Why the HP Folio 13 Ultrabook is Perfect for Mompreneurs {and a giveaway}

About three weeks ago as I was planning for the Mom Biz Retreat Denver, and I was struggling to choose which of my four computers to take with me to the Retreat. The choice was really between my 17 inch laptop, my netbook, and my iPad. I needed portability, great battery life, and a powerful processor that would allow me to do my usual multitasking, since we integrate using Social Media, browsing the web for brand and competitor research, and fun things like running videos and streaming music into the Retreat workshops.

The 17 inch laptop has a great processor and is pretty good at all the multitasking I do on a daily basis. But the thing weighs like, 100 pounds, and there was no way I wanted to drag it through airports, on shuttles and in and out of hotel rooms.

My iPad is fun, lightweight, great for streaming videos and music, but even with an added bluetooth keyboard, I find that I don’t go to my iPad when I need hardcore business functionality. It’s more of a fun tool for consuming entertainment and information than it is for producing content.

The netbook is certainly portable–same size as my iPad–but the processor is too weak to even do a decent job of running a Skype session with a client, much less Skyping while also tweeting or browsing the web at the same time. I’ll be passing that little computer onto one of my lucky children.

You guys hear me say all the time how much I rely on technology to give me the freedom and flexibility being a mom entrepreneur demands. I don’t dig technology just to be the coolest mom on the block. But when HP sent me the Folio 13 Ultrabook I’m typing on right now, I completely geeked out. mom biz coach mom entrepreneur laptop for mobility

Even in the box, the laptop only weighed about 5 pounds. I opened it up and found a very sleek, silver machine inside. It took me about 10 minutes to get it unwrapped, set up, and connected to my wireless router at home. Easy-peasy. And within about 20 minutes, I fell in love.

(Keep reading below so you fall in love, too, and learn how you could get one of these fantastic laptops in your deserving hands via my giveaway!)


Here’s why I love and highly recommend the Folio 13 for busy mompreneurs:

I sat it next to my iPad and a pair of kid’s scissors so you could get a feel for the size of it…pretty close to an iPad, but better.

  • It boots up faster than I can say to my kids: “No, you can’t play on Mom’s new computer. Go use one of the other laptops.” Seriously. With all my other computers, I have to fire them up and then go make myself a cup of coffee before they’re ready to do anything for me. Time isn’t something I have a lot of, so this is a big deal to me.
  • Call me schizophrenic. I don’t mind. I like to run Pandora in the background so I can listen to my favorite music while I’m blogging, and I’m always posting my Twitter and Facebook updates while I blog. My husband chides me for having “too many tabs in my browser open at once” since it slows down the processing speed so much that I may as well go make myself a snack to go along with that coffee I had earlier. Not so with this little laptop. I do it all, all at the same time, and my Folio 13 keeps on going. It’s been three weeks and it hasn’t crashed a single time. Ask me how many tabs I have open right now (and all the time): eleven. Normal, right?
  • It’s a full-size keyboard, unlike my iPad. I can type 70 wpm on a full-sized keyboard, but I only type about 25 wpm on my iPad. I can’t believe that something this size indeed feels full-sized.
  • Do you blog and tweet in the dark? Yeah, me too. I finally own a laptop that has a backlit keyboard! Cowabunga! I appreciate not having to hunt for the special keys in the dark when I need them.
  • I can stay unplugged for an entire day. At the Mom Biz Retreat in Denver last weekend, I left the power cord for the Folio 13 up in my suite and used my laptop to power my presentations during our all-day work sessions. I had plenty of battery life even when I plugged it back in late at night. Talk about flexibility.

In the interest of full disclosure, HP gave me this laptop to keep (thank you, HP!!!), since I meet the exact profile of the kind of person who could benefit from using it. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have agreed to keep it and tell you about it. But they have me pegged, and I’m so fond of this little gem that I’m doing a giveaway to help one of you love it, too!

Here’s the deal:

You may have heard that Shelagh Cummins and I are returning to Caledon, Ontario in September to host the Mom Biz Retreat there. We are looking forward to returning to the city in which we first launched the Mom Biz Retreats one year ago! We know lots of you are talking about joining us there. So we’re going to give you an incentive: We will giveaway one HP Folio 13 Ultrabook just like this one to one of you who registers for the Retreat! We’re just that committed to helping you get what you need to be a successful mom and entrepreneur. Yeah!

Here’s how to grab one of only 50 seats offered at Mom Biz Retreat Ontario.


