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Is It Time To Fire Your Client? Part 2 – Why Is This Happening? And How To Make It Stop

19 August

So we tackled the question of “Is it time to fire your client?” and now it’s time to do the hard work of asking “Why?”  Why is this happening?  Why have I attracted these nightmare clients?  Why am I enduring a situation that is not satisfying?  And what can I do about it?  Let’s take […]

The 7 Secrets to Taking the Leap from Having a Business to OWNING Your Business

23 July

I hope by now that you have all had the chance to sign up for the FREE 7 Secrets video series. If not, what are you waiting for?! Join me on July 25th where we’ll be continuing our conversation about what it is to own a business while putting family first. This interactive experience is […]

When to say YES

01 July

When you start becoming more and more successful, when you start getting that visibility, when your online marketing begins working for you, when your business development has grown to the point where you’re getting lots of great client satisfaction and some great testimonials, the more opportunity comes your way and therefore, the more opportunities to […]

How To Build Customer Loyalty Without Losing Yourself

03 June

  The value of customer loyalty is indeed priceless.  And it’s not so much that customer satisfaction in and of itself is worthless but that the difference between the two is HUGE.  For mompreneurs, shifting our focus from one to the other can be the deciding factor in whether we are perceived as a kind […]