30 Day Challenge: Note Writing

Recently, I took part in a 30 day running challenge. I ran at least 1 mile every day for a full 30 days. I’d never tried, let alone completed, a challenge like this before. The idea is that the further into the challenge you get, the less likely you are to break the streak. This is a common method for helping people make or break habits—in fact, there are a slew of apps you can download that simply track whether or not you completed a single task for the day.

Using this tactic, I’d like to challenge you to do something for the next 30 days:

Write and mail a handwritten card or note to a friend or old business contact. This is NOT a sales call. In fact, I want you to NOT mention business. Not even a “let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you out!” message. These notes should strictly be: I’ve been thinking about you, how are you? No business cards, no brochures. On Sunday, write the card and get it ready to send out, then mail it with your Monday card. Or, you can write out a week’s worth and mail them each day. You cannot, however, write out 30, plop them in the mail, and call it a day. You need to touch one of the cards every day. We’re making a habit here!

Why a card? Well, personally I’ve never been great with mail. Birthday cards, thank you notes, Christmas cards… all a challenge for me to remember. I’m more of a take-you-out-to-lunch or bake-you-a-tart kind of friend. But I love to get real mail, and I love to send it, when I remember. So, let’s all take some time and write out these cards and reconnect with some old friends and colleagues.

Are you ready for the challenge? Pop over to my Facebook page and comment on the challenge post to let us know you’re participating. We’ll keep you accountable with some check-ins.

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