It’s hard to stay focused when you’re excited

It’s hard, really hard, to stay focused when I’m excited about something.

But I’m gonna do it.

Those of you following this blog or who follow me on twitter (@mombizcoach) know that I’m going to my first live event in a couple of weeks. I’ll be speaking on the Small Business Success Panel at EVO ’10: The Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference in Park City, Utah June 24-26. I have had a strict “no-travel-for-business” policy since I started my company due to the fact that we have three small children and no family nearby (nor even in the same country) to care for them if I’m gone for a few days. But the time has finally come that I can get out of town to go speak without causing too much hardship on my family! Yippeeee!

This conference represents many good things for me:

  • The chance to get out of the house and go on vacation in the mountains!
  • Time to meet and mingle with my kinda people, people I truly “get” and who “get” me
  • Lots of opportunities to talk about and learn about small business topics that are important to me
  • I get to speak in person (not just over the phone, via a webinar, or on my radio show–wowwee!)
  • I’ll be part of a five-person panel, with some amazing cool chicks I am simply honored to share the room with (Stay tuned for a list of all the cool panelists I get to rub elbows with coming in a future post… See me making sure I keep up with this whole blogging commitment?).
  • I get to dress up and wear pretty clothes around other women who will be so kind as to tell me I look cute (don’t you just love dressing up and going out with your girlfriends?).
  • The chance to belt out some serious tunes on karaoke with a bunch of the other speakers and participants during the evening activities
  • An opportunity to meet people I likely wouldn’t meet otherwise
  • The chance to show up and present myself and my brand the way I really want to be seen and heard
  • Countless collaboration opportunities
  • Hopefully find a few cool mompreneurs who are looking for a mentor or a business coach to help them create the businesses they really want

I’m sure you can tell that all this possibility has me bouncing off the walls these days. So the thing for me to do to manage all that energy is to find a way to harness it and focus it so I can be sure to get the results I want. After all, I’d hate to let the emotions cause me to miss out on any one of the opportunities I listed above.

Check back in a couple of days when I post about what I’ll be doing to create some good intentions for my first live conference. I’ve been reading lots of great blogs and tweeters (especially Market Like a Chick, @shawnmdriscoll and @ShellyKramer) to get some ideas about how to organize myself for the conference. There’s a lot more to it than prepping my talk and packing my new clothes. I’m happy to share what I’m learning with you.

Got a live event coming up that you want to be sure you maximize? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’d love to hear what sort of intentions you have for it.

Better yet, wanna join me at EVO ’10? There’s still time. Click the button at the top to get discounted registration and leave a comment below to let me know you’re coming!

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