Who Uses Mom Biz Coach

Who are my clients? I coach mom entrepreneurs.

These are women who are usually in their 30s to 40s, who have at least one preschooler at home and/or school age children, many working while on their maternity leave.

Most often they are work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) who have babies at their feet all the time. They have chosen their work and created their business with the goal to create a source of income that allows them to be at home with their families, or to at least have a flexible schedule that allows them to be there for special events or to care for a sick child. For this reason, the boundaries between the work of motherhood and the work of a businesswoman are usually quite blurred.

I focus on moms of services businesses, usually online businesses. Most of the time these mom entrepreneurs come to me when they’ve been in business for at least a year—by which I mean selling their product or service and accepting money for it. However, they often lack formal business structures and systems such as:

• a business plan
• a marketing plan
• a clearly defined niche market
• a unique business statement (crafted to speak directly to their niche market)
• specific products and services that solve the top problems of their market
• appropriate administrative support
• clearly defined boundaries between work and home life

My mompreneurs usually have a website that is mostly “brochureware,” but they don’t know how to leverage an online presence or make their websites work for them. They don’t know how to use their website to gather leads or how to integrate it into an social media platform (like twitter) to attract the right clients and business opportunties to them (without having to arrange childcare, put on a business suit, and attend in-person networking meetings). Their time is their most valuable and expensive asset, and they are struggling and overwhelmed trying to simultaneously run a business and a family.

They decided to start their own businesses for one of three reasons:

1) Necessity is the mother of invention, and mothers are natural entrepreneurs for this reason. They see a need for something and create a product or service that fits it. Very often the product or service is related to some common issue moms, families or children face. The need could also be simply financial—they need extra income, or they find they need to augment their partner’s salary to meet the family income requirements.

2) They wanted to work and chose to do something that they already knew how to do from their pre-motherhood career. For instance, they start a graphic design or public relations company that builds on their background and experience gained from working for a large firm.

3) They feel compelled to work so they have an outlet for their passion, creativity, talents and skills. This may lead them to start a business in which they have no background or formal training.

So what do you think after reading this profile? Is this you? Are you still trying to figure everything out by yourself?

If you’re ready to turn the business you have into a business you love, I can help! Take a look at the Services I offer and get the support you need today!