Busting Mindset Blocks – Getting Out of Your Own Way

When you are going into business for yourself, you are bound to run into some pretty serious obstacles. The biggest obstacle may end up being your own boss. Being your own boss is a mindset. You need to learn whole new skills when it comes to self-discipline. Your mindset blocks can keep you from having the success you are looking for with your business—which is why we’re going to spend some time busting up some of the most common mindset blocks. A mindset block is a belief you have that keeps you from succeeding that you may not even realize you have. Once you have identified and broken through these mindset blocks, you’ll be able to succeed at a whole new level.

Learning the tasks you need to do from day to day to run your business is all skill-based: you can do it, or you can even outsource it. BUT, your mindset is something you can’t outsource and it may be something you have to spend time practicing. It will set the stage for what is and is not possible. Your beliefs about your ability to be a mom and business owner simultaneously will ultimately doom your business to failure or set it up for massive success. If deep down you feel as though you can not succeed at your business, you are not going to take the action your business needs in order to succeed.

Realizing that you need a mindset shift is one of the biggest parts of changing your mindset. Many entrepreneurs out there have no idea that their mindset is holding their business back. It is very important to look to see if you have any limiting beliefs about the progression of your business. You may feel deep down that it is impossible for you to really succeed in your business while also being a good mom. This is a common example of a mindset block that you have to bust through before you can expect to be successful in your business.

Understanding your current mindset is the step in your journey toward success. You need to assess where you are mentally in regards to your business. If you are dealing with some major conflicts in your belief system, take a moment to address these issues. Ask yourself why you feel as though you couldn’t be a great mom and an awesome entrepreneur at the same time (or whatever block you have found). Look deeper at your mindset and keep asking questions about why you have that belief. For this particular mindset, try setting some mom metrics to help you measure!

If you are trying to take your business to the next level, you need to take your mindset to the next level. This is the only way that you are going to find true success—however you define it. Having trouble identifying or breaking through some of your mindset blocks? Get in touch. I’m great at finding and helping you conquer whatever blocks you’re struggling with!

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Prioritizing Your Health

We hear it all the time. “You SHOULD prioritize your health.” “You SHOULD exercise.” “You SHOULD eat right.” Well, I’d like to propose that prioritizing your health is not at all about what you SHOULD do. It’s about what’s right for YOU—what you need, want, and works for your stage in life, business, and family. I think most of us do WANT to prioritize our health, at least to some degree or another; however, many things get in the way of putting that motivation into practice. Let’s address some of the most common issues that can present as challenges to putting ourselves first when it comes to our health.

What is the main obstacle to you making your health a priority?

  1. Work. If work is what’s keeping you from taking the time to take care of yourself, it’s time to make some boundaries. I think we can all agree that when it comes to work, especially as mom entrepreneurs, we could work 24/7 and still not run out of things to do. Make your schedule. Stick to it. When “work time” is over… it’s actually over! Feel free to move on to what’s next—time for family, time for hobbies, time for healthy meal prep, time for YOU!
  2. Family. If family is what’s keeping you from making your health a priority, it’s time to ask for help. Running a business is hard, especially when yourkids are young and depend on you for nearly everything. If you can’t afford a full time babysitter or daycare, or it’s just important to you to be available to your children, consider utilizing a “mother’s helper.” Pay a trustworthy pre-teen in the neighborhood a few dollars an hour to simply play with your kids for a little while so you can take a walk or pop in an exercise video or work on preparing a healthy dinner. Taking that well deserved break can make all the difference in your productivity and your health, both physical and mental!
  3. Busyness. If it feels like much of your day is occupied by shuttling kids, meeting with clients, busting out deadlines, it’s time to plan ahead. It can be challenging to take the time to eat well. When you’re in the car and your stomach is rumbling, that fast food “restaurant” at the next light is a very real temptation. When you’re chained to your desk and the clock is ticking, anything quick, from a box or a bag, may be your first instinct. But there are ways around that processed food trap. Try throwing an extra large smoothie together in the morning and drinking half for breakfast and the other half for a snack later. Have veggies and fruits cut up in the fridge, along with some healthful dipping options like hummus or yogurt dip. String cheese or nuts are handy options for portable snacks that pack a high protein punch to satisfy hunger on the go and keep the urge for junk at bay. A little creativity and a bit of planning is all it takes to set yourself up for success!

