A Writing Project

Last weekend, two friends and I ventured to Nashville, TN, aka “Music City,” for our first annual girlfriend getaway. We left behind our husbands, the seven children we have between us, our busy lives that demand most of our energy everyday, our routines, and our expectations. We took with us a feeling of freedom, a sense of appreciation, suitcases of simple summer dresses and sandals, and a readiness for whatever was next.

I have so much to say, so many amazing moments I want to share with just about anybody who will listen (or read). My two friends are singer/songwriters, and since we went to Nashville to take part in the annual Songwriter’s Festival that takes place there, we spent a lot of time talking about the songwriting process and writing in general. (Thankfully, we also spent a lot of time writing a song and even more time singing.)

We decided to support each others’ goals to “write more” by creating a writing project. My friends, Karen and Janet, are writing songs, and I’m writing blog posts. Our project is called: “10 Ditties in 10 Days.” It began yesterday and will continue through June 17th. I’m starting a day late, but I’m still committed to meeting the goal of writing 10 posts (feel free to set them to music if you want to :-)).

10 Ditties in 10 Days

Here are our rules:

  • Write something everyday.
  • Give yourself permission to write something that’s not perfect.
  • Stay committed.
  • Don’t get hung up in the details (“Do I have to write a whole song, or is just a verse or chorus okay?” or “I usually blog about business stuff, so do I have to create 10 business blog posts?”). Just write.

So here’s the coaching part: I want to focus more on my blog, but I’ve been resisting posting to it on a regular schedule for a long time. I know it takes about 28 days to create a new habit, but 28 days seems just too much to commit to right now. So I’m gonna take a baby step and commit to 10 days of practicing a new habit I want to form. And I’m sharing this goal with two friends who are committed to the same thing. And I’m sharing it publicly so you can see me working through it and help keep me accountable.

Want to join me? Leave a comment below and let me know you’re participating in “10 Ditties in 10 Days.” I’ll check in on you (just leave me your email or twitter handle.) I’d appreciate you keeping tabs on me and bugging me to keep it up. I really want to do this, but right now it feels hard. That’s how change feels sometimes.

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How to get it all done (?!@#)

I’m laughing as I write this post, since I am pushing through some crazy stuff to get it done. I’ve been a little absent lately thanks to some great things that have been occupying the space of my prioirities. One of these priorities is standing on the chair I’m sitting in, hanging onto my head, and jumping and dancing to Raffi’s “Shake My Sillies Out” as I grip the computer for dear life, continually hitting the backspace key to correct all the typos and try not to get knocked off the chair.

So I’m singing Raffi, entertaining (lamely) my two-year-old daughter, and writing. This is the life of a mom entrepreneur that I love!

Getting it all done, juggling the various roles and responsibilities I’ve signed up for, balancing between the worlds of mother and coach/business owner… These phrases are loaded with energy, often negative energy, since lots of times we tend to focus on what we aren’t doing versus what we are doing.

I’m giving myself a break. This blog post may not be the most riveting or life-changing one I’ll ever write, and my humming along with Raffi is not the prettiest, and there are lots of better ways to entertain my babes during family time, and there are lots of things I could be doing for my business right now, and the godforsaken laundry is still there, right outside my office door, looking at me…

But I don’t care. I’m doing what I can. I’m doing it right now. I’m laughing at the juxtaposition of my littlest now singing “Shake Your Booty” while I try to compose meaningful thoughts.

This, for me, is having it all. There will be more time for babes and more time for business as my children grow up and my business grows. Both will go through stages that require more or less of me, and I’ll adjust my schedule accordingly.

My other big priority is an interview tonight with Angela Jia Kim on www.savorthesuccess.com. I’ll be sharing more on how we mom business owners straddle the two worlds we live in, and some tips for making it all work for us. Please consider joining in! To register for the call, follow this link: http://www.savorthesuccess.com/event/details/58

What about you? What does a typical day of working at home look like for you? What have you decided to let go of that has made you happier with your life? Please share your comments below.

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