How to get a blogger’s undivided attention

I just returned from New York City and the mega-conference that is BlogHer. Holy Mama! So many bloggers, so many brands, so many sessions, so many friends…

Introducing Qwiki and The Dry Bar

It can be very hard to focus on ANYTHING when you’re in the midst of 4,500 women and nearly as many brands vying for their attention.
In the one-minute video below, I share how one brand did it right.

Play the Qwiki: How to get undivided attention at BlogHer

 Did a brand reach out to you at the conference? Did you like the way they pitched you, or would you like to give them a few tips about how to get your attention next time? Share your comments below.

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Is Your Social Media Strategy Relevant to Your Target Audience?

What is your intention when you tweet and post updates to your Facebook Page? Are you just out there chatting? Want to share your insights and perspective on the things that interest you? Want to make friends that share your hobbies? And what about business–are you trying to find clients, JV partners, and to keep your current and past customers engaged? How is what you post online affecting your brand?

Watch this three-minute video and get some tips on how to use Social Media to build your brand.

So what’s your intention when you tweet and post to Facebook and LinkedIn? Please share your comments below.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of Intersection Consulting via flickr Creative Commons
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One of Those Mompreneur Days

Today is one of those days where I don’t think I’ll be contending for the Mother of the Year Award. In this video, I share how being a coach and a mompreneur help me be a better mother to my children.

Have you had one of those days? Does your work help complete you and fill you up so you can be a better mom? I’d love your comments below.

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How to Handle Breakdowns

Every mom entrepreneur I know experiences a breakdown of some sort from time to time. Maybe you lost your cool and spanked your kid. Or you didn’t get hired by that prospect you thought just loved your work. Or perhaps your husband forgot your birthday or said something that really hurt.

When things don’t go the way you want them to, that’s a breakdown. How do you handle them? What do you do to resolve them? Do you have a method to help you get unstuck, to get back on track, or do you avoid the person or the situation that caused the breakdown like the plague?

I have a simple method that helps me get unstuck and back in control after a breakdown. I share it in the five-minute video below.


Is this something you can use? Do you have another method? Please share your comments below.

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