When to say YES

We-have-to-be-able-toWhen you start becoming more and more successful, when you start getting that visibility, when your online marketing begins working for you, when your business development has grown to the point where you’re getting lots of great client satisfaction and some great testimonials, the more opportunity comes your way and therefore, the more opportunities to say yes or no to things that may or may not work for you.  We talked about when to say no in a post I did on MomBiz.com last week but I promised we would also focus on when you can say yes and say yes powerfully.


As an entrepreneur, you have two buckets you need to be filling all the time.  The first bucket is your moneymaking bucket—that’s a given, right?  And the other one is your marketing bucket.  So whenever you are considering saying yes to an opportunity, the first step to making that decision is to determine which bucket—if any—the opportunity falls into.  Let’s take a look at these two buckets:


The moneymaking bucket is fairly simple, so we won’t spend much time on it.  If this opportunity is going to make you money, assuming you have more time than you have money and that you’ve checked it against your priorities, say yes!  This is a great opportunity you can say yes to with confidence.


Now the marketing bucket can be a slippery slope, so we have to be careful here.  There are going to be a lot more opportunities that don’t make you money than do.  It’s the potential for moneymaking that we have to evaluate.  Some investments are worthwhile and some are not.   Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether an opportunity belongs in your marketing bucket:


  1. Does this opportunity put me smack dab in front of my target market?
  2. Is this opportunity going to keep me on-topic and consistent with my platform and my message?
  3. Is this opportunity going to position me as an expert?
  4. Is this opportunity fun, easy or convenient?


We have to be able to stand back and evaluate the multitude of opportunities, good and bad, that are so often dropped in our laps as mompreneurs. I want you to be equipped to make that decision based on what works best for you, what’s fun, what’s easy, what’s convenient, what makes you shine as an expert and what helps forward your topic, your platform and your message so that everybody knows what you’re about.  The opportunities that do that for you, placing you in front of your target market, speaking to the warm leads most likely to buy your service or your product—that’s when you want to say yes.  And that’s when you can say yes powerfully.



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