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Get the results you want. Find the time for your priorities. Make money doing purposeful work. Be confident and proud of your achievements. Become the known and trusted expert for your niche. Attract your ideal clients who are thrilled to pay you what you’re worth. Be successful without the guilt.

Individual Coaching Prices

Meetings per MonthLength of MeetingInvestment per Month
Four30 minutes$400
Three60 minutes$600
Four60 minutes$800

Should you hire me?


  • You’ve done everything you know how to do, but you can’t get where you want to go.
  • You are “successful”, but not happy.
  • You struggle with time management due to all your roles and responsibilities.

Not right now

  • The thing you need most right now is keeping things the same.
  • You don’t have the time right now to commit to our work together.
  • You can’t pay the rent/mortgage if you pay for coaching. (Check out my book, blog, and podcast for FREE coaching!)

M3: Mindset | Management | Marketing Program

No matter what stage of business you’re in, what you sell, and how long you’ve been in business, your success will be determined by how well you handle challenges, make decisions, manage your time and resources, and market yourself to your your audience.

As a mom of three, a successful business owner, and a life and business coach to thousands of women since 2005, I know the challenges you face and I can help you solve them. While there are many business gurus and consultants out there who can tell you how to do just about anything, I know that you’re not really stuck on knowing “how” to do something. You’re actually getting stuck on “why” you’re doing something, or even “what” you’re supposed to do in the first place. I help mom entrepreneurs make big decisions about their lives, their families and their businesses. Because they are all related. We can’t just put each element of our lives in a box and hope it stays there. My gift is helping you blend your priorities in all areas of your life, helping you create a vision of success that integrates all of who you are, developing a plan to get you there, and holding you accountable for what you want.

I live on social media. My brand wouldn’t be the go-to resource for mom entrepreneurs that it is if it weren’t for Twitter, Facebook, BlogTalkRadio and YouTube. I have been cited by Forbes, More Magazine, WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit, Fox News in Lansing, The Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Business and many bloggers and online lists as a top expert for Social Media Marketing and Entrepreneurship. If you want to know how to create an authentic brand that attracts exactly the perfect customers for you, I’m your mentor.

I’d love to work with you if you’re ready to commit to your success. I only take a handful of private coaching clients on each year. If you’re serious about creating the life you love and a business that supports it, contact me for a complimentary discovery call.

Click here to learn What to Expect From Coaching With Lara Galloway. You’ll find answers to most of the questions you have here.

“Working with Lara has helped me discover who I am in my business & in my life. I finally feel the freedom to be “real” vs perfect, which people are responding to so much more. She has helped me realize that taking care of myself helps me take care of others. I am now only saying yes to opportunities that align with my priorities and actually realize who my target market is! Lara has helped me realize that you can be happy & balanced as a wife, mom and person–and have a rockin’ business! I am so grateful for all she has taught me & am seeing incredible results in my business! Thank you for all you are doing in my life! so grateful for your gifts as a coach, mentor and friend!”
Tammy Schwartz
Nutritionist, Health Coach
Sioux Creek Wellness


“Lara is not only mom of the day, but a mom of the year. I am also in her Mom Biz Mastery Mastermind and it is one of my favorite hours of the week! Lara has not only become a wonderful friend, but she is an inspiration to me in how she models having a business she loves and is amazing at, while at the same time being an involved, dedicated and loving mother.”

– Nicola Ries Taggart, NicolaTaggart.com


“I decided to sign up for a Business Strategy Session with Lara because I felt stuck and directionless in terms of where and how I wanted to take my business. I know I’m doing what I love but I needed a new business model. I’d spent months scheming up different components and things I’d like to do but had no clarity around the “bigger picture” and how everything fit in. I knew that I needed to take some big steps in 2010 and I didn’t want to start the new year without a clear vision, plan and concrete to-do steps, I was ready for action. What I really wanted to get from my conversation with Lara was validation that I was in fact on the right track and based on her experience could/will have a profitable business while still being a hands on mom to my 2.5 yr old and 6 mo old.

I walked away from my call with Lara feeling inspired, empowered and confident. She did not let me play small or sell out on my self, in fact she called me out of my safe little “do nothing” space and encouraged me to go for the big thing and to trust that I had what it takes to achieve it. In fact it was during this call that I outlined my signature program which will be launched in Sept 2010. This is something I thought would be years down the road and now I’m taking the steps to make it a reality for this year.

If you are confused about what you’re doing, where your business is going, or feel like you need a better business model to help you achieve more financial prosperity then you need to call Lara. She’s a mom and a very successful business woman and she gets it. She truly has a gift at being able to see the bigger picture for yourself and your business and will help you define the steps you need to take to get you there. She has many tools in her tool kit and I can guarantee you’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next.”

-Jennifer Powter, JenniferPowter.com


Jen Gilbert MBA testimonial


Interested in hiring me to speak to your group or at your conference? I love to keynote, moderate a panel, and lead workshops on a variety of topics that serve mom entrepreneurs. I can do this virtually (through webinars, Skype, livestreaming, and conferencing services) or in person. See my speaking page for more information.