Mom Biz Makeover Files

Business Plan Teleseminar with Melodie Lane ~ In this download, Lara interviews Melodie Lane, a single mom of four children and National Marketing Manager for the One Page Business Plan Company. You won’t want to miss this information-packed hour in which Lara asks Melodie to give us the scoop on why working moms need a business plan, how to create one that reflects your definition of success, and understanding how an effective business plan equals results. Having my WAHMs create a business plan themselves is a foundational step in my coaching practice. The One Page Business Plan is the template I have all my clients use because it is simple and effective. Learn why this isn’t just something “the big companies” should care about, and why not having one could be the very thing standing between you and the success you deserve.

Mom Biz Makeover Roadmap to Success ~ This Roadmap gives you a snapshot of the content we’ll be covering in our e-courses each week.
Six Signs a Mompreneur Biz is Headed for Failure ~ Mompreneurs get into business for themselves for a variety of reasons, but usually because we wanted freedom and flexibility to focus on our priorities (like family) above all else. While these are two great goals to have for mompreneurs, they can also be the exact reason that we create businesses that aren’t built to last. Learn how to distinguish these six signs so you can create a powerful mompreneur business that fits into your lifestyle.
Top Mistakes Work at Home Moms Make ~Listen in as Lara shares her top mistakes work at home mom’s make.
April 21 Group Coaching Call
April 7 Teleclass and Group Coaching Call

Making your Marriage Work with your Business with Alisa Bowman

In this download, Lara interviews Alisa Bowman, the mom, wife, blogger and self-help expert behind Project Happily Everafter. You won’t want to miss this hour of snarky wit and authentic sharing to help you learn how to make your marriage work with your business. Having your partner or spouse on board with your vision is critical to every mompreneur’s success.
March 17 Open Coaching Call
March 3rd Mastermind Call
May 19 Group Coach Call
May 5 Group Coaching Call (with focus on Engagement Marketing)
Motherhood: A Reality Check~Today’s Audio Blog Topic is “Motherhood: A reality check.” After watching a recent Oprah episode that had mothers telling all their secrets, I have been thinking a lot about how motherhood changes each of us. How has it changed you? How does being a mom impact your self image?
One Page Business Plan Template
Revenue Time Model Template ~ This is the excel spreadsheet template my coach, Shawn Driscoll, developed and shared with me. The idea is to take into consideration first how many hours per week/month you’d like to spend working IN your business (we aren’t including anything about the time you spend working ON your business, since that doesn’t earn you revenue.). For me, I have allocated about 6 hrs/week or 24 hrs/month to work with clients and make money.  Then, take a look at all the services/programs you offer. List them all in the of the spreadsheet. The column to the left of each of the services you have listed is where you determine what percentage of your time you want to spend doing each of your services. For me, I choose to spend about 25% of my time doing Business Strategy Sessions, 25% of my time doing the Mom Biz Makeover Program, and 50% of my time doing teleseminars, consulting, mentoring services. The spreadsheet will compute how many of your total client work hours that percentage you choose equates to, so you can see how many hours per week/month you actually have to spend doing these services, and how much money you can make given the time you spend working on each of these things. I recommend you save a blank copy before you start your work (to make sure you don’t mess up any of the formulas that are programmed in). Then open another copy and save it as your revenue model where you actually enter in your information. If you’d like to schedule one of your private coaching sessions with me to go over this, or if you feel you’re ready for a more robust Business Strategy Session with me, just email me and we’ll set that up. Have fun playing with this and seeing how you can take control of how you spend your money-making time and your income.