Work with Lara

Lara Galloway Mom Biz Coach

Private Coaching and Mentoring With Lara

Get the results you want. Find the time for your priorities. Make money doing purposeful work. Be confident and proud of your achievements. Become the known and trusted expert for your niche. Attract your ideal clients who are thrilled to pay you what you’re worth. Be successful without the guilt.

Individual Coaching Prices

Meetings per MonthLength of MeetingInvestment per Month
Four30 minutes$400
Three60 minutes$600
Four60 minutes$800

What to expect

Each time we have a call, we’ll spend the full time talking about what you’ve accomplished since our last call, and the action steps you’ll take before our next chat. I’m available between calls by email and text, but I trust my clients not to abuse that privilege (I have other responsibilities, too).

I’m great at helping business owners figure out what they love about their business and how to balance that with what else they have going on. We’ll talk about where you’re going, what your target market is, how to reach them, how to grow your business, what you can delegate, when it’s time to hire, when you might need to pivot, and a whole host of other issues and questions.

Should you hire me?


  • You’ve done everything you know how to do, but you can’t get where you want to go.
  • You are “successful”, but not happy.
  • You struggle with time management due to all your roles and responsibilities.

Not right now

  • The thing you need most right now is keeping things the same.
  • You don’t have the time right now to commit to our work together.
  • You can’t pay the rent/mortgage if you pay for coaching. (Check out my book, blog, and podcast for FREE coaching!)


Interested in hiring me to speak to your group or at your conference? I love to keynote, moderate a panel, and lead workshops on a variety of topics that serve mom entrepreneurs. I can do this virtually (through webinars, Skype, livestreaming, and conferencing services) or in person. See my speaking page for more information.