What’s Your Purpose for Being a Mompreneur?

What’s your purpose in being a mompreneur? It’s important to take a step back and remember what’s driving you to do what you do, what gives meaning to how you spend your time. With a clear sense of purpose, you’re much more likely to enjoy your work and build a business that thrives.

But do you remember what drove you to start your business?

Since you’re a mompreneur, I know it involved more than just a desire to make money. Let’s face it: running a start-up company is usually not a big money-making endeavor for the first few years. It’s easy to think that if your goal is to make money, you could more easily do that (on a consistent basis, no less) working for someone else.

Most of the mom entrepreneurs I talk with tell me it’s not about the money (although we have nothing against making lots of money). Instead, we decide to start a business based on our passion, our talents, our expertise and our purpose.

Part of my purpose as the Mom Biz Coach is to help other women solve a problem I struggled with myself: how to do work I love without compromising my commitment to my family.

Tune in to the podcast below to hear more about purpose and how it fits with and ultimately shapes successful mompreneur businesses.


What’s your purpose in being a mompreneur? It’s important to take a step back and remember what’s driving you to do what you do, what gives meaning to how you spend your time. With a clear sense of purpose, you’re much more likely to enjoy your work and build a business that thrives. What’s your purpose in being a mompreneur? It’s important to take a step back and remember what’s driving you to do what you do, what gives meaning to how you spend your time. With a clear sense of purpose, you’re much more likely to enjoy your work and build a business that thrives.What’s your purpose in being a mompreneur? It’s important to take a step back and remember what’s driving you to do what you do, what gives meaning to how you spend your time. With a clear sense of purpose, you’re much more likely to enjoy your work and build a business that thrives.

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So what’s your purpose? Please share your comments below.

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Learn Something New This Weekend

I’ll be taking part of Shawna Seigel’s New Life Event weekend of webinars, and thought I’d let you in on it 🙂

Shawna is passionate about training and education for small business owners and throws a huge learning party once or twice a year. Starting at 4pm ET today and continuing through Sunday night, Shawna’s New Life Event will offer a total of 30 webinars covering tons of online business topics. . .all for free!

The idea is “to breathe some new life into your business.” You could use some new ideas, right? And maybe you’d like to win some prizes? Shawna is giving a ton of stuff away. Read all about it on the website when you sign up.

Read all about the speakers and topics AND REGISTER HERE!

P.S. Yours truly will be speaking on Sunday morning at 10am ET on “How to Add BlogTalkRadio to Your Marketing Strategy.”

Don’t miss out! Register now by clicking here. Hope to “see you on the webinars” this weekend.

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Blog Talk Radio Tips for Mompreneurs

I’ve really enjoyed hosting my radio show, The Mom Biz Coach Show, on Blog Talk Radio for the last year or so. I have been approached by many mom entrepreneurs who want me to mentor or coach them on how to start their own shows, so I thought I’d put together a short podcast on one of the hottest topics: how to find and manage guests for your show.

Just click on the link below to hear my advice on the following topics:

How to find guests for your show
How to prep your guests for their appearance on your show
How to engage your guests in conversation during the interview
What to do if you have technical difficulties, or if a guest doesn’t show up

Click below to listen!

Blog Talk Radio Tips 021710

Got a Blog Talk Radio Show of your own? Share below your suggestions for newbies or how you handled a particularly challenging interview.

If you are ready to get your show started and would like someone to walk you through it every step of the way, I can help. Just click here to learn about my Podcasting Mentoring Services.

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Want Your Mom Biz Question Answered?


I can honestly say that I never planned on being a radio show host, but it was only a matter of time that a person who loves to talk as much as I do could avoid it.

Back in March I signed up for an account with BlogTalkRadio and clicked a button that created my own show. A day later, I produced my first episode that was (and still is) available all over the internet. I couldn’t believe how simple it was, and I had no idea how much I’d enjoy doing it.

There is no shortage of “content” for my show–in fact, I tend to create my Audio Blogs around conversations, questions and problems that come up in my coaching sessions with my mompreneur clients. They love hearing their topics addressed on the show.

Do you have a question about your business that you’d like to hear featured on my show? Are you trying to figure out how to market what you sell, or why you can’t close a sale, or why everyone seems to love what you offer but they won’t pay for it? Or are you fed up with being the “only one” who can handle things in your life or your household, and really wish you could get some help? Tired of feeling angry, guilty or tense around the kids during the day since you know you have a week’s worth of work to get done–while being the fulltime caretaker of your children?

I understand all these feelings. I’ve been in most of these situations myself. So have nearly all of the mompreneurs I work with. And sometimes you just need to know that you’re not the only one experiencing these things or feeling this way (which I assure you–you’re not!). If you have a topic you’d like to hear or know more about, either leave a comment here or email me (lara at mombizcoach dot com), and I’ll respond to you immediately. I’ll do my best to feature all questions/comments in an upcoming Audio Blog on the Mom Biz Coach Show.

Want to know if I’ve already covered something of interest to you? You can browse the mom entrepreneur podcast archives here.

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My favorite marketing tools for mompreneurs

In one of my mom entrepreneur coaching groups, I was recently asked the following question:

Of the various marketing tools and methods you use, which has yielded the best financial return?

Can you guess my answer? I bet you can.

My favorite marketing tool is TWITTER. I get several leads a day directly from twitter. That’s why I’m so passionate about it. Let me expand a little on that, though. Twitter_Button_8

I just hosted a teleseminar yesterday with my coach, Rhonda Hess, about automating your sales process to attract thousands of ideal clients. (You can click here if you’d like to listen to the podcast on-demand.)

