The power of visual reminders

i-deserve-post-its2I had a great coaching session with one of my mom entrepreneur clients last week. One of the issues she’s facing is getting paid appropriately for her services by a client who continues to ignore her boundaries. This client has become quite demanding, expecting my client to be on call for her most of the time. This is challenging and frustrating since my client, like most of us, has a family who needs her outside of her office hours.

As solopreneurs and moms who run start-up companies, we are often fearful of setting boundaries (e.g. “I only work Tuesday through Thursday from 9am-3pm;” or “Payment for services rendered is due immediately upon completion of the project;” or “My fee is $75/hour,” etc.). We’re scared that we might be turning away the business, clients and money we need to be successful. We’re coming from a fearful, desperate place that says we have to take what we can get, or else be doomed.

Whenever I notice this kind of crappy belief popping up in the minds of the women I coach, I do four things:

1. Teach the client to notice these thoughts inside their heads. Where did they come from? Where did you learn to believe that you aren’t worth your fee?

2. Once they start noticing the negative, self-limiting thoughts, it’s time to shift to a better mindset. We create a declaration or a mantra that is powerful and positive.

3. Experts say it takes about 28 days to create a new habit, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here: create a new, healthy habit of having a powerful mindset and displacing the old, crappy one that keeps us down. One of the best ways to remember to practice a new mindset is to create visual reminders and post them around the huose and office. Thus, I’m always suggesting my clients “Print and Post” a special reminder like a declaration or a mantra.

I was delighted to receive an email from my client last week with the attached photo in it. She shared with me that she had posted her declaration “I deserve to be happy, fulfilled and powerful!” in her bathroom. And then shortly thereafter, her six-year-old daughter posted her own note: “I deserve to be happy fun hlthy The End.”

How cool is it that one mompreneur’s powerful belief in herself (and her willingness to practice a new, healthy habit that supports her) inspired such a great response from her daughter?

* The photo was shared with permission.

Do you use visual reminders? Do you have a vision board or other visual cue that keeps you focused on what you’re trying to achieve? Please share what works for you and how you use it.

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