Meet the Alpha WAHM

We call ourselves lots of different things: working mothers, mom entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, WAHMs, etc., and there are many women out there who don’t like to define themselves with any of these labels. Karri Flatla, author of Alpha WAHM Blueprint: An Empowerment Guide for Work-at-Home Moms, has created a new moniker that’s hard not to love: “Alpha WAHM.”

In support of this fantastic mompreneur who is clearly dedicated to making the lives of working mothers a whole lot better, I’m happy to host Karri on the Mom Biz Coach Blog today. Read below my interview with her about what it means to be an “Alpha WAHM.” And why not share the love by picking up a copy of her book for a friend?

1. What is an Alpha WAHM, and how is she different from the average WAHM we know?

To be “Alpha” is to both be empowered and be willing to empower those around you. Unfortunately, I think the term has been given a bad name by the media, and so I attempt to redefine what it means (and doesn’t mean) to be an Alpha WAHM in my book. Here’s a short excerpt (pg.31) that explains what I believe an Alpha WAHM does willingly each day:

  • Learn from men and how they do business
  • Take charge of her life and how she feels about it
  • Take informed business risks
  • Put work first when it makes sense for the wellbeing of her and/or her family
  • Apologize for hurtfulness or relationship neglect
  • Take the lead when a leader is needed in the household or in business
  • Seek to conquer her fears and gain strength from the journey
  • Know the difference between ego and spirit
  • Flex with change when it serves her core mission/purpose (greater good)

2. How does an Alpha WAHM honor her family as her top priority?

By respecting the individual (and sometimes inconvenient!) needs of each member. Easier said that done, I know. However, you get what you give and then some, so if you want to create an environment that nurtures not only your personal growth and development but also the evolution of your business, you *must* account for the wellbeing of each member of your family.

Sometimes that means putting work down even though you’re on a roll with something, because one of the children is sick or needs special attention. Sometimes that means going on a date with your spouse even though you’ve got a deadline on Monday. And sometimes that means plain old self care for Mom! A mom who feels taken care of will take excellent care of her family.

We all fall off the respect wagon now and then (I sure do!), but the key is to be mindful of the importance of investing a bit of you in each person you cherish. It doesn’t need to be a huge “deposit” each time; sometimes just a hug, a smile, or an ear is all that is required. Of course, relationships run on a two-way street; there is no honor in caring for everyone in your life but you, so always include Mom in the “circle of care.”

3. Can you give us a couple of secrets to success that your Alpha WAHMs have shared with you in your book?

Everyone who buys the book receives our bonus download, “This Way to Fulfillment: Entrepreneurs Open Up About What it Takes to Become a Successful Work-at-Home Parent.” In that report is a fantastic bit of advice from Craig Cannings of

“I always start with the Passion question first and will not go any further if my answer is an emphatic NO. ‘Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life’ is an important principle to live by for us home-based entrepreneurs!”

This aligns perfectly with a core message of my book which is basically “live your truth and the money will follow.”

Doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?

Karri Flatla has been a work at home mom for nearly 5 years. She started snap! virtual associates inc., a web marketing and copywriting firm, in 2005 so she could not only stay at home with her children but to avoid re-entering a workforce that squashed her creativity and smothered a deep need for independence. She is also the author of Alpha WAHM Blueprint: An Empowerment Guide for Work-at-Home Moms. Find out more about Karri and the work she does at

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