In that teleseminar, Rhonda explained how we should all focus on a BLOG as our centerpiece. Write in your authentic voice, share your thoughts, wisdom, opinions, photographs of your work or products, lessons learned from a situation or experience that is relevant to your target market, etc. and you’ll start attracting readers who want to spend more time with you and ultimately purchase what you sell. Then everytime you post to your blog, you share it on twitter (and facebook and LinkedIn, etc.) with a link back to your blog. By doing this, along with asking for and responding to comments to your blogposts, you are building relationships and increasing the “stickiness” of your blog. Internet marketers use the term “stickiness” to refer to how compelling your website or blog is and how long your prospects “stick around” to read more on it. I use twitter as a vehicle to connect with people, to build relationships, and to deliver prospects back to my website and blog so they can learn more about what I do. Upon checking my blog statistics, the top referrer to my blog and website is almost always twitter.

Twitter is, of course, a free tool, but it does cost me my time. As a mompreneur, time happens to be my most expensive and valuable asset.  That said, I spend very little time on twitter most days. I usually pop on and off for 1-5 minutes at a time several times a day. There are days I never logon to twitter, and then there are times when the kids are in bed that I’ll spend two hours on twitter chatting with friends and potential clients. I also use several twitter integration tools so that lots of what I tweet can occur automatically, saving me a lot of time.

As a return on my investment, I am currently getting a couple of warm leads each day from twitter. Given my very limited work schedule of only 10 hours a week (client-facing time), this is more than enough to fill my pipeline.

My second favorite marketing tool is my BlogTalkRadio Show. I’m finding that people all over the world are hearing me on the internet and already feel related to me because of this. As a result, my prospects are ready to hire me before we ever speak in person.

People like to consume their information in different formats, so if you’re not currently using audio or video as part of your marketing strategy, it would be worthwhile to consider adding these options. If you have no clue how you could integrate audio and video into an effective marketing strategy for your business, let’s set up a free 20-minute brainstorming session and get you started.

So what are your favorite marketing tools? Do you enjoy marketing or prefer to delegate it to someone else? Do you spend most of your marketing budget on traditional (print, radio, tv) methods or on Social Media Marketing?  Please join the discussion and leave a comment below.

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Does Your Website Speak to Your Readers?

Many of us mompreneurs try to protect or hide the fact that we’re also solopreneurs, a company of one.


For most, we’re concerned that we won’t be seen as credible, professional, established, or simply “big enough” as compared to our competitors who have whole departments working for them.

But is this necessarily true? What if the thing that’s most appealing to your potential clients is your uniqueness? Are you trying to conceal that uniqueness in your marketing efforts?

megaphone-mom-biz-coachIf you’re using the “royal we” on your website rather than speaking straight from your heart and gut, chances are you’re not attracting your ideal clients and you’re spending a lot of time and energy trying to be something you’re not. I’m going to talk more about this on my BlogTalkRadio show in a few minutes. You can click here to listen live or on-demand (whenever it fits into your schedule) to learn how being real speaks a lot louder and sends a better message than believing that what you are isn’t enough.

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Moms everywhere are talking

Guest post from Stephanie Elie of www.bizziemommy.com

 Be sure to check out www.bizziemommy.com if you’re a mompreneur and need all the help you can get (like me!).

10 blogtalkradio shows for mom entrepreneurs and bloggers

blogtalkradioI have to admit I’m getting a little addicted to blogtalkradio.com and there are some really great shows for mom entrepreneurs, bloggers and just moms in general. I love the fact that I can listen to the shows in real time or later when I have some free time. Because most of  my favorites are shows on the east coast I rarely ever get to chime in on coversations.

Business Talk

Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach
Mom entrepreneurs need many things to make them successful. Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach, helps working moms get all the information, advice, and support they need to go from start-up to success.

Karen McMillan, Life Coach Karen
Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Practice = Conscious Leadership. Conscious, authentic choices mean living a life of passion, prosperity and balance! I am on a mission to find and share powerful wisdom and awesome energy. Practical, spiritual, change-your-life-today resources and guests. Come play, learn, grow!!

Jessica Knows, Role Mommy Radio
Jessica Knows talks influence, social media, business and pop culture.

Deb Bailey, Coach Deb
Stories of transitions from women who have followed their dream to become entrepreneurs. What is success? How do you stay motivated? How do you connect with your passion and turn it into a business? Career Coach Deb Bailey interviews women entrepreneurs who speak honestly about their challenges and successes and give advice to women who want to go into business.
WAHM Addicts
WAHM Addicts Radio provides information on a wide range of topics specific to Work At Home Moms/Men (WAHM) from a variety of hosts.

The Makings of a Mamapreneur radio show aims to inform, educate and inspire mamapreneurs across the globe by sharing experiences of fellow mom business owners in a variety of industries

Frugal WAHM Talk Radio
For Work At Home Moms, dealing with Parenting Issues, Issues on how to work from home amd more!

Moms Time Out Talk

Rhea Brow , The Cocktail Cafe Show
A mix of mom talk with a splash of style! At The Cocktail Cafe we celebrate the woman behind marriage, motherhood, and business. As useful as it is entertaining, join me and lets talk, share, and connect.

Christie Crowder, The ChatterBox Show
Welcome to our weekly internet talk show featuring fabulous females giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of their world.

General Talk

Beth , Role Mommy
Role Mommy is a show for today’s busy parents featuring laugh out loud stories and great tips from celebrities, authors, corporate climbers and everyday moms and dads.

Do you have a favorite blogtalkradio show, let us know by leaving a comment.

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