Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” ~Maureen Dowd

Let’s talk about “settling.” Okay, truthfully, how many of you tensed up a little bit when you read that just now? We all do this in life, so it’s something we need to address. Why, when we deserve what we want, do we settle—put up with or tolerate—things that are less than ideal for us? We so easily adopt this perception that we don’t deserve exactly what it is that we want, or that what we already have is “good enough.” Now, I’m not speaking out against genuine contentment, but really ladies, there is a difference between being truly content and just putting up with circumstances that are unsatisfying or don’t serve us, and we know it!

Here are some common areas in which we have probably all struggled with settling at one point or another. Maybe this is you right now! If so, knowing really is half the battle, so be honest about where you are. That awareness will come in handy later, when we talk about why we settle and what to do about it.

Relationships. You may have talked yourself into believing you’re in a great relationship if most of the things you need are present, or even if some of the things you need are present, or let’s face it—even if you’re in any relationship at all, no matter how crummy it is. This is a place many of us have spent time tolerating behaviors or circumstances that are not satisfying, not empowering to us, and not adding to our happiness.

Jobs. This is another really common area, especially given today’s economy. So many are putting up with the jobs they currently have, regardless of how awful they are. People are working more, getting paid less, and job security is out the window. And yet, we continue to stay in the dead-end job, despite being terribly unsatisfied.

Routines. We’re mompreneurs. We signed up for two full time jobs when we decided we would raise tiny humans and birth our very own business, and we often have the crazy schedule to prove it! Girls, this is an area we must revisit often. Take a good, hard look at that routine of yours. Is it serving you?

These are just a few of the categories that we commonly struggle with settling in. Financial, spiritual, educational, health and wellness—these are all areas we can choose to settle for less than the best, aren’t they? It’s so critical that you spend some time in self-evaluation and really nail down where what you want isn’t quite matching up with what you’ve got. You deserve the best!

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In which category (or categories) do you find yourself struggling with settling?

What circumstances would satisfy you most in each of these areas?

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