So wherever you are and whatever your biggest challenges to prioritizing your health, there are steps you can take to a healthier, happier you. Make a goal. Make it a small one. Make a change toward health because it’s important to you. You’re worth it!

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10 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach: Part 2

Reasons to Hire a Life CoachWhy should you hire a life coach? If you missed my previous blog post, you can find it HERE. We talked about how a coach can help you establish boundaries, expectations, critical time-management strategies, communication techniques, and business and marketing plans—all toward your goal of being a successful mompreneur. If you’re still not convinced… stick around—the day is young—and these next five points really dig into some of the biggest issues we face as moms in the marketplace.

Let’s dive right into our next five reasons to hire a life coach:

6. Focus. Now I know that may sound simple, but mompreneurs are notorious for virtually bursting at the seams with creativity, great ideas, ambition, and passion. So often we are running as hard as we can, working as many hours as possible. Many times we do not get adequate rest or we’re not really spending quality time with our family. So while we’re working so hard at our business, without some external focus to keep us rooted and grounded in our goals, becoming frazzled, overwhelmed, or even stuck are very real dangers. Having that outsider’s perspective is key, and sometimes it can be just the thing you need to help you stop spinning your wheels and get you moving forward again.

7. Get out of your own way. I mentioned being stuck, right? So many of us have hang-ups when it comes to being able to really “sell” ourselves or our businesses. We may pay money to advertise in a magazine or directory, but when it comes to face-to-face contact, we often allow that to become a wedge that can stall our progress in a major way. A life coach can help you get out of your own way and back on the path toward business development, growth and success.

8. Commitment. I know some of you are probably groaning right now. Please hear me out. We all struggle with this to some degree or another. It’s the allure of the “next new thing,” isn’t it? We get interested, we get started… and then some other bright, shiny object comes along and all of a sudden we’re not as committed as we thought we were. Well, if you’re going to be a real, true, honest-to-goodness business owner, you are going to need some stickiness. So what a coach can do is help you practice making commitments and sticking to them by providing accountability, something that is often lacking in our adult lives, but also something that can take us to that next level when it comes to being a successful business owner and mompreneur.

9. Celebrate. Who doesn’t love to celebrate, right? As a coach, I am here to sing your praises, to shout, “Woohoo!” and to cheer you on when you do a good job. Often we just do not get enough acknowledgement from those who are closest to us. We, as mompreneurs, need to hear that we are being successful along the way. A life coach will celebrate those successes with you, and train you to recognize them yourself. I promise that will be the thing that helps lift you up when times get tough.

10. Accept the path you are on. One of the things I believe strongly in is that wherever you are is where you need to be. You know exactly what you need to know. You are having exactly the experience you need right now—tough as it may be—in order to get you to that next place down the road. A coach—and this is one of my favorite things I do as a coach—can help you see that whatever you are going through is actually the perfect next step for where you are headed. Knowing that is such a support and really a firm foundation on which to build your business.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have been thinking about whether a life coach might be right for you, these are some really great points to ponder.

I love hearing from you! What about you—have you worked with a life coach? What has been your experience? Have you evaluated these points in your own life?

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10 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach: Part 1

10 Reasons to Hire a Life CoachA lot of the mompreneurs I’ve worked with in my coaching career have told me that they spent quite a bit of time thinking about hiring me before actually taking the leap and doing it. Some weren’t exactly sure what life coaching was about or what a coaching relationship would look like. Some even admitted to feeling embarrassed about hiring a coach to support them, almost as if it meant they were a failure at doing what they wanted to do or being who they wanted to be in life. Well, over the next couple of blog posts, we’re going to talk about this. So if you want to be successful on your own terms, create a business that works even when you don’t, get the buy-in and support you need from your spouse and family, and spend quality time with your kids… read on!

