Get People To Listen To You

get people to listen to you

If you’ve been around the MomBiz community at all, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of building relationships that in turn build your business.  Now a fundamental piece of relationship building is communication, which involves both clearly articulating your thoughts and the art of listening.  … [Read more...]

5 Strategies For A Successful Small Business

5 Strategies For a Successful Small Business

Today we are going to jump right into five of what I think are the most important strategies for a successful small business.  More than just five steps, these strategies will help shape your mindset with a philosophy geared toward helping mompreneurs like you really grab onto and focus on a … [Read more...]

Pick A New Marketing Path


Marketing.  It’s a critical piece of what we do as mompreneurs.  But marketing is one of those things that we can have a tendency to get stuck in—that we check off our ever-increasing list of to-dos and just move on to bigger and better things once we find something that works—like, “Oh, marketing?  … [Read more...]

How to get a blogger’s undivided attention


I just returned from New York City and the mega-conference that is BlogHer. Holy Mama! So many bloggers, so many brands, so many sessions, so many friends... Introducing Qwiki and The Dry Bar It can be very hard to focus on ANYTHING when you're in the midst of 4,500 women and nearly as many … [Read more...]

#MomBizMondays: Social Media Power Tools for Busy Mompreneurs


  TOPIC: Social Media Power Tools for Busy Mompreneurs Welcome back, Mom Biz Owners! Hope you took some time off to enjoy your friends and family over the holidays. Here at Mom Biz Coach, we "go dark" during the holidays and are just now re-surfacing and re-connecting with our online … [Read more...]

Conquer Your Fear of Marketing: How to Sell Yourself When You’re a Mom Entrepreneur

fear of marketing

  Are you too scared to market yourself? Do you struggle with selling yourself or your products? Are negative thoughts running through your head? You’re not alone. Nearly every mom entrepreneur feels a little afraid of selling herself and promoting her business. Let’s … [Read more...]

How to Make Twitter Marketing Fun and Interesting


Marketing does not have to be “boh-ring”. Especially when you’re marketing an event or promoting a product on Twitter. Here are a few quick ideas to help you spice things up and boost business as well when promoting on Twitter: Host a Twitter Party Twitter parties are a great way to make … [Read more...]

Want to See Your Successful Mom Biz in a Magazine?

>>>>Winners announced here!<<<< Mompreneurs define success in a lot of different ways, and part of my job as a coach is helping each of my clients to determine how she will measure her own success. What does success look like for you? Do you include factors that measure … [Read more...]

How to Grow Your Business on Social Media

Lara Galloway keynote speaker on Social Media for Business

I had such a great time traveling to Grand Junction, Colorado, to be the keynote speaker for the Mesa County Women's Group last week. The topic was: "Your Business in a Social Media World: What You Need to Grow and Prosper." I was delighted to have a full room of 150 local entrepreneurs and … [Read more...]

Is Your Social Media Strategy Relevant to Your Target Audience?


What is your intention when you tweet and post updates to your Facebook Page? Are you just out there chatting? Want to share your insights and perspective on the things that interest you? Want to make friends that share your hobbies? And what about business--are you trying to find clients, JV … [Read more...]