How to Create a Home Office in a Home That Doesn’t Have One

What? Organizing and decorating tips on my blog? Definitely not my forte. When you need to know how to create a powerful space where you can work from home, I leave those tips to the experts. If you’ve been longing for a home office to call your own, read the guest post below by Courtney Davis of the design and styling firm Kelly + Olive. Courtney truly gets the lifestyle of a mompreneur who is juggling her roles as wife, mom, family manager and business owner.

It’s a classic story: You and your partner buy a house with plenty of space to grow into. At first, you’ve got a guest room, a dedicated office, and oodles of space in that unfinished basement. It seems that you’ll never run out of space. Then your first child is born. That guest room and office somehow combine, but the revolving door of guests (who are sleeping in your office) is beginning to keep you away from your work! And when the next baby comes along? Each baby gets their own room, and the basement becomes part guestroom, part playroom. Your office becomes the kitchen table, the floor of the playroom, your bed…or worse, it’s non-existent.

Now, you heard Lara: To run a successful business you MUST have a dedicated home office! It’s crucial. What she didn’t tell you is where the heck you’re going to put it. Here are some ideas you may not have thought of.

Next to the Bed

Decorators like us love to put a little writing desk in a bedroom in place of one of the nightstands. It performs the same functions (holding a lamp, a glass of water, and all your nighttime necessities) but keeps the matchy-matchy look of bedroom sets at bay. You can even tuck a simple filing cabinet underneath for extra storage. If you’re able to keep things from spreading out all over the room, this is a great option.

In a Closet

Giving up a closet may sound terrifying, but if you can pare down enough this makes an amazing workspace. In my home, we took the doors off and used one of them to create a desk by placing it on top of two simple shelving units from a big box store. The shelf above my head still stores my husband’s sweaters, but the rest of the space is all mine. And, when I’m done, I close a curtain and it’s like it was never there.

In your favorite Reading Chair

The most compact of micro-offices, this involves two important pieces of multitasking furniture. A file storage ottoman, and an end table with drawers big enough to stash a laptop. Double your filing space by using a stylish filing cabinet as the end table, and you, my friend, are in business.

Those are our top three tips for creating a stylish home office in an unconventional space. We hope this helps you create that little haven you need to run a successful business! For more decorating ideas, come visit us at Kelly + Olive!


So we’re curious…Where do you work at home? Do you have a designated workspace for your mombiz? Do you feel like a home office is necessary for you to get things done, or is working on the couch just fine with you? Tell us in the comments below.



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