Here are the first five reasons you should hire a life coach:

1. Boundaries. It goes without saying that time management is always going to be our #1 problem as mompreneurs because we’ve signed up for two completely full-time-with-overtime-no-time-off jobs. It’s just hard for one person to do all of that! So one of the first things I do when I work with someone is help create some boundaries. We do this by creating an “ideal schedule,” which identifies your top moneymaking talent—where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck—and then incorporates systems and routines so that you are not just aimlessly trying to work whenever you get the chance (like when the family is eating dinner or the kids are asleep or they’re at a soccer game and you’re multitasking like crazy), but learning to really focus and be intentional with your time.

2. Expectations. Once you set some boundaries, you can begin to set expectations with your family, clients, colleagues, vendors, and friends. Now everybody in your life knows that you work on certain days at certain hours, and conversely, they also know that you have downtime with your family on certain days at certain hours. Being clear with these expectations enables you to meet the expectations of others in your life without having to constantly negotiate schedules and priorities.

3. Critical time-management strategies. We talked a little bit about creating an ideal schedule, but beyond that, we need to figure out what your high pay-off actions are, how to set those high pay-off actions as one of the first things you do each day, and then how to handle errands and to-do lists of things that are not time-critical—things like housework or grocery shopping—all those “extra” things you do as a mother. We need to figure out how to incorporate all of that rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go away. If I can teach you some critical time-management strategies, I am absolutely certain I can give you more of your time to do what you want to do with your life instead of always trying to figure out where to grab a few more minutes.

4. Communication techniques. This is so, so, so important because you need the support of your spouse and your kids; you need your clients to respond well to you; you need your vendors to be on the same page as you. Communication is key to all of that. There are so many of us that have, for one reason or another, developed some unhealthy, unproductive, or just plain ineffective communication strategies. These are the sorts of things a coach can help you work on to make sure you are communicating clearly, in such a way that you get what you want, be it support from your spouse, understanding and love from your kids, or a new project from a client.

5. Business and marketing plans. I could go on and on and on about this point, but it’s one that many mompreneurs don’t want to hear a lot about. People are fundamentally scared of creating business and marketing plans, perhaps because there is something almost terrifying about writing your goals down on paper, especially if you have a fear of failure, and let’s be honest—who doesn’t? But this is so critical to the long-term success of your business. You cannot do it without a plan. I hope this has piqued your interest and perhaps even answered a few of the questions you have about just what all this life-coaching business is about anyway. If so, stay tuned—for five more reasons you should hire a life coach.

Talk to me! Which of these five points resonates with you? What could you use some help with?

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Is Coaching Worth Paying For?

I coach a lot of mompreneur coaches–women who have experienced the value of coaching in their own lives firsthand and who are now committed to helping others. Those who are most successful follow the same path my own coach, Rhonda Hess, taught me: Carefully choose the right niche and a narrow target market to find all the clients you want.

Today I share a guest post by Rhonda that I think beautifully explains the power of these choices and how they help attract clients who will pay you what you’re worth. Whether or not your are a coach, you can certainly benefit from the lesson Rhonda teaches about finding the people who are most likely willing to highly value what you offer.

Guest post by Rhonda Hess

There are still people out there who don’t understand the value of coaching. Some define coaching the way Ambrose Bierce defined consulting: “To seek another’s approval of a course already decided on.” And some people think hiring a coach is like hiring a friend to listen to you.

But then there are people like Google CEO Eric Schmidt – the lead architect of the most successful business growth story in recent history. When asked to share the best business advice he ever received, he said “Everyone needs a coach.

So, is coaching worth paying for? The answer seems to be: It depends on WHO you ask.

I think I know where you come out on this question, or you wouldn’t be staking your career on the power of coaching. But here’s my point:  Draw your clients from groups of people that believe coaching is worth the investment.

So how do you find and connect with those people? The answer may not be obvious, but it is straightforward.

Choose a Niche Market Full of Seekers

Certain groups of people, because of who they are, will readily invest in their own personal and professional development. Here are three examples of niche markets that are full of seekers:

  • Mompreneurs know that adding a business to their list of responsibilities is a stretch, and they want help rising to the challenge.
  • C-suite executives know they need allies to help them grow into the leader they want to be.
  • Coaches too, are hungry to learn, grow and develop themselves in multiple ways.

