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Are you looking for a community of like-minded women who like talking business, babies, and how to grow and manage them both successfully? Could you use some small business, entrepreneurial, or business development tips that actually make sense for mompreneurs? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to wind (and “wine”) down at the end of the day and want to spend it socializing and connecting with other mom entrepreneurs like you.

The #MomBizMondays twitter chats are for you! Join us on Twitterland Monday nights after you put the kids to bed. Each week we will be talking about topics, issues, how-tos, help, tips & tricks for mompreneurs to do their jobs easier and better!

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Monday November 14th 2011

How to Coordinate and Collaborate at Work and at Home
On this week’s #MomBizMondays chat, we’re going to tell our mompreneur friends some of our favorite collaboration tricks. There’s never been a better time to run a successful mombiz than today, when we have so many powerful, easy and inexpensive ways to connect with people who can help us, no matter where they are located on the globe.



November 7th, 2011: Surviving and Managing Holiday Stress as a Mompreneur


We are mompreneurs who guide, coach and mentor other mom entrepreneurs to grow their businesses as they manage their family lives. Our community is made up of digitally-savvy women who are also the chief of household purchases for their families. They know how to search for the solutions to their problems online, and they appreciate it when businesses they buy from connect with them, listen to them, and support them.

The women who participate in the #MomBizMondays chats would love to hear from brands who have programs, products and services that directly benefit them. We talk a lot of technology since most of us rely heavily on it to balance and juggle our work life with our family life. (We also rely heavily on coffee!)

We need resources that help us multi-task, automate, delegate, outsource and re-purpose in our businesses, and we need help managing our precious time so we can spend more of it with our families, and less of it finding clients and making money. Help us make our families stronger, our homes happier, our businesses more profitable. Help a mompreneur and you help her family and her community. And you know how we moms are…we’ll tell a friend, and she’ll tell her friend…and you get a lot of word-of-mom referrals that help you grow your business!

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