Twitter Power Strategies

ATTN: Small business owners, mompreneurs,
coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, speakers
and other solo professionals:

We’re curious:

~ Have you been on Twitter for a while but feel like you still don’t “get it?”

~ Are you wondering why so many others talk about how quick and easy it is to grow their businesses and find new clients using Twitter?

~ Do you find yourself getting lost and spending hours a day trying to build your list of followers and respond to their conversations?

~ Are you unsure what to tweet about, and worried you’ll offend your followers if you promote yourself and your business?

~ Would you like to learn a bunch of cool tricks and strategies to have you spend less time on Twitter, but accomplish more?

Lara and Christine want to teach you all of this, plus so much more.


Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach and Christine Gallagher of
have joined forces to present a hands-on, 90 minute interactive webinar!

  • You’ll learn how to use many simple tools and applications to:
  • Build your list of followers, as well as your visibility and credibility
  • Generate valuable tweets that bring you more followers and more warm leads
  • Include content from relevant sources to provide great information without you having to always create it yourself
  • Create automated Twitter campaigns to promote your business, events, special offers, etc., and to cross-market them on other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Use fun platforms that allow you to offer multimedia tweets to help you stand out and create a stronger relationship with your followers
  • In addition to these time-saving tools, we will also share our insider’s knowledge on the importance of creating and maintaining your community on Twitter, and especially how to avoid getting “black-balled” or blocked by other Twitter users.

Every person who registers will get:

  • An mp3 recording of the entire webinar
  • Checklists of all the tools, websites, applications that will be covered by Christine and Lara during the webinar in PDF format
  • A 20 minute brainstorming session with Lara and Christine (individually) to get your specific questions answered
  • The confidence and know-how to get business done on Twitter!

A bit about us . . .

Mom Biz Coach Lara Galloway is a sought-after expert to help mom entrepreneurs make more money doing work they love while taking care of their #1 priority: Family.

A certified life and business coach, Lara is dedicated to giving moms in business the tools, strategies and support they need to go from start-up to success on their own terms. She offers individual and group coaching along with her teleseminars, workshops, speaking engagements and frequent interviews. An ICF member, Lara was trained and certified by the ICF-approved organization Accomplishment Coaching in 2005.

After several years serving as a public relations consultant, trainer and sales executive for IBM, Lara transitioned to home life caring for her three children. As challenging and rewarding motherhood was, Lara still felt certain parts of her were not being fulfilled as a stay at home mom. After learning that other mothers felt the same, Lara decided to take her extensive experience from corporate America and her personal experience transitioning from corporate employee to mom to entrepreneur and become an advocate for moms everywhere to create meaningful work that inspires them.

She lives with her husband and three children under the age of seven in Windsor, Ontario, and coaches clients all across the US and Canada. She can be seen, heard and read on Twitter, BlogTalkRadio, Youtube, Ezinearticles and on many blogs including her own.

Christine Gallagher is an Online and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Coach. She teaches small business owners and professionals how to boost their business and their profits by using online marketing and social media tools to communicate effectively and authentically. Her mission is to teach others how to gain more time, money and freedom by leveraging the power of the Internet.

Her approach is based on simple ideas: when you focus on providing value, leveraging technology, and building your reputation as an expert in your industry, you will craft a flexible business which gives you the lifestyle and success you deserve.

Christine graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Broadcasting and Mass Media from Temple University in 2000 and went on to earn a double Masters in Information Systems and Information Science from Drexel University in 2003. She has been blogging on various platforms since 2004 and a self-confessed ‘Internet junkie’ since she was a teenager.

Prior to the launch of her company Full Pipeline Strategies, her career path was comprised of business, marketing and entrepreneurial endeavors including roles as an IT instructor, research analyst, media buyer, real estate investor and graphic designer.

As is the case with so many small business owners, she too struggled with effectively marketing her prior businesses. Traditional marketing methods, alone, were not working. She quickly realized that, in order to succeed, she had to learn how to gain consistent results by marketing online, the right way. It became clear that your marketing is just as important, if not more, than the mastery of your business.

As a result of her new understanding, she chose to launch a business whose sole purpose is to teach others how to achieve success online in much less time.

Christine works with a diverse selection of clients including professionals and entrepreneurs both in-person and virtually. She offers a variety of services including training sessions, workshops, webinars, coaching, consulting and teleseminars. Christine lives in southern New Jersey with her husband and two crazy cats.

Why are we so passionate about Twitter?

In the past year and a half, Christine has built a successful business she loves from scratch, made valuable contacts, grown her subscriber list, boosted her website traffic, secured speaking engagements and created much more visibility for herself with the help of social media – largely with Twitter. Through Twitter, Christine has been able to position herself as the go-to resource for solopreneurs, mompreneurs, coaches, virtual assistants and others who want to learn how to use social media in their biz without getting overwhelmed. She has built a following of business owners who were previously unsure how to leverage social media and now happily implement her simple tips with excellent results. Many of Christine’s clients come directly from Twitter and then spread the word there about her helpful services and products once they have worked with her!

In the nine months since Lara started using Twitter, it has become her most successful marketing and networking tool. In this short amount of time, she has built a powerful sphere of influence. Lara is currently one of the top ranked tweeters in Windsor, Canada with Ontario coming in a close second! She has over 8,500 followers and is ranked one of the top #FF (Follow Friday) people and one of the top people who gets retweeted on Twitter. What this means is that there are countless people out there in the twitterverse spreading the word about Lara and the great work she does, people Lara doesn’t even know. Her pipeline remains full of warm leads that find her on Twitter and get to know her through their conversations there. Nearly all of Lara’s new clients, joint ventures, and business opportunities come from Twitter! She has built an authentic presence on Twitter
and works extremely hard to help others (especially mom entrepreneurs) find their genuine voice and tweet with intention!

We’re ready to give up our “secrets” so that others can start seeing the results and opportunities that we have enjoyed. It’s time to take your tweeting to the next level!

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