Are you working too hard for your results?

Don’t think for a minute that this is a post encouraging you to be a slacker. Nope. Not my style.

I’ve said may times before that there are tons of ways to make money that are much easier than being a mom entrepreneur. The amount of decisions we have to make, the many hats we have to wear as CEO, the conflicting priorities that stress us out, and the management of all our people, resources, money and our precious time is challenging for all of us. But even so, there are ways to make the work we do easier.

how lara galloway the mombizcoach helped me create a brand that attracts ideal clients

Marabeth Lum, Relationship Coach

The Right Branding Will Make Finding Ideal Clients Easier

Meet Marabeth. When we started working together over a year ago, Marabeth was spending hours and hours of her time trying to find leads for her life coaching business, and then spending even more time trying to get them to hire her as a coach. She loved coaching and she loved her clients, but finding them was a lot of hard work.

Together, we worked to:

  • Determine her strengths and top skills as a coach
  • Include her passion in her business
  • Figure out her ideal target audience
  • Learn to see things through her ideal clients’ eyes and to speak their language
  • Discover her ideal clients’ top challenges
  • Create solutions that solve her clients’ problems
  • And then to design a brand and an online presence to position her as the go-to resource for her target audience

The result? A carefully crafted brand, platform, message and website that does the heavy-lifting for her. Her website attracts her ideal clients to her, answers their questions, builds their trust, explains how they can work with her, and helps them hire her.

Here’s how Marabeth tells it:

Work was always something I did in order to save money to discover what I really wanted to do! Once I became a life coach, I experienced loving my work, but I didn’t know how what my coaching ‘niche’ was or how to find ideal clients. I started out like Lara – coaching anyone on any topic and it was great, but I was working way too hard trying to connect with ideal clients.

After working with Lara, we narrowed down my coaching ‘niche’, I started to own my voice as a coach, I re-branded my website, connected with online platforms to attract qualified leads and I’m now attracting ideal clients – almost effortlessly! My newest client was able to start connecting with me through my website before we even spoke for the first time. She was literally quoting lines from my blog posts and testimonials and was so enrolled in the work I do to serve my clients that she was ready to sign up and work together from our first conversation.

Serving my ideal clients and increasing my income has never been so easy. I now realize that with a little focused marketing I can have a full and steady practice and it doesn’t have to be hard…it can actually be fun! I’m really working smarter now – not harder and that’s exactly why I sought out Lara Galloway. She has met and exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her!

If you’re tired of hunting for customers or clients or feel like the work you’re doing is just too hard for the money you’re making, I can help. Stop missing out on the money you could be making doing work you love to do! Book a 20-minute discovery session with me to see how I can help your work get a lot easier.

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