Social Media Resume – Lara P. Galloway 2010

Social Media Maven, Influential Engagement Marketer

Brief Biography:

Labelled by Forbes and Hubspot as a Top Entrepreneur to Follow on Twitter, Lara P. Galloway is the founder and business coach behind Mom Biz Coach, serving mom entrepreneurs all across the US and Canada. She possesses an intuitive sense of how consumers want to build relationships and develop trust with a brand before they buy and is highly regarded for her compassion, influence and pay-it-forward attitude.

The host of the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series and Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on BlogTalkRadio, Ms. Galloway has built a brand that is synonymous with trust, integrity, and know-how among her followers, and she has done this exclusively through the use of online networking and Social Media platforms over the last five years.

Galloway is frequently called upon by networking groups, women’s organizations, professional coaching organizations, marketing firms, and social media / new media conferences to share her strategy f0r engagement marketing. She knows the best way businesses can play big in competitive markets is by using Social Media to turn strangers into followers, followers into customers, and customers into your sales force (based on the wisdom of Seth Godin). She is passionate about leveraging Social Media across companies and across all online platforms. A seasoned coach, Ms. Galloway is comfortable speaking to individuals, groups and executives and capable of facilitating communication among these levels. Ms. Galloway believes Social Media is a strong compliment to traditional marketing, in-person networking and customer loyalty programs.