How I Work

My Philosophy for Supporting Moms in Business

My passion is to support you. I want to play your game, by your rules, and to help you win the results you want. I offer coaching and consulting to women who are thinking about starting up their own businesses or who are already running their own show but need some refocusing to reach their goals.

You already know that working for yourself is probably the biggest step toward having what you want: more time with your family, a flexible schedule to be there when your family needs you and to work when you’re ready, an outlet for your creative energy and your ambition, more money to spend on the lifestyle that is important to you, or financial security in an economy that isn’t incredibly generous these days.

And you know what it takes to be a successful mother, the anchor of the family, the biggest influence on your children.

All of my coaching and consulting services are geared toward creating harmony among these two worlds. And a prerequisite for that is to first make you successful at your business.

Drawing on my background in Corporate America and my experiences as an entrepreneur, I can help you get your business where you want it faster and more easily. I have no doubt that you have all the wisdom, knowledge and experience you need to do this yourself. My role is to help you clarify your goals, then develop a plan of action, and hold you accountable so you can make it happen. Along the way I will be helping you with your personal development, since your attitudes and habits play a major role in determining your success.

I am happy to provide expert mentoring in the following areas:

  • choosing your perfect niche
  • determining your target market
  • creating products and programs from your services / offerings
  • using Social Media tools, blogging, podcasting, article and video marketing to increase your visibility
  • developing passive revenue streams
  • figuring out what your target market wants to pay for
  • how to distinguish yourself from your competition
  • how to attract your ideal clients
  • personal branding, marketing and networking
  • creating a wealth plan and budgeting for it
  • teaching you to “get out of your own way” and sell yourself
  • setting fees and accepting them

All of my services are offered over the phone and via email. I work all over the United States and Canada and make arrangements so my clients never pay long distance or international charges.

If you’d like to try working with me, I offer a free 30-minute laser coaching session. Click here to email me and set that up.