#MomBizMondays: Tax Saving Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

Hallelujah, it’s Spring!

That means it’s time for sunny skies, warmer weather, longer days and . . . taxes. While it’s understandable that doing your taxes might not be on your list of reasons why you love Spring, the need to get them done occurs every year about this time. So let’s put on our big girl britches, buckle down, and learn how we can save time and money when it comes to filing our taxes. Even better? Let’s learn all we can about tax filings for mom entrepreneurs so we can keep more money in our pockets next year and take a vacation next March, ‘k?

Tax Saving Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs #mombizmondays twitter partySponsored by UFile

This week’s #MomBizMondays Twitter Party is sponsored by UFile, maker of tax prep software that helps Canadian small business owners file their taxes themselves–with ease! Canadian and American mompreneurs will benefit from this chat in which we’ll discuss what mom biz owners need to know about filing their taxes, what they need to do to save more of their hard-earned income, and how to be in control of their money. Got questions? Our sponsor has answers. They’ve been in the tax  business for over 25 years and totally get mompreneurs.

Let’s see if we can make talking taxes even more compelling for you…Just by participating in the party and answering some of the questions we’ll be asking, you’ll have a chance to win some prizes! Our gracious sponsor will be handing out tax advice AND free tax filing software to help you get things done!

Below are a few helpful resources for you. Many thanks to UFile for providing these great tax tips for us!

Top 10 ways to reduce your tax bill

UFile TaxTips for Bloggers

10 reasons why UFile is right for you

Back in the States, here are a few more links to help you file your taxes pain-free:

Last Minute Ways to Save on Your Taxes – Entrepreneur.com

7 Tax-Saving Tips for Home-Based Businesses – Inc.com

If you’re running a family, running a business, and also the person in charge of filing your taxes (or even want to be sure your accountant is getting you the best tax refund you can get), make sure you grab a girlfriend and join us for #MomBizMondays Monday night at 10 pm ET!


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#MomBizMondays: 10:00pm (est) – Monday, February 6th, 2012 – How Do You Handle Objections in the Sales and Marketing of Your Business

How do you handle objections and pricing in the sales and marketing of your business?

Are you trying to figure out what to charge for your products and services? Do you wince every time someone asks you what you charge? Ready to charge what your worth and get paid for it? Let’s talk tonight about how to handle objections when it comes to making sales and marketing ourselves. Joining us tonight is Chris Cummins of ChrisCummins.com, a seasoned speaker, sales trainer and all around great guy (who also happens to be the amazing husband to Shelagh Cummins). He knows a thing or two about handling objections and promises to share some great insight with us tonight.
Monday, February 6th, 2012
EST 10:00pm to 11:00pm
CST 09:00pm to 10:00pm
MST 08:00pm to 09:00pm
PST 07:00pm to 08:00pm
Lara @MomBizCoach Website: Mom Biz Coach FaceBook: Mom Biz Coach
Shelagh @BizTrainHer Website: Practical Mum FaceBook: Practical Mum Fans
Melissa @TimeOutMom Website: TimeOutMom FaceBook: TimeOutMom
Featuring Chris Cummins – @ccummins – Website: www.chriscummins.com
Feel free to join us tonight at 10:00pm (est).
We look forward to you joining us Monday night. We would love your help in promoting this chat your communities. Feel free to copy and paste the following tweets to help promote the Twitter Party.
RT @MomBizRetreat – 10p (est): Join the discussion – How do u handle objections in marketing of ur biz? http://bit.ly/wySfdF #MomBizMondays
RT @MomBizRetreat – 10pm Tonight: How do u keep track of your clients and prospects online and offline? http://bit.ly/wySfdF #MomBizMondays
RT @MomBizRetreat – 10pm Tonight: How do u create + budget + adjust ur pricing for your biz & services? http://bit.ly/wySfdF #MomBizMondays
RT @MomBizRetreat – How do you handle the sales and marketing of your business? How do you sell and market your products & services? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – What tools and methods do you use? Online and Offline? Do you call on clients in person? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – What happens when someone tells you no? Do you give up and move on? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – What tools do you use keep track of your clients? Online contact manager? Paper Method? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – How do you set your pricing in relation to your competition – higher? lower? same? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – Do you ever alter your pricing based upon client’s budget or size? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – When someone turns you down, do you automatically decide it’s because your price is too high? #MomBizMondays

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#MomBizMondays – Systems and Support to Simplify Your Entrepreneurial Life with @TheUPSstore and @MomBizRetreat

TOPIC: Systems and Support to Simplify Your Entrepreneurial Life

Running small business can be tricky. When most of us start out, we focus on making whatever it is we offer and then finding someone to buy it from us. But the exchange of money for product or service is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your small business successful.

