9 Secrets

Are you a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer, leader or an expert in your field who’s struggling to get more clients?

Are people always telling you how great you are when they hear you speak or experience your work, but you’re still having a hard time getting hired?

Why is it that other experts in your field have such a steady stream of clients, while you’re up to your eyeballs trying to find the next one?

You know you’re an expert at what you do. You have the wisdom, the knowledge and the experience that could make your prospect’s lives so much better. But you can’t get enough speaking gigs, book contracts, workshop participants, or other paying clients to sign up to get this valuable information from you. Why not?

You may be thinking these are the reasons:

  • You’re not good enough.
  • You’re not established enough.
  • Your prices are too high.
  • Your target market just can’t afford you.
  • You didn’t do enough marketing.
  • Your competition is just too stiff.

But chances are, these have very little to do with why you’re offerings aren’t selling.

I went through this myself early on in my coaching business. I got my training and certification and was even told by my coaches and mentors that I had an innate ability as a coach. When people talked to me, they always told me how meaningful and powerful our conversations were to them. And they kept coming back for more since I was so darn helpful.

But when it came to getting paid for my services as a life coach, there were very few people knocking at my door to pay me for the exact same coaching and consulting I was offering others that proved to be life-changing for them. I couldn’t understand why.

One question began playing repeatedly in my mind:

“How can I find the people who most need me and who will gladly pay me what I deserve?”

The answer to that question (plus a whole lot more) is what I’m going to teach you in my newest teleclass:

9 Secrets to Help You Figure Out What Your Target Market Wants From You . . .

And What They’re Willing to Pay For

This three-week teleclass begins on April 14th from 8-9:30pm ET.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Day 1 (April 14th): How to use Social Media to “listen to” your target market

Day 2 (April 21st): How to be visible and credible to your target market

Day 3 (April 28th): How to present your offering so your target market is compelled to buy it

The regular price of the course will be $77, but this is the first time I’m offering it, so I’m giving an introductory price of just $25 to anyone who registers by Friday, 4/9 at midnight. Just think of how much time, effort, energy and money this three-week class can save you! And all you need to attend is a telephone, a notebook and a pen.

Click here to register!

As an added bonus, I’ll send you my checklist: “20 Things You Must Know to Successfully Engage Your Market and Get Them to Scoop Up Everything You Offer.”

Go ahead and grab that special rate by registering now. You’ll receive a confirmation email and all the call-in details immediately upon registering!

I look forward to “seeing you” on the calls!

Lara Galloway

The Mom Biz Coach


P.S. This teleclass is *F*R*E*E* for members of the Mom Biz Makeover Program. Just email lara@mombizcoach.com to confirm your registration and get the call-in information!

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