Top 10 Signs You Need a Mompreneur Getaway

Sometimes busy mompreneurs can miss the signs that we need a break from all the chaos. Managing the homework and after-school events of our children, keeping up with the cooking and the laundry, connecting with our spouse or partner, meeting deadlines we have for client work and coming up with innovations for the growth of our businesses can be too much.

mom biz retreat for mompreneursTrying to innovate, create, re-invent, develop or establish goals for your business can be tough to do when you’re in the midst of daily life. In fact, I’ll tell you that I find it to be nearly impossible. So when I need to make some big changes, figure out something new, or develop or launch a new program or product, I sneak away from my everyday life for a weekend to get it done.

The Top 10 Signs You Need a Mompreneur Getaway

1. You work too much. You’re working longer hours and making less money than you want to. The lack of money causes you to work even harder in hopes of figuring out how to generate more income. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle you see no end to anytime soon.

2. Your kids can’t tell time. You want to be a good mom and you have visions of raising smart cookies, but your kids have learned from you that “Just a minute!” means the vast period of time between when they ask you for something and when you’re actually able to stop working to answer them. Accordingly, your kids are struggling in math.

3. You love the grocery store. Those friends of yours who get monthly (weekly?) spa treatments and massages? Well, they’re just different from you. They clearly don’t have 72 hours worth of client projects to get done in a mere 24 hours. You are a master multi-tasker and take your “me time” while shopping at the grocery store. . .while checking emails on your iPhone as you throw items in your cart.

4. Sleep is for the weak. Look–You learned when you had kids that sleep is something that you must learn to do without. Now that the kids sleep through the night, that’s the perfect time to get your work done. It’s so peaceful and quiet, and you feel so productive working until 3 am! Sure, it takes a while for the computer keyboard impressions to wear off your face since you often fall asleep on the keyboard (literally), but it’s no big deal.

5. Who has time to plan? Just like “me time,” planning is something for people who don’t have lots to do. Your clients keep you so busy with their deadlines that things like business planning and marketing strategies are luxuries you certainly don’t need to waste your time and energy on.

6. You forgot your husband’s name. Yes, yes, you can remember it when you try to, without even having to look at his driver’s license. And of course you love him. He can take care of himself for a few years while you manage the kids, the house and the business. And when that’s all handled, you’ll ask him out on a date or take a nice vacation together. Someday.

7. Your friends have removed you from speed dial. It’s okay. Really. They don’t understand what it takes to be a mom running a business. They can’t even understand why you bother working so hard. After all, they say, isn’t motherhood fulfilling enough?

8. You can’t figure out what to make for dinner. After making 1, 347, 216 decisions today about everything from whether your daughter could sign up for that hockey class after school to whether you should sign up for the flexible home heating program to how you were going to source the materials for your product when your favorite vendor went out of business, you just don’t have it in you to make one. more. decision. Dry cereal for dinner really is nutritious. Says so on the box.

9. You can’t remember why you thought this was such a good idea. You put on a good face when those family members and neighbors ask you why you want to run your business. But truthfully, you realize that your answers have just become a habit, just like saying “Hello?” when the phone rings. You remember thinking it was a really good idea at the time to start this business even though you’ve never been more exhausted in your life, even though you have more responsibilities on you than you’ve ever had, and even though you don’t have all the training and experience to know how to run a business in the first place. You know there must be a reason…Yawn…

10. It’s time. You’ve been working hard, setting goals, making plans, adding more and more and more items to your to-do list, but you just can’t ever seem to get everything done. You’re done with the “hobby” and ready to kick some butt. You know you’re capable of great success, and you’re committed to achieving it. And that includes taking care of yourself, your children, your spouse, your clients, your team, and your brand.

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