Mompreneur Mobility HP ProBook Giveaway!

Are you a mobile mompreneur?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a “work anywhere” policy as a mompreneur. With my three computers, cell phone, land line phone, Flip camcorder and webcam, I can be coaching clients in Calgary while sitting at my kitchen table. Or I can load up my next email campaign that blasts to England, Jamaica and all across the US when I’m using the free WiFi at the local coffee shop. And sometimes I shoot a quick video for a vlog while I’m on vacation, wherever that may be.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to quit working for IBM (and then later decided to start my own business) was because I wanted the freedom and flexibility that being a mom entrepreneur affords me. I love being able to work from home, wearing my yoga pants one day and dressing to the nines for a speaking gig the next.

I rely heavily on technology to make my business possible. Most days, I’m singing the praises of my laptop, my Skype account, and Twitter, since they truly make my “working on the fly” lifestyle a reality. And then there are those dreaded days (I’m told it’s when Mercury is in retrograde, which I don’t understand but I have learned that I suffer just the same) when my technology all fails me, leaving me nearly unable to work at all.

I recently blogged about my desire to help as many fellow mompreneurs as possible be more successful in their businesses. I think I found a slam dunk for one of you :).

I’m thrilled to partner with HP to give away a new HP ProBook 4425s, powered by AMD!

If you could use a sleek, new notebook computer to help you handle email, surf the web and keep up with your Social Media contacts wherever you are, make sure you register to win (below)!

Click here to enter the Mompreneur Mobility HP ProBook Giveaway!

Read all about the HP ProBook here.

What about you? What technology do you rely on to make your business possible? What are you using for “mobile computing”–such as an iPhone, Blackberry, iTouch, netbook, laptop, cell phone, etc.? How do you use it? What value does this mobility bring to your business? What compromises do you make in order to be mobile? Where’s your favorite place to work?

To register to win the HP ProBook 4425s, powered by AMD, here’s all you need to do:

  • Leave a comment on the blog below answering some of the questions I asked above.
  • Fill in the sign up form below (which will also allow you to receive some tips and advice from me about how to get it all done as a mom entrepreneur).
  • Winners will be announced here on the blog on Friday, November 12th. We’ll enter all the qualified entries into to help us pick a winner.
  • That’s it!

Click here to enter the Mompreneur Mobility HP ProBook Giveaway!

I am grateful to HP for being willing to share some powerful resources with mom entrepreneurs. A big hearty thanks to HP for making this giveaway possible!

* photo courtesy jeneyepher of flickr creative commons
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