Why Blogging Is Critical for Small Businesses

Are you a blogger?

Well, I have been a little slow to realize it, but I am.

I resisted this term to describe myself for a long time. I mean, I have a blog, and I do write the posts that show up on it, and I have repeatedly heard others refer to me as a blogger … But I’m not one of those people who blogs because they love to write (I don’t). Or because I have an incredible circumstance or experience that I’m dealing with that is valuable for others to learn from. So I just didn’t feel like the term fit. I’m a business owner.

And you may be sitting there, thinking that you run a business, not a blog, just like I did. Or perhaps you have clients you work with, and you’re trying to get them to blog, but they keep telling you they’re busy running a business, too.

Here’s the deal: I blog because I run a business. I blog to build my business. No matter what your business is, blogging is something all small business owners must do to build their businesses. It’s the secret weapon to shutting out your competition. And it’s not hard to be effective if you follow some blogging for business best practices.

I had the pleasure of sharing these ideas in a talk I gave this past weekend at WordCamp Detroit. WordCamp is a conference that brings together WordPress designers, developers and users (bloggers) to share all there is to share about this powerful platform. Many thanks to Deborah Edwards-Onoro and Anthony Montalbano for organizing such an amazing event!

Deborah even put together a Storify post of my talk. Many thanks to her for being such an awesome note-taker.


story “WordCamp Detroit 2012: Use Your Blog to Build Your Business” on Storify] 

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Smartphones Make Women Smarter

Metro Detroit women without a smartphone – this event is for you. Have you been resisting giving up your basic phone because smartphones seem too overwhelming? Or, are you ready to kick your basic phone to the curb but haven’t had time to find the best smartphone for you? If either of those scenarios sound familiar, keep reading. Especially since we’ve got a special offer for 25 local women to try out a smartphone for 30 days–for FREE!

I’m a HUGE advocate for women (especially those who run businesses while running a family) to use cool, easy tech to save time, money, effort and hassle. I’m NOT one of those people who has to have all the latest and greatest tech gadgets just because. Instead, I always look for tech tools that make sense for a busy mom entrepreneur like me.

Live Learning & Sharing Event

That’s why I’ve partnered with Verizon Wireless to host an interactive smartphone session on May 30 from 7-9 p.m. to help local Michigan moms see the awesomeness that smartphones are.

I held out buying my first smartphone until February last year. I was hung up on the cost and was worried that everyone just wanted one because it was the “in thing” among us moms. Um, wrong!

Sure, my iPhone is cool and all, but it’s what this palm-sized super hero does for me that makes me such a fan.

Smartphone = Freedom

Here are just a few of the things my smartphone has replaced, if not permanently, then at least when I’m on the go, giving me an amazing sense of freedom and flexibility to manage my life and my businesses, run my household and keep my kids happy) :

(telephone, computer, radio, DVD player,movies, flashlight, to do list, alarm clock, grocery list, photo albums, business check book, post it notes, coloring books, scanner, calendar, books, board games)

I traded that pile above for this:

Who can argue with that? With your smartphone, you have an enormous amount of power right at your fingertips. You’ll be more organized, more in control of your to-do’s and your time, and have a much lighter load to carry.

I’m inviting 25 Metro Detroit women to join us at a one-time special “Get Smart” session on Wednesday, May 30th at the Verizon Wireless store located at:

3035 S. Rochester Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

At this event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Check out some of the hottest new Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphones.
  • Learn from me exactly how I use my smartphone to solve everyday business problems, stay connected with my team, make my kids smarter and my husband love me :-).
  • Learn from Verizon Wireless data reps how to operate the phones–easy peasy.
  • Discover all the cool apps to use for work, family and fun. You won’t believe all your smartphone can do with these!
  • Ask me and the Verizon Wireless data folks questions anything you want to know about using a smartphone.

Food and drinks will be provided.

The best part? You’ll walk away from the event with a 4G LTE smartphone from Verizon Wireless to trial for free for 30 days to see firsthand how a smartphone truly makes a difference in your life.

Attend and Get Your Trial Smartphone

Space is limited to 25 attendees. Want a chance to try out a top-of-the-line smartphone for free and learn how to use it? Great! Apply to attend by commenting below. Make sure you give us your name and email address so we can get in touch with you to confirm your attendance. Then tell us which basic phone you’re currently using and what you hope to get out of the event.

Please note – this event will be specifically tailored to women who do not currently have smartphones and will not be beneficial to those who do. Please do not apply to attend if you already have one. Instead, send one of your friends who you know needs a smartphone! Moms don’t let their mom friends struggle, right?

We will notify attendees via email.

What You Need to Do

So to re-cap:

  • Leave a comment below with your name, email, the type of basic phone you’re currently using and what you expect from attending this event.
  • Grab a friend who needs to get herself a smartphone and have her apply to attend, too!
  • Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 30, from 7-9pm to come listen, learn, chill out with some other cool women.
  • Get a brand-spanking new smartphone set up and ready to go at the event.
  • Take home your very own Verizon smartphone to try out for 30 days for FREE!

Questions? I’m happy to answer them. Just email me directly – lara@mombizcoach.com.

I am grateful that Verizon Wireless is helping me spread the message about how smartphones help women entrepreneurs. Although they are compensating me for my time, my desire to work with them on this initiative comes from my being a longtime Verizon customer who swears she could make it on a deserted island as long as her iPhone could connect to a cell tower.

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