New Mastermind Group for Mompreneurs: Mom Biz Mastery

Note: I had originally planned to launch Mom Biz Mastery in July, but realized I was completely nuts since I was on vacation nearly the entire month. This post was originally written on June 1st, but I am updating it on July 27th to reflect the new launch date of September 9, 2010.

Many of the mompreneurs I’ve met over the last year or so are the kind of businesswomen most of us want to be: they are financially successful, they have an established business, they are well-known in their industry, they have a steady stream of clients keeping their pipeline full, and their businesses are not only surviving but thriving.

But there’s a catch–these businesswomen are also moms. And while their business is successful, their family life is falling apart. They’re working longer hours than they ever did when they worked for someone else. They have demanding clients and tough deadlines that keep them from taking time off for family vacations (and frequently can’t even get time off for dinner). These women are high-achievers and are used to the success that they have created for themselves, but they are realizing that the reasons they decided to start their own business and be their own boss are a distant memory.

As mompreneurs, they wanted to be home with their kids while they worked, or at least have the freedom and flexibility to choose the hours they work (and when they don’t) so they could attend their kids’ soccer games, plays, or just be home for them after school ends. They wanted work that fulfilled them and made them happy since it challenged them and used the best parts of who they are and allowed them to make a contribution to the family (and often times to the world).

It’s such an easy trap to fall into for us mom entrepreneurs, especially if you’ve started a business around work you love to do. Little by little, you find yourself working more and more and harder and harder in order to grow. And your commitment to your family means that you didn’t slack off in that category either. So you’re sacrificing sleep in order to pack lunches, keep up with the laundry, and finish that client project that’s due tomorrow.

You’re sleep-deprived, stressed-out, frustrated, resentful that you have no time to yourself, feeling guilty for being away from the kids and serving them take-out or hot dogs more than you’d care to admit, and your spouse or partner is probably not terribly happy with you, either. And yet you feel like you just have to keep it up or risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard over the past several years to create.

This probably isn’t the vision you had when you set out to be a successful mompreneur. I totally get it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m putting together a new Mastermind Group called Mom Biz Mastery. It’s for mompreneurs who have been in business for a few years, have an established online presence, have a services-based business (consulting, design, coaching, virtual assistance, teaching, facilitating, speaking, leading, writing, etc.), and find that they’re working too hard to achieve what they want.

I’ll accept only eight mom entrepreneurs (by invitation or application only) to make sure we have a small, focused, active group. We’ll meet every Thursday at 12p ET for an hour. We will collaborate, brainstorm and support each other. I’ll provide coaching to give you the feedback you need to get through some of those sabotaging mindsets we tend to have.

Your tuition will include full and immediate access to every single module in the Mom Biz Makeover Program (that’s 24 information-packed training modules in which I share all my secrets, tips and advice about how to run a sustainable mompreneur business without compromising your commitment to family) that you can work through at your own pace. The monthly tuition is $347/mo.

I’m ready to share loads of good information about how to help you get back to the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment you were looking for when you decided to start this business!

Stay tuned for updates on the program, which launches September 9th. Or if you’re sure you’re interested, you’re welcome to email me for an application:

Want to tell me what you’re looking for in a Mastermind Program? Go right ahead in the comments below.

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