F-Words Mompreneurs Love

F-words Mompreneurs LoveWhen you say to me wine, I already start relaxing.  When you say girls’ night out, I feel excited.  When you say taxes… But again, they’re just words, right?  And yet words can actually have a lot of power over us.  Well, today we’re going to talk about F-words.  Yes, you heard me right.  F-words—some that we love and… well, some that we as mompreneurs may have overlooked.


Here are just a few of my favorite F-words:


FREEDOM:  If you’re a mom entrepreneur who has any experience working in corporate America and trying to juggle all that entails, plus raising a family, you know what this word freedom is all about.  You have an appreciation of what it means to be able to determine how you spend your own time.


FLEXIBILITY:  What’s a mom, much less a mompreneur, without flexibility?  Flexibility is the ability to spend the day with the kids during a snow day, or go on vacation over spring break.  Flexibility is that tango, that mompreneur dance, if you will, where some days I work and some days I don’t, and really maximizing the time that I have available to me in powerful and efficient ways tailored to my family and business.


FULFILLMENT:  Fulfillment is huge.  Let’s face it.  We are some strong, bright women.  This work that we do is not the only thing we could be doing with ourselves.  But we choose this work because in it we find fulfillment; we find something with purpose, something that aligns with our priorities, with things that matter to us.  In this work we find our place in this world, a place of value and significance.  What a powerful F-word!


FAMILY:  It is often for the love of family that we start a business so it should come as no surprise that our businesses are often at their very best when we are nourishing and growing our families along with our work.  Learning opportunities abound for the whole family when you own your own small business, not to mention the benefit of added income potential, which brings me to my next F-word.


FINANCES:  Granted, this F-word may not be on the top of your list of favorites, but gals, if you are serious about running a business, this is a word we must not overlook. Now this is some medicine of my own I have to take because it doesn’t come naturally for me to want to study the incoming and outgoing of money in my family and business.  But in order to make that money count for the things I’m working so hard for, this F-word is something I’ve got to come to terms with.


FEAR:  Fear is like the monster under your bed.  Until you acknowledge it for what it is—probably an old pair of slippers or half-eaten sandwich, if you have kids around—it has complete power over you.  Rather than allowing ourselves to be ruled by the unknown, fear can be an incredible motivator for us in our businesses.  So shine a light into those dark places where fear likes to hide and learn to use this F-word to your advantage!


So these were just a few of my favorite F-words.  My hope for you today is that you will find real strength in these words for your life, your family and your business.


You know I love to hear from you, so leave me a comment!

What are some of your favorite F-words? 

How have you come to love some of the more “angsty” F-words in your life (like finances or fear)? 

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Spend Your Precious Time Wisely

OK, mompreneurs:

I know you’re busier than ever now that summer’s here. You’re the party-planner, play date coordinator, your children’s favorite toy, the vacation organizer, and a zillion other roles on top of your usual routine of wife, mother and business owner.

Some of the mom entrepreneurs I coach have been feeling a little overwhelmed trying to get it all done. I’ve had some panicky moments myself, due to the fact that my family’s travel season is in high gear and I’ve already taken three weeks off of work. I have even more planned :).

The only way I can enjoy my time off with my family is to rememom entrepreneur delegate business successmber that I am not the only one who can do some parts of my job. If we mom entrepreneurs are going to successfully run a business while also thoroughly enjoying the freedom and flexibility that mompreneurship provides, we have to delegate.

    Here are a few of the things I have successfully delegated for the summer (and beyond):

    • Setting up my QuickBooks and making sure my bookkeeping is in order so tax time is easy this year
    • Getting a marketing strategy and marketing plan in place
    • Creating a press kit to help me be “media-ready” for some fantastic speaking opportunities and TV appearances
    • Vetting and gathering information for each of my guest experts in the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series
    • Loading new info products into my shopping cart

    Can you hear me breathing a sigh of relief over here? I am grateful to the team of mompreneurs who support me in my business. They do what they do much better than I do, and I get to focus on the parts of my business that only I can do. AND I get to get away from my work and spend my precious time with my family, making memories that I know will last a lifetime.

    Take a look at your calendar or your to-do list right now. What is ONE THING on your list that must be done, but that someone else could do for you?

    Do you need a recommendation for a VA (virtual assistant) who could help you get some things off your plate? I work with several and can highly recommend them. Leave a comment below if you’d like details.

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Freedom, eh? So that’s why you became an entrepreneur?

You did your time working for someone else who knew less than you did, demanded you do things that didn’t make any sense, told you how to do things you knew how to do better than the boss did, told you when to work and when you were allowed to leave your job to be sick, tired or relaxed…

While you were working for someone else, a tiny little spark was lit somewhere deep inside. It was a spark of possibility, of some potential you hadn’t reckoned with (or recognized) before. The spark told you, “There’s another way to do things, another way to make a living…” and you listened.

What were your reasons to become self-employed? Was it money, or did it have to do with a passion? Was your choice driven by specific circumstances (birth of a baby, special needs of a loved one, health concerns) or by the desire to make a difference? Chances are, your choice to become an entrepreneur had a lot to do with one very common desire: freedom.

Turns out that achieving “freedom” in your business and life is a rather elusive goal. But it doesn’t have to be. Click on this link to read the article by Marla Tabaka, who is a coach like me, entitled “The Top 5 Freedom-Limiting Traps of the Solopreneur.”

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