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Get People To Listen To You

06 April

If you’ve been around the MomBiz community at all, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of building relationships that in turn build your business.  Now a fundamental piece of relationship building is communication, which involves both clearly articulating your thoughts and the art of listening.  Being skilled in one doesn’t necessarily insure strength […]

Sanity-Savers For Mompreneurs With Day Jobs

22 February

Mom, business owner… day job?  When you’re CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of your business, sometimes this is what your startup company looks like.  But you know the old adage, “It’s hard work but somebody’s got to do it!”  So if you’re a mompreneur who is dedicated to putting your family first, starting your own business, […]

5 Ways Twitter Changed My Business

06 January

Little did I know, back in October of 2008, my first 140-character tweet would be the catalyst that would one day transform Twitter into my “office” and eventually generate 95% of my qualified leads. As passionate, spirited, proactive entrepreneurs, perhaps you’re like me and will give anything a try once. And with Twitter’s low barrier […]

5 Strategies For A Successful Small Business

16 December

Today we are going to jump right into five of what I think are the most important strategies for a successful small business.  More than just five steps, these strategies will help shape your mindset with a philosophy geared toward helping mompreneurs like you really grab onto and focus on a foundation for success.   […]

How to Handle Negative Feedback

08 December

Today’s topic is something we all struggle with. I’m always encouraging people to go out and get feedback. We need to know that what we’re doing is what our audience wants from us. We need to make sure that we are positioning our products and services in such a way that they are easiest and […]

Six Hats Every CEO Must Wear

16 September

Now I joke about it all the time in the MomBiz community that we are Chief Everything Officers—that’s our play on the term CEO—and you’ve heard me say time and time again that one of the critical keys to success as a mompreneur is recognizing that you are not capable of doing it all yourself.  […]

Pick A New Marketing Path

05 September

Marketing.  It’s a critical piece of what we do as mompreneurs.  But marketing is one of those things that we can have a tendency to get stuck in—that we check off our ever-increasing list of to-dos and just move on to bigger and better things once we find something that works—like, “Oh, marketing?  Yes, I’ve […]