Are You Giving Away Everything For Free?

Thanks to Rebecca Buscemi, who found this article and shared it with me.

There is a fantastic discussion going on in the attached blog post that I think all of us mompreneurs should read. It’s about the merits and drawbacks of giving away your valuable time, expertise and products for free.

As a “go-giver” who believes in paying-it-forward, I generally believe in allowing people to “pick my brain” for a few minutes. But I’ve also been burned when someone who did just that took off with some great ideas that I gave them and claimed them as their own. It left me feeling a bit empty-handed.

Where do you fit in? Are you a “brain-picker”? Or are you freely giving away what you deserve to be paid for? And in either case, what does this say about how you value yourself and others?

I’m not asking this with a lot of judgment attached to it. I’m more interested in raising some awareness so that we can all decide for ourselves what feels right to give away versus how we make money.

Read below and share your thoughts!

Reblog of “No. You Can’t Pick My Brain” by Nicole Jordan

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