4 Questions To Declutter Your Mindset

We’re kicking off some spring cleaning here at Mom Biz Coach! And to start, I’ve got 4 questions to ask yourself to declutter your mindset. If you start here, your clarity can start to spread to other areas of your life and business!

1. What does it mean for me to be successful? Not “What do I think of when someone else says the word success?”Not “Who in the business world do I view as being successful?” What is success for me—for my life and my business? Success isn’t about how you see somebody else living it. It’s about the hand of cards you have been dealt and how you choose to play them. Success—and happiness, for that matter—begins with a clear vision of what that means to you.

2. How will I measure my success? It is so critical to have method to our madness! Now that you have taken the time to really nail down what success is to you, it’s important that you know when you’ve reached it. We do that by defining specific metrics by which we can measure our success and know—and celebrate—when we’ve hit the mark and when we need to keep pushing toward the finish line. So when you reach the end of 2015, how will you know you have been successful?

3. What is the biggest problem I solve for my clients? If you are a mom entrepreneur, chances are you don’t do just one thing. You fill many shoes and wear many hats. Some of that is necessary and some of it is just clutter. But there are some things—maybe even one thing in particular—that you do best, that nobody else does quite like you do, that brings happiness and fulfillment to your life. What is that one thing? Let go of the “Well, I really should be doing this” or “Well, I have done that,” and take the time to get really clear on that one big problem that you and your unique business solve in order to make your world a better place.

4. What must I do to make room for success in my life? When we’re doing spring cleaning around the house, wespend a lot of time and energy decluttering. We go through drawers and closets and containers full of clothing, deciding which items are staying and which are going, what fits who, which things have been outgrown. We do this to make room for the new! Same thing goes for mental clutter. Make room for success in the coming year. Get rid of what doesn’t work, what’s holding you back, what you’ve outgrown to make room for new opportunities that will bring you closer to your goals. You deserve it. And if you make room for it, you will achieve it.

Are you ready to declutter your mind and get ready for success? Which of these questions are you having the most trouble with? What is the easiest to answer?

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