How to Make Twitter Marketing Fun and Interesting

Marketing does not have to be “boh-ring”. Especially when you’re marketing an event or promoting a product on Twitter.

Here are a few quick ideas to help you spice things up and boost business as well when promoting on Twitter:

Host a Twitter Party

Twitter parties are a great way to make marketing fun and effective.  I’ve attended so many of these and hosted many as well, and these parties are a fantastic way of promoting a campaign, building expertise, connecting with your target market, and having a lot of .

You start by creating a #hashtag and a name for your event, and then set the date and time.

Establish a chat room (check out and invite people to get on and talk about whatever is the topic of your party. Ask and answer questions, offer tips and ideas. A Twitter party is also a great way to “pay it forward” and establish yourself as an expert in your niche while promoting your event or services.

Join a Twitter Chat for Establishing Expertise

Alternatively, you can also join one of the Twitter chats hosted by various online groups, blogs and businesses. Participating in a Twitter chat in your niche helps increase your visibility to your target audience while also establishing your expertise when you offer answers, tips and advice during the chat. Bloggers, for example, wanting to establish expertise can join the #savvyblogging or #blogchat Twitter chats and connect with thousands of beginner bloggers seeking advice and help. And be sure to check out #mombizmondays on Mondays at 10pm ET, when I’ll be hosting a Twitter Chat for mompreneurs!

Collaborate with Colleagues

Another great way to create visibility on Twitter is to collaborate with your colleagues and other bloggers or writers on Twitter. Connect with another business that has a similar target market and cross-promote your events, campaigns, etc. For example: If you design wedding invitations, why not find a couple of wedding planners on Twitter and offer to give their clients a discount if they’re willing to list you as a vendor?

There are a lot of ways to market your business and services. Twitter is just one of them. Do read Make Tweeting Work for You to create a marketing plan for Twitter, and make full use of this free, fun, effective and super-easy way of getting the word out about whatever it is that you do or would like to do.

How do you make promoting or marketing on Twitter fun and interesting?

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