6 Questions to Close Out 2014 Like a Boss

The end of the year often brings us full circle as we think about the things we have accomplished or fallen short of in the past year. To start 2015 off right, let’s take some time to review 2014—celebrating milestones, reflecting on lessons learned, and looking forward to 2015.

Here are the 6 questions we need to be asking:

1. What mistakes or failures occurred that you will let go of in 2015?
Everybody makes mistakes. Since there is no handbook for how to run your business, these mistakes are inevitable. Beating yourself up them is not the a way to get the energy you need to push forward. It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but it’s time to let go over them so they don’t control your actions in the coming year. Be purposeful, and be done with them.

2. What can you do to celebrate?
You set goals every year, but do you ever take the time to literally list out the accomplishments you had in a year? Pull out your business plan and review your personal goals. Then celebrate your successes, even if you didn’t quite achieve the goals you set. Progress counts, and that’s the fuel that will help you in your goal setting for next year.

3. What did you learn this year?
What an awesome thing to always be learning. I’m sure this year you learned a lot about yourself, your spouse, your kids, your priorities. Take a moment to think of the things you learned—whether it was intentional or by accident.

4. What is the most unexpected or surprising thing that happened to you this year?
Sometimes we get blindsided with unexpected events. Some are good, and some maybe not so good. Take some time to reflect on things that happened this year and how they impacted your goals and plans. Use this opportunity to give these things a chance to be felt and considered, given their proper place, and let go.

5. How close have you come to meeting your business and personal goals for 2014?
Check in with yourself and measure your progress. Take a look at where you got off track and whether the goals you set were right on, or need to be tweaked. Be honest with yourself so that you can move powerfully into next year with the right goals in place.

6. Considering the lessons you’ve learned this year, what will you do differently in 2015?
When you answer this question truthfully, you are on your way to setting powerful goals for the coming year. We are always learning, and if we put that new knowledge and wisdom into action, we’re absolutely setting ourselves up for success.

That’s it! I really hope you’ll take these questions and use them to close the book of 2014 and be ready to open that brand new one for 2015. And as always, I welcome your comments and questions!

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