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Everything I offer is tailored to support mom entrepreneurs like you! My particular coaching style is a blend of business coaching and life coaching to help you achieve the work/family balance you need and the success you deserve.

I offer:

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right coaching option for you. First, think about how much energy, time and motivation you have to implement changes right now. Private coaching is the fastest road to change since it is totally driven by you.

Then consider whether you need and want the support of a group of mompreneurs who totally get you. Many mompreneurs lack the support of a group of people who understand them and can brainstorm with them. The Mom Biz Academy Program is for moms who are fairly new to running their own businesses, and gives you the chance to learn and grow in a community of your peers. The relationships built in this mompreneur coaching program usually extends well beyond the program itself!

Group coaching for mom entrepreneurs

The Mom Biz Academy

I know you don’t have time to go back to school and study things like economics and statistics in order to learn some basic business essentials you need to know. Furthermore, those classes still won’t teach you some of the time management, work/life balance, and planning and goal-setting skills you need as a mom entrepreneur to run a successful business while raising a family. The Mom Biz Academy is “The MBA for Mompreneurs,” and in it I teach you all the skills mentioned above, plus all the strategies that save my sanity as a mom and a business owner, like how to build your brand on social media, what to put in your product funnel, how to market yourself using podcasting and vlogging, and how to get over the fear of promoting yourself. Plus, you get a community of your peers who may just have the bright idea or suggestion you need to make your next goal a reality! And it’s set up for a mompreneur budget at just $47/mo., making that some of the most affordable business coaching on the planet!



Private coaching for mompreneurs

Want a customized coaching offering that is tailored to exactly where you are in your journey as a mompreneur? This option is best for moms who run services-based businesses and have been in business for between one and five years.

I’ll be your partner, your coach, your mentor and your advisor. We’ll figure out what patterns you have that cause you to get stuck at a certain level, and we’ll create a strategy that gives you a clear path to your goals. We clarify your values, develop your business plan, determine the appropriate marketing (and social media) strategy for you and your business, find the appropriate online and offline joint ventures and collaborators with you, and get you following a plan of action with lots of accountability and support from me.

Have you lost all your boundaries between work and family? Are you working every spare minute the kids don’t need you (and multi-tasking when they do need you)? Are your sales hitting a plateau or declining, but you don’t know why? Wondering how to deal with your competitors? Feeling like you don’t know what new services and products to create for your clients? I can help. I’m passionate about helping you find a way to make money doing what you do (and what you enjoy) best. And I want you to have multiple, passive streams of income so you can spend more time with your family, but make more money than you are now (or ever have before).

Sound like what you need? I can only accept a few private coaching clients each year, since partnering with you is important to me. If you are interested in this customized approach, the fee for two 60-minute sessions is $597 per month for a minimum of six months. Please email me for an application: lara (at) mombizcoach (dot) com

Mentoring BlogTalkRadio/Podcasting/Teleseminars

Trying something new can be daunting, but there’s no doubt how important and powerful audio marketing can be for your business. I’m willing to guide you and help you make all the right choices that meet your needs. I’ll even “hold your hand” if you need me to and if it will help you get on the air!

I’m happy to mentor you on the following topics (to name a few):

  • Choosing the best vehicle for your goals
  • Understanding how to integrate “your voice” into all of your marketing and product funnels
  • How to set up your show, podcast or teleseminar and even how to edit your mp3 files later
  • How to find guests for your show and what to do to make sure that your live interview goes well
  • How to run your switchboard and manage unwanted/unruly callers
  • How to get your podcasts,BlogTalkRadio Show episodes, teleseminars and other audio files onto your website
  • How to build your list with your radio show/podcast/teleseminar
  • And anything else you can think of that has to do with you speaking to your target audience via the web

I’ll do whatever it takes to get you on the air and feeling successful as a show host, podcaster or leader of teleseminars!

Book your session now and give your audience another way to get to know, like and trust you. Fee per each 60-minute session: $297

Business Strategy Session

Are you exhausted trying to figure out how to make your business profitable? Have you tried a dozen different things in the last year or two and know that you haven’t landed on the right one yet? Are you clear that your work has to be meaningful and purposeful while at the same time easy, fun and financially rewarding, but are you lost when it comes to how to create that?

One problem that trips up many of us mompreneurs is that we are very talented, very competent and interested in a lot of different things. So we have a hard time determining the business that is the best fit for us. Instead, we try doing a little of this, a little of that, and we feel like we aren’t making any progress. Our hearts are aching, our families get frustrated with us, and we’re just sick of not making money. I’ve been through this, too! What if you could finally find the key that opened the door to the RIGHT business for you, one that made your heart sing, made you happy to leap out of bed in the morning, and made you a lot of money?

I know that you need your work to be meaningful and purposeful. I know you need to really leverage the skills that you already have. I know that you need your work to relieve stress, not cause it. This business strategy session is designed to help you create a business that does all that.

My clients come away from this INTENSE two-hour strategy session FIRED UP to get into focused action, because we come up with the RIGHT plan that uses their strengths, their skills and fits into their lifestyle. It is so much fun and such a relief to finally get the answers you knew were there for you, but haven’t been able to get to.

Upon registering for this strategy session, you’ll receive an assessment from me that you answer and return to me prior to our call. I’ll review it and do the appropriate research on your websites, blogs, social media sites, etc. as well as some research on your competitors and your target market. During our call, I’ll play the role of business advisor, coach and mentor and give you straight answers, clear feedback and expert advice to get you going in the right direction. I literally “pull” your business plan and business model out of you during our session! I know you’ve got it in you! I record the call and send it to you so you don’t have to worry about taking notes while we’re talking, exploring and creating. After our call, I send you a one-to-two page write up of my notes and a summary of my suggestions, resources, and next steps.

The fee for the Business Strategy Session is $797. You can make your payment in full or choose the two-payment option. For the latter, your first payment is due at time of booking, and your second payment is due no more than three days after our call. The recording of our session and my notes will be sent to you upon full payment.

Full Payment – $797.00

Two-Payments – $398.50


Straight talk business consulting with Lara. This package includes three 30-minute sessions that can be combined or spread out however you wish. This package is best for mompreneurs who need help on a small, focused area, such as: creating a business plan, incorporating Social Media into your overall Marketing Plan, developing your Product Funnel, creating a workshop or teleseminar series, etc., or for Lara’s past clients who need a short “tune up.”

Package includes three 30-minute sessions for $525.

Twitter profile review

Have you been spending a lot of time on twitter and just find that you can’t get past the noise? Or are you figuring it out little by little but wondering why you’re not getting more followers? And just what do those followers want from you, anyway? How can you promote your business without coming across as a spammer on twitter? What does an effective social media campaign look like for mompreneurs? How can you learn to attract your ideal clients by getting them engaged with who you are and what you have to offer?

Twitter is my office for a very good reason–I get about 95% of my clients from twitter. In my Twitter Profile Review, I analyze your business, your website, your online presence and your twitter profile and then work with you on your intentions for marketing your business powerfully on twitter. You come away with a clear purpose, a how-to strategy for attracting the right clients to you, and a plan for developing your credibility and visibility on this massively powerful platform. And I tell you how to do it in about 60 minutes a day.

Fee for the Twitter Profile Review is $275 per hour.


To find out more about the do-it-yourself e-Learning options I offer, click here.