What happens behind the scenes is critical, especially for mom entrepreneurs, whose number one challenge is finding enough time to do it all. That’s why successful mompreneurs create systems that help save their precious time.

On tonight’s #MomBizMondays, we’re going to discuss those critical business systems that make our lives run more smoothly. From branding to bookkeeping, from managing your time to managing your privacy,  let’s figure out what works best during #MomBizMondays.

Tonight’s #MomBizMondays Twitter Party is all about the systems and support that make being the “Chief Everything Officer” of your household and your business a whole lot easier.The UPS Store, is a proud sponsor of January 16th’s #MomBizMondays Live Twitter Party at 10pm (est). Thank you to @TheUPSstore for sponsoring tonight’s twitter chat and providing everyone who participates the chance to win one of three $25 gift cards and one $50 gift card to The UPS Store!


Monday, January 16, 2012


EST 10:00pm to 11:00pm

CST 09:00pm to 10:00pm

MST 08:00pm to 09:00pm

PST 07:00pm to 08:00pm


The UPS Store – We Love Logistics

Let The UPS Store handle the logistics of your business and home office. From printing your business cards and brochures to managing your mail delivery, look to The UPS Store for help. Run by small business owners who understand the needs of mompreneurs, your local The UPS Store is probably right down the street!

Be sure to connect with Becca and Brandon who tweet from the @TheUPSStore twitter handle. They’re friendly and always ready to answer your questions!

All of us at Mom Biz Coach and Mom Biz Retreat are grateful to have the support of The UPS Store since they have partnered with us to make the Mom Biz Retreats 2012 happen! Watch for a separate post detailing all the great support our premier partner is providing us.

Lara @MomBizCoach Website: Mom Biz Coach FaceBook: Mom Biz Coach

Shelagh @BizTrainHer Website: Practical Mum FaceBook: BizTrainHer
Melissa @TimeOutMom Website: TimeOutMom FaceBook: TimeOutMom



We look forward to you joining us Monday night. We would love your help in promoting this chat your communities. Feel free to copy and paste the following tweets to help promote the Twitter Party.


RT @MomBizRetreat – @TheUPSStore shares successful biz systems and chance to win giftcards! – Join #MomBizMondays tonight 10pm ET http://ow.ly/8tX0d


RT @MomBizRetreat – #Mompreneurs: What systems make ur biz successful? Join #MomBizMondays & @TheUPSStore 10pm ET http://ow.ly/8tX0d


RT @MomBizRetreat – @MomBizCoach @BizTrainHer @TimeOutMom will share the importance of  biz systems at 10pm ET #mombizmondays http://ow.ly/8tX0d






MomBizRetreat – http://mombizretreat.com/register/

TheUPSStore – http://www.theupsstore.com/Pages/index.aspx



RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #1: Do you work at home, or an office, or your local coffeehouse? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #2: If you could simplify a system in your business, what would it be? Marketing? Bookkeeping? Paperwork? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #3: Do you use a graphics designer to help you with your branding and marketing online and offline? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #4: How often do you create new marketing materials? Same or different materials for each event? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #5: Where do you get your marketing materials and business cards printed? Local? Online? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #6: If you work from home, do you give out your home address as your business and contact information? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #7: Running errands for biz and home takes a ton of time. Do u do this as needed, everyday, or scheduled wkly? #MomBizMondays

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #8: Do you actively seek out local entrepreneurs and businesses to work with in your community? #MomBizMondays


Lara Wellman twitter: @larawellman website: Lara Wellman Consulting

Prerna Malik twitter: @themomwrites website: The Mom Writes

Melissa Stewart twitter: @MelissaOnline website: She Owns It Blog


Please be sure to you Twitter Party hashtag #MomBizMondays at the end of every tweet so everyone may follow along in the conversation even if you are not following that person specifically. Please retweet all questions. It would be great if you were able to share your answers to each question. Connect with others at the party and say hello, chat with others, & remember to HAVE FUN! Also be sure to share links to your websites, blogs, and FaceBook pages too! We love sharing! *If you meet some great like-minded people at tonight’s twitter party, be sure to follow them so you can connect afterwards!


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