
It’s something I’d like to do but just reading all the details about how is overwhelming.
Do you have any experience walking someone through the process to make it easy and idiot proof?
Looking forward to hearing from you, C.

And here’s my response:

Great to meet another B-Schooler! And even better, it’s always so fun to meet one of my listeners. I’m glad you’re getting inspired to do some podcasting of your own. I have been podcasting for over five years, and I’ve coached many women to start their own shows. It can be an overwhelming process to just get started, but once you get past the setup hurdles, it’s really a breeze. I also provide coaching and support on:
– Developing and leveraging your platform as an expert (your content/what to talk about)
– How often you should podcast
– How to integrate your podcast into everything else you do and market across multiple channels
– How to find guests for your show (if desired)
– How to monetize your podcast
Want to hop on the phone and discuss how I could help you get up and running?
See that, Friends? That’s an example of how my podcast is doing a great job of attracting warm leads to me. By putting out some great content that is full of my key messages about the Mindset, Management and Marketing savvy all mompreneurs need, I attract listeners who eventually want my support as a coach.
So, what do you think? Is it time for you to start your own podcast? Ready to establish and leverage a new marketing channel for your business? I’d love to help you. Or if you are already a podcaster, can you share in the comments below how you use your podcast in your business? And of course, leave a link to your show!
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