The best way to find people who truly “get” the value of coaching is to focus on attracting a specific group of people that you know will invest in their own development.

Meet Them Where They Live

I know that you didn’t launch a coaching business so you could market. You got into coaching to make a difference. But if you want to do that and financially prosper at it, then connect with people who will invest in your services, and keep connecting with them.

That’s what smart marketing does — it helps you build relationships and trust with those people. Smart marketing starts with listening, just like good coaching does.

When you’re coaching a client you are primarily listening and asking questions, right? You draw out their insights about where they want to go and what’s getting in their way. You listen into what they say. You tune into where they are coming from, so that your questions and responses will land with them.

It’s time for coaches to stop trying to convince people that coaching will help them. Instead, meet your prospects where they live. This approach to marketing plays to your strengths as a coach, because it centers around what the client is seeking, rather than what you do.

Simple Marketing for Coaches

  1. Choose a specific, easy-to-find, group of seekers to serve. You don’t need to limit your client base to these people. But do focus your marketing efforts on them and use their language.
  2. Find out what they most want and what is stopping them from getting it. What will motivate them to invest in their personal or professional development? What are they seeking as a return on that investment?
  3. Then use your powerful coaching skills to help them get what they want.

With this approach, you will never again have to sell anyone on the idea of coaching, or on your particular flavor of coaching. But you do need to believe in the value of your services. This is your chance to show that coaching is worth paying for.

I teach this approach in my workshop, Champion Your Ideal Coaching Market. Enroll now and learn how to connect reliably with prospects who want and will value what you offer.

Rhonda Hess is an internationally recognized business mentor and the Founder of Prosperous Coach®. Rhonda has a gift for helping coaches choose and champion a highly profitable niche so they can coach more, market less and blow the lid off their income. Grab Rhonda’s free ecourse now: 5 Secrets No One Ever Told You About Your Coaching Niche and join the conversations on her award winning blog. http://prosperouscoachblog.com


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How to sell coaching … or not

Today I was browsing through some discussion topics in an online group I belong to, and came across a request for input on a new product that a parent coach was creating for her clients. This coach is working on a home study product designed to help parents feel more confident about their parenting.

My radar always goes off when I see a coach who is trying to sell coaching.
What I mean by “selling coaching” is that you’re trying to sell the things we coaches are best able to help our clients achieve, like “balance, happiness, fulfillment,” etc. In the words of my own coach and mentor, Rhonda Hess, “Coaching doesn’t sell.” This is very scary news to hear when you’re a life coach who has just spent a ton of money to get yourself certified and is out there looking for some clients to work with. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful as a coach. It’s all in how you position what you offer to your target audience.

Below is my response to the parent coach who was asking our group for our ideas and suggestions about her product. Read on to see my coaching to her for how to create a product her clients will want to buy.


So I’m glad you’re doing some “market research” by asking for some feedback here. Often times we create a product or service offering that we think is a good idea, but we don’t check it out with our audience before investing a lot of time, effort and energy into it.

I know that you see a lot of parents out there who are not confident in themselves as parents, and I’m sure that as a parent yourself and a coach, you know the unbelievable value of getting to the other side of that, and know how that confidence makes a huge positive impact on your child.

That said, it’s hard to sell “being more confident.” I’ve been a coach for five years now, and I spent the first two of them trying to sell “life coaching” and all of the things we help our clients achieve like “balance, happiness, fulfillment, etc.” While these are clearly important and valuable, I found it very hard to get people to put a price tag on them and pull out their wallets to pay me for them.

How connected are you with your target audience? Are you engaged with them, talking with them in person and online, coaching them already? What are their top problems and challenges? What are they telling you they need help with? And what are they willing to pay for? I.e. Are they willing to pay in order to be more confident in their lives?

My experience is that although they want this really badly, they can’t justify spending money on it.

