How Passion Can Help You Get What You Want

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so we’ve been thinking and talking a lot about PASSION over here at Mom Biz Coach. (Be sure to tune in when I interview Liz Strauss for the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series on this topic next Wednesday so you can hear how her passion creates success in her work and life!)

Being passionate about people and things in your life makes you motivated to do things (amorous or otherwise), right?

But what role does passion play in your business?

I believe passion is a key factor in the success of a mompreneur business. There are so many ways we moms could make money. We have lots of talents, skills and gifts we could offer in return for compensation. But when we choose to start a business while running a family, we are often motivated by something we feel we need to do, something we’re longing to do, something we’re passionate about…  There’s a direct correlation between how passionate a mompreneur is about her business and how successful she’ll be. Without passion, it’s just too easy to give up on our commitments when the going gets tough.

So passion = yearning/desire.

And yearning/desire brings about focus and commitment.

And focus + commitment drives us to achieve our goals.

And if we set good goals for our business and are committed to achieve them, we’ll no doubt be successful.

So, how passionate are you about your business? Are you getting the results you want from it? I’d love to hear your comments below.

In the mean time, let’s take a walk on the light side and watch my friend, Carley Knobloch of Digitwirl, tell us how to get what we really want for Valentine’s Day using some cool, savvy technology.

Guest post by Carley Knobloch of

You’ve heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts,” but have you ever gotten one that leaves you wondering “What were they thinking?” When it comes to gift ideas for your Baby Shower, Wedding Registry, or most importantly, Valentine’s Day, forget subtle hints— try ( Create an online wish list that, with the push of a button, automatically adds anything and everything you desperately want right to your personal wish list. Then share the items you’ve been lusting after, with your husband, friends, co-workers, and especially your mother-in-law who inexplicably believes you collect frog figurines. So now, in spite of what Mr. Jagger might profess, “you CAN always get what you want.”

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