This giveaway is open to the mompreneurs who register for and attend the Mom Biz Retreat in Caledon, Ontario September 27-30. To qualify for the giveaway, register to attend the Retreat and then leave a comment below telling us you’ve registered and what your top business challenge is. We will cross-reference all comments with our registration list.

  • One entry per person.
  • Giveaway ends at 11pm ET on August 31st.
  • One winning registrant of the Mom Biz Retreat Ontario 2012 will be selected via Random.org.
  • The winner will have seven days to respond to my email (sent to the address you include when you leave your comment on the blog), after which an alternate winner will be chosen.

I’m grateful to HP for providing me the Folio 13! Now, how fast can you register so you can get a chance to win yours? GO!



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Why I’m Not Going to Evo

If you’re online this morning, you might have noticed I’m running a little giveaway that will send one lucky mompreneur to the sold-out Evo ’11 Conference next month. Sadly, I won’t be joining her.

Why I Wish I Were Going

Any of you who know me well are probably wondering why I’m not going to be there this year. After all, I spoke at the conference last year. And it was one of the best events I’ve ever attended in my life. And I adore the organizers from Today’s Mama and MomItForward. And I will know probably 75% of the people there, including several of my clients. And it’s in stunning Park City, Utah, a place I like to call “Paradise.”  And I’ve been planning to attend it since I attended last year. And I bought the early bird ticket when it was first released for $150. And oh, would I love to attend all the fun, girly events that are planned after hours. And I really was looking forward to the Alpine Slide, the Roller Coaster and the Zipline this year… (Check out my YouTube Channel and search on “Evo” to see some of the interviews and takeaways I got from attending the conference last year. It will seriously make you want to go, too!)

Why I’m Not Going

Because it conflicts with the number one priority in my life: my family. It just so happens that on that same weekend, my husband is going to do something he’s wanted to do since he was eight years old: ride his motorcycle in his first race ever. And while loading up the kids, taking them to a racetrack for a weekend, and watching my husband go around in circles might not be my passion, it is his. And I believe that my kids and I need to be there to support him.

I’ll miss you, my mompreneur friends, but I am thrilled to see my husband follow his own dreams and do something important to him. That’s what life is all about.

If you are a mom business owner and attending Evo ’11 is your dream or passion, I’d love the opportunity to help you get there.

Here are the details:

I’m giving away my ticket to the sold out Evo ’11 conference from July 9-11 to one lucky mompreneur through a social media contest starting Thursday, June 9 and ending at noon ET on Friday, June 17.

The winner will be contacted by email and announced via Twitter (@mombizcoach) and on my Facebook Fanpage.

The prize: One ticket to the SOLD OUT Evo ‘11 Social Media Conference- happening July 9-11!!! (valued at $399.00 –This is a full-access pass that entitles you to all the breakout sessions, keynotes, workshops and social events at the conference.)

Four Ways to Enter:

Twitter Entry Tweet the following: (make sure to include #mombiz hashtag in order to be counted!)

Thinking of joining MomBizAcademy.com, but not quite sure?  U could win a free ticket to sold-out #evoconf! #mombiz http://bit.ly/jg0Dz1

Wanna help some aspiring mompreneurs manage their biz and life better + a chance to win free ticket to #evoconf? http://bit.ly/jg0Dz1 #mombiz

#evoconf is sold out, but U can win a free ticket & help other mompreneurs balance biz & life by entering this contest. #mombiz http://bit.ly/jg0Dz1

Dying 2go2 #evoconf? Join in this contest & U could win a free ticket + help other mom biz owners succeed! #mombiz http://bit.ly/jg0Dz1

One tweet per day will be counted as an entry.

Blog Entry: Write a blog post explaining the importance of being part of a like-minded community, working with a coach, or having a mentor for your business. Make sure to link to MomBizAcademy.com (http://mombizacademy.com) in your post. One blog post will be counted as two entries. In order to be counted, please email the URL of your post to: manager@mombizacademy.com .

YouTube Entry: Record a 3 minute (or less) video telling the world about your greatest Mompreneur challenge. Each video will be counted as two entries. Send the URL for the Youtube video to manager@mombizacademy.com. We’ll feature them at MomBizacademy.com and add them to the MomBizCoach Fanpage!

MBA Entry: Join the MomBizAcademy.com by June 17th! Hey, you need some help, too! Check out all the benefits at Mom Biz Academy. For every mompreneur who joins the MBA between now and 6/17, you’ll earn an additional five entries in the giveaway! If you’ve been on the fence about joining, here’s your incentive to act now!

Good luck! This is a conference you don’t want to miss!

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