Now, that said, you may still have a great product to create. My coaching to you would be to check in with your target audience. Ask them if they “need this” and what they would be willing to pay for it. By having some great conversations with your target audience about their problems, challenges and concerns, you will learn what they are most willing to pay for. As a mom and a coach, you have a wealth of resources you could provide to solve their problems. Make your offerings be solutions to your clients “pains” and they’ll sell.

It’s not a question whether you or your services are valuable–it’s all about how you market what you offer so that your target audience realizes they NEED it.

Let’s help her out: Are you a parent who needs help building your confidence about your parenting? What sort of things would help you with this? And would you be willing to pay for a home study guide to support you? Please leave your feedback below.

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WAHMs: Is it time to give up on balance?

I’ve been having some great conversations with mompreneurs and work at home moms on the topic of “balance” lately, and specifically how it relates to the goal of work/life balance.

Seems like we’ve spent the last decade or so trying to achieve this balance thing, but it may be a concept whose time has past. Many think it’s unachievable, or at the very least, that it can be achieved but not sustained. Is balance what we really want? Do we want to spend equal time with work and equal time with family?

I know that certain words are “trigger words” or hot buttons for some people, but I think the idea of balance is basically a good one. I think that the more we’ve been working towards it, though, the more we are learning that there are other ways to define how we want our lives as moms and business owners to look.

When I think of words that capture how I want my life as a mom entrepreneur coach to look, these are some of the words that come to mind:






I make my work a fully-integrated part of my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t set boundaries around it, just that I include it as part of who I am and what I love to do. How much and when I work varies from time to time, based on priorities, energy levels, moods, seasons… But my commitment to my work and my family stays the same.

What about you? Is there a phrase or concept you’re striving for that is more descriptive than “work/life balance”? How do you see your roles as mom and business owner? Are they one in the same or separate somehow? Please leave a comment below.

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Mompreneurs Need Different Kinds of Support

Get the acknowledgement, support and understanding you need from the right people.


Are you always going to your partner/husband, your sister, your neighbor, or a client trying to share something that’s important to you, only to wind up feeling let down when they don’t say what you wanted them to say? It could be that you’re choosing the wrong person to share with at that moment.

In this Five Minute Coaching MOMent for mom entrepeneurs, I share some insight on how you can avoid feeling let down when you’re up to big things in your business and life!


Who’s on your support team or “board of advisors”? Do you expect different kinds of support from the different people in your life? Please share your comments here. And if you like my “Five Minute Coaching MOMents for Mom Entrepreneurs” and want to see some more, you can subscribe to the mombizcoach channel on YouTube so you will be notified each time I add new ones.

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How to Handle Breakdowns

Every mom entrepreneur I know experiences a breakdown of some sort from time to time. Maybe you lost your cool and spanked your kid. Or you didn’t get hired by that prospect you thought just loved your work. Or perhaps your husband forgot your birthday or said something that really hurt.

When things don’t go the way you want them to, that’s a breakdown. How do you handle them? What do you do to resolve them? Do you have a method to help you get unstuck, to get back on track, or do you avoid the person or the situation that caused the breakdown like the plague?

I have a simple method that helps me get unstuck and back in control after a breakdown. I share it in the five-minute video below.


Is this something you can use? Do you have another method? Please share your comments below.

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Does Your Website Speak to Your Readers?

Many of us mompreneurs try to protect or hide the fact that we’re also solopreneurs, a company of one.


For most, we’re concerned that we won’t be seen as credible, professional, established, or simply “big enough” as compared to our competitors who have whole departments working for them.

But is this necessarily true? What if the thing that’s most appealing to your potential clients is your uniqueness? Are you trying to conceal that uniqueness in your marketing efforts?

megaphone-mom-biz-coachIf you’re using the “royal we” on your website rather than speaking straight from your heart and gut, chances are you’re not attracting your ideal clients and you’re spending a lot of time and energy trying to be something you’re not. I’m going to talk more about this on my BlogTalkRadio show in a few minutes. You can click here to listen live or on-demand (whenever it fits into your schedule) to learn how being real speaks a lot louder and sends a better message than believing that what you are isn’t enough.

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