Permission to be Successful

We’re gearing up for a month of talking about success: defining and measuring our success, feeling successful, and more. Today, though, I want to give you something really special. It’s permission to be successful.

You have permission to be successful.

So often in our lives we get buried under negative self-talk and our own doubts and fears, not to mention the negativity and doubt of those around us. Sometimes, our own predictions of failure become self-fulfilling. But not anymore!

Everyone deserves success. You deserve success.

Sometimes, we have survivors guilt: our business and life is going well, but our close friend or even partner/spouse is having trouble in certain areas of their lives. This leads us to downplay or feel undeserving of what we’ve achieved. Baloney!

You earned your success.

Don’t let comparison steal your joy! Often we hear that in the context of giving yourself a pep talk when you feel less than about what you have, but it works the other way, too. Allow yourself to feel deserving of success. You are working for it, so let yourself have it!

You have permission to be successful.

Say it to yourself “I give myself permission to be successful.”

For more about success, check out my latest podcast: “Why is it so dang hard for mompreneurs to see themselves as successful?

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Top Limiting Beliefs of Mompreneurs

We all have a little voice inside our head that chatters on and on in the background giving us reasons why we can’t do something: Why we can’t be successful, why we can’t earn a lot of money, why we can’t have it all… The key is to learn to hear this little voice and notice how it creates some limiting beliefs that keep us from getting what we want.

In this installment of the Mom Biz Coach Coaching MOMent, I share some of the top limiting beliefs of the mompreneurs I coach. Have you noticed these thoughts in your head? What other limiting beliefs have you identified for yourself?


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